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  1. I use to have a bunch of furnished skyboxes/land I use to rent out long ago.I can't even begin to tell you how many times I caught people on the poseballs:p AT the time it was annoying as hell,but now I think it is hilarious..
  2. Share share! And yes please PM me what you cant share here.:) So happy for you guys.
  3. Pretty sure she left SL a long long time ago.Not sure if she ever came back.I miss her,she was a good friend.:)
  4. So the thread is like 9 years old, right? We should have a huge party next April celebrating it's 10th or we could just have parties for zero reason...but having a reason is more fun I think.:p
  5. I'm off for the whole week! Wewt! Going away until Thursday. I'll probably still check in here though cause my phone is attached to my hand.
  6. I don't think I am a real woman. I have no desire to own three million pairs of shoes in RL or SL. yeah there was my boot fetish ,but that was one pair of boots over a course of a lifetime. What is wrong with me?
  7. Just the trailer park part.I can give the spouse back afterwards,right?
  8. The problem here is that the term RL is used ALL over the internet,not just when speaking in SL platforms. So if you were to run around in lets say WoW(Shout out to my guildies!) and say FL,people would most definitely think you meant Florida or something kinky. I assume most SL users use other parts of the internet/games as well,so I think that is why the term RL most likely won't be going anywhere.
  9. hey btw did we ever decide on a party this weekend? I'm assuming no since weekend is almost over but just checking.
  10. Sorry about my cookie bender yesterday.. Sooo I just spent the last ten hours with no power. Not sure what happened but my whole neighborhood was out. It was rough.I swear though every single time I lose power for a few hours I think of that one year when Elora and Ghosty lost power for two weeks(maybe more,slightly less?) and I think to myself it could be worse. So thanks guys..:p It's tough work and quite boring being a caveman! I did manage to read a book though I kept putting off starting. due to being too busy That was nice.:) Good to be back though,would not recommend.
  11. I might have to go buy some cookies to eat now...damn you thread.:(
  12. I need cookies, I need friends and I need friends with cookies.
  13. Did I know your first avatar? This has been my only avatar beside a couple of ones I made for permissions,testings ect.. I feel like I should make a brand new one.
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