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  1. Doesnt change the fact he used me for his own accord and continued to do so still I found out. Thus his statement being truly *****ed up considering he would play two roles at once... rather then leaving one for the other. Good luck guys!
  2. I am Hybrid and can help for both races.
  3. He was my partner but i guess he is *****ing around behind my back after all the Lindens i gave him. -.- well thats an easy breakup, good luck girls with the backstabber.
  4. Are you a bloodlines noob, or interested in getting into it, but not sure how to approach it? I can cover basics for Humans and Vampires, just hit me a Message here or inWorld @LithyVale ! I love helping people its what keeps me busy in the life of my second. Even if you need a clan or you want to understand potions... I got you!
  5. Looking for someone to be my roommate, it will be free. If interested Please let me know
  6. I am trying to seek a roommate that has an Rp evolved area, or atleast accepts Rp Characters. I am homeless and dont have the money to buy my own place.... just hit me up if there is anything available in world please. Inworld LithyVale
  7. Lol And what might be the rate on it?
  8. I am seeking someone who is looking for a roommate. Please contact me in world if there is anything available.
  9. I want to build enough staff to get this Club into its Grand opening phase. Im looking for Dj's, Host's, Escorts, Dancer's!!!!!!! 100% of the tips are all yours, and enjoy a dark red setting themed in Roleplay, Bloodlines, Vampires, Lycans... you name it while your working! All creatures of the night are welcome!!!!! I will make the traffic all you have to do is show up to your scheduled sets, everyone I hire can freely put there own schedule on the staff board, min 2 hours a week. Atleast make one set a week. The visitor count is rising here at Endless and the Votes are perking! So come get an application at Endless nights, Id love to see you work for us!!!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magritte/101/39/100
  10. im seeking someone into the vampire side of things and would like to be my child. I will have a place for them to live. Message me in Secondlife LithyVale
  11. Im looking for a Male RP partner. I do not need one who is skilled in RP, idc if u cant rp at all. Im seeking a man who would like to live the artifical world of SL with me together as a couple. Im tired of being alone in SL when I could be sharing it with someone! I own a club and land, aswell as a Bloodlines HUD.
  12. Im looking for a man in SL that would like to build a family with me in here, I have a bloodlines HUD, aswell as my own land and club. I am experienced in IMVU AND SL. They do not need to know how to RP, but still wish to live the artifical life of SL together. Tired of always being alone when I could share all my stuff with another. Please no noob accounts that would be just silly. :D
  13. I AM LOOKING FOR DANCERS, ESCORTS, DJ'S, HOST/ESS!!!!!!!!! Do you have experieince in SL and want to contribute your time to a brand new club that will be sure to amaze everyone? All tips will be 100% yours, your time your money. Dancers must have mesh bodies, Head is not needed but body is. The club accepts all kinds of music, so Dj's of different varieties is a must here! If your interested please come fill out an application get take the teleport to the club :D http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magritte/27/33/21
  14. Where are all you Vampires hiding at? Rare to common species to hybrids!!!!!! I am looking for you guys come at me here or INWORLD!!!!! -----LithyVale! U have a huge parcel with a huge idea if I get enough vampires!
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