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  1. My account is about a week and a half old... And I've purchased over L$81,000 worth of things ingame and off the marketplace site. >.>
  2. Premium user with tier set to allow 1024 plus the bonus thanks to not having a Linded home looking to buy something a little bit dark and gloomy (gothic/evil themed). Anything out there? **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyvery-happy:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />
  3. Premium user with tier set to allow 1024 plus the bonus thanks to not having a Linded home looking to rent something a little bit dark and gloomy (gothic/evil themed). Anything out there? :D
  4. Okay, home abandoned. ...Now I can't seem to figure out an easy way to shop for land. Tried the classifieds on the website... horrible layout. Most expensive listed first, no keyword options, blegh. Tried ingame search, I can't even load into half the regions that came up. I even googled "1024 second life land for sale" and the first 3 pages of results were everything I wasn't looking for. How the hell do you people buy or rent land? Seriously lol.
  5. Something small that can fit a 26x26 home, not too stingy on prims but not too overdone either. Overall mood of the home is dark and ominous, so looking for something with less-than-healthy looking trees, graveyards... possibly something surrounded by snow, ash, dark stone. Midieval fantasy/gothic settings preferred. Specific things I'm looking for will be the ability for friends and group members to rez objects within my home, but not have permissions to things under my personal ownership (of course). I would like to be able to play a background song as media for anyone inside the home, not s
  6. Lol! You're a genius. Hmmm... Now I have to go make a shopping list and add up my total projected prim count. Would anyone here happen to know where I could look up the average prim limits for the various tier sizes of land? Once I get a projected prim count and figure out the various levels of land limits, I can probably go ahead and safely adjust my account to the right tier.
  7. It says it has 97 prims. Hmm... I'm hoping to fully furnish the place, with lights, a bed, furniture, wall decors, props, and things for the lawn like a fence, trees, etc. I would also like to be able to play a song as media for the area. Would that put me over the prim cap for a 1024 space on average with a 97 prim home? I have no idea how to compute this mainly because I have absolutely ne experience in this LOL... but my math guesstimations are telling me I'd be cutting it close, if not stepping overboard. I have no real issue kicking my tir up another level or two if I have to. It'
  8. So I think I'm ready to invest in some land and a tiny home. I actually just bought myself a dainty little 26x26 castle tonight and set my account up to the 516 tier, for a total of 1024 square meters allowed. ...26x26 will fit just fine in that, right? Also, I seem to be having issues abandoning my Linden home. Everywhere I'm reading it says to roll World > About Land... > Abandon Land. But my Abandon Land button is greyed out D: How do I shot home, guys? confusedspiderman.jpg
  9. LOL.... Aren't you crafty. So you're saying, buy him what I want for him, have it error and return its value in Lindens, give him the lindens and port him to the stores to buy them ingame? I hereby grant you the sneaky ninja award.
  10. Tried again, still isn't working. It just keeps refunding me in L$ and sending my account an email confirming it error'ed. Are free account alts able to purchase things off the market no different than a premium user? I'm thinking I may just log him into the market and simply use my card, if that'll work.
  11. Topic says it all :( Status in my order history just says the item couldn't be delivered... then I get an email saying the communication timed out and my main gets refunded the item cost in Lindenbucks. Is this supposed to happen? x.x I just made my alt as a free account, I haven't done anything special like verified his payment and all that jazz, other than age verification. Tried many different vendors, all the same outcome. Am I doing anything wrong or is this something that needs fixing? ...On an interesting passing observation, this seems to be a neat way to bypass the whole new account
  12. I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure how Linden calculates the limits on how much USD you can spend to purchase L$ for the ingame stores, but my limit seems to be stuck at $1 for a couple days now D: Anyone know if this is normal? The way I read it, I kind of thought the buy limit was reset daily, but now I'm a little confused. I also read that the limit is merely in place to better serve the game's residents and prevent fraud, and you could submit a ticket for a review to get your limit raised... but the way it was described, I wasn't sure if that was a sort of thing I should do until I've b
  13. Wow, you really explained that out for me. Good thing I didn't listen to my friendtard! Thank you! Alright, Looks like I'm on the market for some land. I'll venture into the auctions and see what's happening today. Just a heads up for all you roleplayers, once I figure out my technical issues with DCS2, I plan on creating a group intended for roleplay and arena combat that's will be open to public and groupmates alike. Given enough time with the class editor, expect to see classes with abilities the likes of which you've seen on games like Rift and League of Legends - I owe you guys awesome
  14. Okay... sorry for all the questions, but I'm really, really close to a decision. But I have a few other questions... My friend is looking at this stuff and he's saying they're actually skyboxes, and not land that you rent from people. He says he just paid for his skybox and he hasn't paid a dime for it since. So... I caught my eyes on these. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hell-rezzer-Skybox-32x32-1024/1122995 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dark-Lava-Temple/2372635 Now here's the questions I have. If I recall correctly, I think both that snowy mountains backdrop and thi
  15. Sorry, I meant choosing between https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CASTLE-OF-PAGAN-SACRIFICE-SOFISTICATED-RED-LOBBY-HALL-OF-MEETINGS-JAIL-AND-TEMPLE/1372382 and https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EVIL-GREEN-MANSION-SOFISTICATED-MANSION/1372452 . I adore them both rather equally... but honestly I'm probably willing to go with the cheaper bet, if one of them does actually reduce overall costs in the end? Do you think either of them might?
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