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  1. So I logged in and managed to delete everything in my lost and found folder anyway. Started to box it up and decided that if it was lost for that long I don't need it. Then proceeded to go through other folders and started having a case of nostalgia and couldn't delete anymore. I need to be on an episode of Hoarders,SL version.
  2. I almost wish my inventory would delete itself so I don't have to... I've been thinking about deleting everything and starting fresh since it's not like I'd miss a damn thing after barely logging in or changing clothes for five years,but I start and keep stopping myself thinking "what if I need this.". I am a SL hoarder and need an intervention.
  3. I vote for all weekend! I'll bring my mouse to click stuff with...
  4. I can't seem to quote and reply to your post Clover...anyway was going to ask re:flirting with a llama..Did he try to eat your demo hair?
  5. Well I got the notice and planned on going but somehow got caught up binge watching tv and forgot. Sorry:( Hope you all had a good time.
  6. For some reason I recall you only being like a year older than me,though my memory sucks so I could be thinking of someone else. Regardless,we are young at heart. That's all that counts...mostly lol.
  7. Very true. My avatar is still as good looking as she was ten years ago. Actually much better since she had a noob skin back then.
  8. Yeah mine is in August as well. So not only am I getting old in RL,I am old in SL as well... Happy belated rez day Honey!
  9. I think I clicked everything at Ghosty's house last night. I may have a problem.
  10. I remembered it like two seconds later. I've been in for awhile now:p Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions though people lol.
  11. I'm doing ok,been better.But I'm alive so I guess that counts. I thought you left SL forever! It's so good to see you:)
  12. That rental box system sounds like my kind of setup. But yeah I did go premium just until August(?I think-or July) I actually have a home in the Japanese themed ones. I feel so exposed there though, not sure why..O,o I read a thread about that parcel visual thingy just today, very interesting. I had to log off earlier so still searching for a place.
  13. Anyone know of some nice apartments/houses for rent in SL? Something cheap, nice and secluded that I can log into. Something in the sky is preferable but not a deal breaker if the place is nice enough. Thanks in advance for any info.:)
  14. Hello all.:) Been real busy with work and life, sorry I don't check in to the thread more often. I just read 20 something pages to catch up.
  15. Wish I could have stayed longer, unfortunately I'm old and tired.:p Fun time though! Thanks for setting it up!
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