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  1. I've only had one skin change too over the years. I don't really log in anymore though so I guess it's like a new skin every time I do.:p
  2. I can live without a touchscreen. They actually annoy me,but I'm old and crotchety.
  3. I thought he cancelled? I got a notice saying that yesterday.
  4. Not much changes on these forums.I ventured to GD out of curiosity..some of the same people and the same arguments going on years later.I swear I had to check the date on the thread.
  5. So yeah I got a little drunk last night but had the best time. Just laughing with friends and hanging out.I think I hurt my face from laughing so hard.Good times.10/10 would do again.
  6. Oh wait,I see the third cat was falsely accused! Jerk black and white cat! Yeah I am putting way too much thought into a gif so early in the morning..
  7. Telling them they are smart/clever/intelligent have great ideas. Something along those lines. I find those compliments much more meaningful to me than someone telling me my boobs are hawt. Just saying.
  8. Mondays are always rough. However, Mondays after a vacation are the worst.
  9. I could be wrong but I think she wants to prank people not inflict injury...but what do I know.
  10. I'm going with glitter.Lots and lots of glitter.That ***** is evil.
  11. Was getting a 504 error message lol telling me I had a bad gateway..
  12. I don't know what this means? I mean congrats but are you a blogger? If so link meee.
  13. That is very impressive .Honestly, I think I own two pairs each of boots,sandals, high heels, flats and one pair of sneakers at the moment. Of course they are all black/brown so they go with everything cause even in RL I seem to only wear dark clothes..-.- But yeah I am a horrible excuse for a woman when it comes to shoes.
  14. I think I actually kind of remember this one! ( I was telling Xerx that I have the worst memory these days and he was telling me about stuff I could not remember for the life of me from way back when.) Getting old sucks.:(
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