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  1. What kind of help are you looking for?
  2. Good luck with that.. its 1 of the most popular nude beaches.
  3. Its normal..their is so many as ive seen..women avi's who are actually men in rl and that makes aot of men leery of "who's behind the avi" SL has become a haven of sex sex sex its actually quite sad.
  4. This is a known bug to Belleza.. i aso wear the freya or isis..attach to avi center.
  5. Looks like from Dela
  6. This has been a debate for years....would be nice tho:)
  7. Trying to get ay help from the FS team inworld is like pulling teeth....they are a clickue of mods who dont like what you have to say unless its all positive about the viewer. Its too bad LLs cant get involved.
  8. There has been HUGE bugs with the new version. 1 mainly being crashing...crashing while loggin in...inventory crashes...crashing while "Connecting to server".....i am on Singularity til they fix some of these bugs.
  9. I hae no idea what is going on with the FS viewer lately.I cant log in..and if i can i freeze to the point it logs me out. Constant freezes for inventory to load...blue screens....you name it. Now if i do get on after 10 times of trying to log in..my entire hard drive shuts down I know its the viewer as ive had my comp thoroughly checked and it only happens on FS. surf the web etc with np. Ive resorted to Singularity..just crash whenever i tp... does anyone else have this problem with FS viewer?..... Ty
  10. Hi all i have a quick question..my friends and i ran into some griefers today..1 was going on to say he "steals" accounts..all was said on mic..Is that possible?? He went on to say this wasnt his 1st time being on SL as he had a perma ban before but got got back on thru another IP...these people DO scare me...so when im told my account is gonne be stolen..i was just wondering again..if thats possible.. Ty
  11. This had happened to me once also...in the 4 yrs i been here.I called customer support and they unlocked my account right away.Probably because ive been a premium since day 1..the OP has a point...Depending on how late you are with your payment..they should lock the account. Or if you know you cant afford it..downgrade..i mean..we have idiots and griefers running all over inworld..and they get to do it for free!
  12. My hubby and i own a full sim..for various reasons.Have for a long time..and a Linden home. i cant imagine loggin in and NOT having a home.Plus i love to decorate for all the seasons...and knowing its ours to do what what we want with:)
  13. sorry.my opinion..u agreed to the toss.u violated in an extreme way...this doesnt deserve a second chance you shouldnt have lied and been there in the 1st place.
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