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  1. It seems pretty obvious to me as does your typical high handed an offensive attitude
  2. Try reading my posts a little harder.... Emerald was third party software which made it to lindens list of accepted viewers...the next minute they were banning it... whats going to happen whenLindens start a recommended list of third party mesh software are they going to reccomend expensive software free software arent they going to give any guidance I thought that allusion was simple... And if I want to build with more shapes which I do is the only alternative to learn how to use meshes... my argument is simple Lindens should be providing better in world building tools that everyone is going to have the ability t use.. assuming they were building inworld in the firsst place...
  3. How can the 'average' SL user use meshes when there is such a mass of software ranging from free to something which costs 3500 which requires times to learn to use...like the guy who came up with a house using google - sadly a very cubic ordinary looking house - after 24 hours of effort 'it only took him a day' I couldnt believe it.... Surely after the nonsense with emerald people are going to be very wary about external software anyway... What sort of 'content creators ' were invited to test the beta anyway ? Inexperienced users who've never made a sculptie ?
  4. That would of course also include 'smart ass' variations
  5. Id be happy for name changes...providing there was a six month ban for anyone using another persons nick and the simple way of enforcing that is insisting that anyone changing their name check out the sl profiles to see if their proposed new name exists first....
  6. Ermmm.... in my book rezzing the product of labour at external software is not building or creating in world...what you mean is importing an external product.So basically Im right you cant build inworldwith meshes yes you can import them.. which is what Ive been saying in all my posts.... very little of the building process takes place in world... Are mshes capable of beng edited with the inworld building system by the way ??
  7. I can build in world with meshes ?? Great so just point me to the building menu that lets me create mesh models, I cant find the controls ... I'll gladly accept you pointing me to them ?? Im already in world on my hover sled above my spacestation ready to start practising... Yes - I dont know about you but I pay for those resources...and Im not asking for sculpted prims Im asking for more ways of editing existing prim shapes and an extension to the variety of prims that are available... The inworld building system barely changes...thats whats wrong with it..Im all in favour of innovation but on a system I know and use..... Do you actually pay a tier and expect Lindens to provide you with the ability to build in world without additional software outside or not ??
  8. I love building as well as doing a host of other things in sl...I dont want to have to become a software boffin to build though, and I certainly dont want to seeLindens craftily dodge providing me - or any other regular sl builder - with decent building tools inworld...we arent seeing any changes with in world building or even any mention of whats happening to inworld building.. And while the mesh fanatics are passing this off with a quick 'prims will be around for a long time to come' theyre not 'encouraging' any statement on the future of building with prims or encouraging innovation for people who dont want to learn and use new software which cant be used in sl.....
  9. Add a nominal fee eh Jack..... KERCHING !!!! Some bloody crafty planning strategists at Lindens I'll give you that.... By the way will that be chargeable for v.a.t. Lol
  10. So let me see f I got this straight..I dont use avatars united...but if I understand it correctly its a way of people from various virtual worlds communicating , saying whats going on in their worlds... Lindens buy it...then shut it down... bang goes the hub of interworld communication... ?
  11. Jennifer I'm not counting on anything from Lindens expect barmy new schemes to attract new customers and more rules and cutback to make SL slightly less attractive to existing customers we've heard nothing about attempts to stabilise in world burdens like the farce of crossing regional or even parcel boundaries... philip for all his talk about making sl more accessible has done nothing at all about pricing - it wasn't even mentioned during his inworld meeting... but of course all this 'brave new world' talk about meshes provides, as ever, a convenient smokescreen to obscure those of us who shout for a better deal from sl. Ive seen enough to tell me that meshes are going to be a source of fun for an sl minority who love 'tech' I see no indication from any of them, bar yourself, that they enjoy sl inworld activities or building...the one builder whose work I know and trust, Cobalt Neutra seemed dismissive of sl's plans. I dont need to be a tech to know that I can't build inworld with meshes and that I cant see my finished creation inworld until Ive paid to import it. Supporters of mesh have generally been dismissive of anyone voicing concern about the plans or demanding some commitment by lindens to providing us with not only a functioning inworld building system but an improving one..They also demand more and more of sl resources... Lindens have not taken part at any stage of the discussion... You're right I dont count on anything from Linden labs except of course more questionaires whose results always seem obscure and - if my responses have been at all typical - unheeded....
  12. Hmmm I think some people are bamboozling others as to the capability of these meshes and Im thinking its going to be a lot less than SL is capable of handling... good grief despite many calls from ordinary builders Lindens cant even give us megaprims as standard yet....me Id just be happy to choose the axis I want to taper my prims along...even that seems beyond the capability of sl... Certainly Im not hearing anything at all from lindens to suggest people who like building inworld using those ordinary prims have anything new or interesting to look forward to.. ...and despite the obvious, the techies still arent acknowledging the simple fact that wholescale introduction of meshes would give lindens the ability to simply shrug off any responsibilty for providing sl builders with new and interesting tools based on the system EVERYONE knows how to use.....
  13. ive just looked at a blender link I was given a couple of posts ago by Melissa - very nice artwork undoubtedly - so how much of that can be imported into sl? when and when will I be able to fly the ornithopter in sl? Or when can I expect to see avy's like - MetalPhoenix, AndroidII or AmazingGirl....??
  14. 4 years ago ????? Good grief how much would the new version of that software cost ? Im shocked trully shocked
  15. Just to put it in perspective mine and my partners combined tier is 150 (not including v.a.t of course but no one at lindens ever takes v.a.t into account)so 3500 WOULD PAY OUR TIER FOR 2 YEARS !!!!!
  16. Give me a sec Im still gasping at the thought of paying 3500 to build............ is somebody going to show me something good done with cheap software...very cheap... no wonder theres no talk of Lindens providing in world mesh building tools !!!!!
  17. 3500 ???????????????????? And thats not for the up to date software..... Okay how long did it take to produce those 'blueprints of the pieces ??
  18. Pity noone made a video for smug so and sos who cant see genuine concerns about the changes and lump everyone together as 'anti mesh'
  19. Jennifer I must admit Im curious about that train youre building ...I didnt read the full post because theres just so much now...but how much did that complex looking bit of software with the various diagrams of the train cost... Have I interpreted proprely you imported a picture of a locomotive and then just copied the info into the software ? Or did you have to draw the picture of the train first ? Dont you need to know all the dimensions of your train or do you import the info you create on that software and then 'texture' prims with the details which you then stretch to size ??
  20. So meshes arent the answer to improving the one thing about avvys I always thought needed improving.. i.e. the hands
  21. Come on you guys can we have mesh avvys or not ?? I thought at least you techs would tow the same line
  22. I just want to see your standard mesh avvy to see how they compare with what I see in sl.... is it that complex a request ??
  23. If there are enough people who want to go through the process of learning that software to build...if there are fine... lets hope they want to carrying on paying tiers ... just out of curiousity punchinello mind telling me what your tier is ?
  24. So can we get some pics of these 'low arc cost ' avvys here ?
  25. I noticed Blue Mars was mentioned..I hope the avvys there aren't an example of mesh avvys because I thought mine was horrible - one of the main reasons I didnt bother with blue mars in fact.....
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