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  1. I'm sure those builds are impressive, even if they dont really look like a part of the sl I know... but what level of skill is required, how long, for example, does it take to create the tyrannosaurus skeleton - is it one prim or many ? is it a normal sized prim or a megaprim ? or does this push the old idea of prims out of the window ? What about the people who use and understand the building system, we already have in world ?
  2. Im sure this is all very nice for the tecnically minded among us but what about the inworld building system that doesnt seem to change ...how about some innovation there or is the inworld building system just going to be allowed to die out... Theres so much Im sure the technical people could do for those of us who pay to build with those resources at hand. What about megaprims ? When when when are they going to become the norm ? and when can we expect more prims per parcel ? What about new prim shapes and new methods of shaping them ? Im sure meshes are fine for those who dont want to work on building inside sl AND want to pay to import their meshes... BUT is the inworld system just going to be left to die a death ?? What about innovating and improving a system we can all already use in SL ? Come on tell us what the future of the inworld building system is...all this talk of meshes ( what happened to calling em 'scultpies') and yet we never hear anything about the existing SL building system ...
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