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  1. The state of this thread is … covfefe
  2. Horizons Grid Rentals

    Got OCD? Do you like neat little square parcels all the same dimensions? Do you need clean, uncluttered streets? Hurry while Horizons , for the most part, can still provide these qualities. Both parcels, 32x32 meters, 700 prims L$500 per week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Ariel/227/228/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Eos/115/103/23 winkyland.com
  3. Horizons Atlas 2 spots on Water 4x protected 85K

    True. And no there were not.
  4. Horizons Atlas 2 spots on Water 4x protected 85K

    Those parcels are nice. Meet all requirements that people advertise when selling their land. Totally protected, oceanfront. I don't think the Horizons inner perimeter parcels, like these, have to worry about their oceanfront views being ruined by any future LL development. Although the outer perimeter seems like a good spot to add on any regions.
  5. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Pixieplumb Flanagan and Phil Deakins, if you compare yours posts to Prokofy Neva posts, I observe many more personal slurs from both of you. If you aren't lobbing direct insults you insert passive aggressive barbs.
  6. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Almost all of it. Except for his vote for the misogynist Hillary Clinton who led "operation bimbo", which was the effort to discredit, belittle and destroy the reputations of the women accusing Bill of sexual harassment, assault and rape.
  7. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Prokofy Neva made a cogent argument in the beginning of this thread. He only stated his opinion on the actual subj matter. You must admit he was prophetic on how the replies would devolve into pejoratives and personal attacks. Surprising derogatory comments from the Good Samaritan Pixieplumb. And Lady Charlton, can you explain how his statements reflect any misogyny? Where did you see this in his statements? Wikipedia: Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, male privilege, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification. Prof, congratulations on extricating yourself from the thread
  8. Horizons 3X

    New lower price, another bargain. L$45000
  9. Horizons 2X

    2.3X protected. Waterside. New lower price. A real bargain. L$20000
  10. Bay City

  11. Bay City

    Bay City 960sqm L$35000 Along the canal and adjacent to Linden Municipal walkway. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Orleans/110/85/25
  12. Should Paid members get more

    Lets be nice. Remember, there are no losers anymore, only winners. Everyone gets a trophy. And your passive aggressive statement about my math skills has now rendered my fragile psyche a sever body blow. That was very unkind. WHERE IS MY SAFE SPACE? Professor Linden, where is my safe space?.... I am a loser btw, I don't earn. I take, and take. I love me some government stipends, and while I'm at it, I really love me some Gov Linden stipends.
  13. Should Paid members get more

    as I said BilliJo, "pity the fool who lives with you". Greek Wingtips, who made the original post on this thread, stated the world is in a near recession, SL prices should be lowered. My readings of the news shows headlines of record stock prices, record low unemployment etc. I was just trying to gauge the financial state of SL residents, thats all. You win the math quiz, congratulations. but you were the only contestant. Btw, I have had several grammatical mistakes somewhere in my posts also. Enjoy deconstructing them.
  14. Should Paid members get more

    lol BilliJo, that's funny. At least I hope you were joking, if not; "pity the fool...." Anyways, to satisfy your OCD personality let me correct myself. There is a top 10%, and the majority 89.999999999999%. I am the other .000000000001%. SL is cheap entertainment for us .000000000001 percenters.
  15. Should Paid members get more

    A little off topic but related to what Greek mentioned as one of his main reasons LL should lower prices; quote "we talking about global recession for most". What is the condition of people financially within our small sampling of world citizens? Is it as grim as Greek Wingtips states? The financial news is positive worldwide. And I mean worldwide for the most part. The developed countries all have record high stock markets, very low unemployment, GDP's all on the mend etc. Seems wonderful. Or are the other stories/news correct? The divide between the top 10% earners and the rest of the populations continues to grow leaving the bottom 90% behind, scraping to get by? I am in neither one, so there is a middle ground, even if its only me. Secondlife seems like an inexpensive hobby and form of entertainment. You have to make choices.