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  1. We are a monthly magazine that covers a wide variety of subjects from ads, news, fashions, to advising columns and poetry. What we are currently looking for: -!Reporter As a reporter you will expected to research, document, write about assigned subjects. This position calls for quality writing, professionalism and reliability. Please have a sample of your work ready to show as you contact us. ==>Job Responsibilities: Prepare, schedule and conduct an interview, Meet Deadlines, Proofread your work! Training will be provided if necessary. ==>Compensation: Paid per assigned articles written, will be discussed further at the interview. -Writers/Poets/Artists You will be free to express yourself/your ideas in the magazine (Limits: No adult or offending content, Words count). You may use the selected theme for the month as inspiration or create your own column! ==>Job Responsibilities: be Creative, innovative, passionate, meet Deadlines, proofread your work. ==>This is a volunteer position, many of us at Flavah joined the team simply for creativity's fake. Compensation will be discussed further at the interview. -Sales Rep. As a sales rep you will act as a liaison between customers and Flavah Magazine. This position calls for communication skills and determination. ==>Compensation: Paid, will be discussed further at the interview. For any Inquiries please contact marysan2 Resident via notecard. Flavah magazine.
  2. Lol! Fun stuff.
  3. No one said we were ever rushing and I DO mind suggestions lol. I clearly didn't post this to get suggestions. Hello? 12 months looking, I've done my homework thanks!
  4. You get weirdos and strangers both from in-world adoption agencies and also on here. That's just part of SL, (hell, part of RL too) you just gotta brush them off your shoulder and move on. Posting here is still worth a shot minus the "I seek attention" posts which do not add any value to the discussion (example: Quinn's etc). I'm afraid some of you have run into "pixel thirsty" people, which doesn't mean that everyone adopting adult kids has the same wrong intentions. So try not to scare potential kids off, who may be reading this post, with your bad experiences tyvm. Thank you and don't worry about us, We know what we are doing.
  5. Hi everyone, My partner and I are looking into adopting forever kids: •We are: laid back, goofy, geeky, caring, Dedicated. •Our hobbies: family dinners, movie nights, exploration, seasonal vacations, bowling, zombies or simply standing around chatting. •We believe in: Mutual respect, communication, honesty, loyalty and FUN of course. •We are looking for: ☑ Age: Adult 18+ ☑ Gender: Any ☑ Race: Human preferred. Nothing personal, we just want the most realistic family experience possible. ☑ Engaging kids who don't wait for us to IM them all the time. ☑ Kids who know what they want: We've been actively looking for over 12 months therefore indecisiveness and unreliability are things we won't waste time on. ☑Kids who can be online before 2PM slt since my partner and I are on different time zones. •The deal breakers ☑ Solicitous avatars/attire and profiles. No your family shouldn't be seeing your body parts or know about your adult "activities", that is common sense. ☑ Excessive drama Leave me a notecard (my IMs do get capped!) in-world if you would like to get to know us. Genuine and serious people only! Thanks, talk soon
  6. Still looking!
  7. FLAVAH Magazine is proud to announce its return on the grid. Flavah is a monthly magazine that covers a wide variety of subjects from advertisements, news, fashions, to advising columns and poetry etc. Whether you need a job and/or way to express/publish yourself/your work as a writer/artist, we are currently accepting applicants. Positions available: -Reporters -Writers/Artists/Poets -Sales Reps. Contact Flavah Mag. for more information.
  8. Thank for reaching out, one look at your groups and I can tell it won't work out. The art gallery I can understand but the x-rated groups sure don't make a great impression, nope! Family doesn't need to know about what you do behind close doors. Always open to friendship tho!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking for an active, honest, committed and fun SL sister. About me: -Family oriented: You will be auntie, maybe great auntie. I have a 2 months old prim baby, a soon to be adult daughter, plus I am looking into adopting more adult kids in time and maybe an army of toddler godkids. I hope you have a strong back! -My hobbies: Changing diapers, standing around, art/photography/creativity when not lazy, occasionally stalking my grandma, exploring, sleeping on my keyboard, movie & pizza night, pranking you while you're afk? family outings vacations dinner etc... -I dislike: Fakes, dishonesty, inconsistent and unreliable people ugh, Drama, Keep it PG overly vulgar or solicitous profiles will SO not be considered. If you would like to get to know me, please send me a notecard In-World (my IMs do get capped!) OR message My SL Facebook OR leave me a message on the forums and pray i see it some day! PS: human avatars preferred, nothing personal, i just like to keep my sl as realisic as possible <3