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  1. I even have my own linden home now. So when I log in, maybe I will finally change my clothes.
  2. Ok I can't resist a sale apparently... guess this means I'll have to log in more.
  3. Yeah I refuse to shower. Also...my avatar is almost ten years old...how did that happen? Life goes by way too fast.:( In other random news, they are apparently having a half price sale on premium membership if you pay quarterly.
  4. Yes! It's been so long I couldn't think of the right words lol.
  5. So I'm looking at the group stuff to get a LM and wanted to point out that we are missing land credits.Just in case you all did not know.
  6. If I logged in more often, I probably would change clothes. But yeah been in same outfit for years now lol .
  7. Do I have to get dressed up cause I still have the same dress on from four-five years ago when I stopped really logging in....I don't smell I swear.
  8. Happy belated Easter threadians! I was out of town eating much food this past weekend. Hope you all had a great holiday and/or day!
  9. I hope I remember to log in for this party.:) Sounds like fun.
  10. I log in once in a great while,look around and log out.:p Not much to do in there for me these days.
  11. Yes,just this once! I would have replied on the other thread to you but I don't want to add to people's confusion. I can't believe I forgot about my boots...who does that?
  12. I forgot all about my boots... The other thread was from 2011 when they changed the forums. This is the current one... I hope.
  13. How weird it is to see 2011 Rioko.... It's like I'm in a time machine! Is the original one still up? Though I think that was on different software completely, right? I'm old, I cant remember these things anymore.
  14. I did kind of look at your post with a glare for not shouting my name. So good to see you all again.
  15. Marianne McCann wrote: Kaimi Kyomoon wrote: Thanks Mari! Welcome! Sadly, this board seems to be doing what the SCII one was doin f'r a while. I don't mean to dominate it with my silly weekend updates, and was hopin 'see others givin' their updates an stuff. :-) I for one, love your updates. I don't post much these days,but always watching like a stalkerish stalker...
  16. The look on your face in that second picture is priceless Mari.:smileyhappy:
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