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  1. Thank you to those of you who gave me a heartfelt and constructive response, I really appreciate it.
  2. All really great tips, thank you for the helpful response. I definitely need to play more of an observer role. I also appreciate the Friends reference. Lol
  3. thank you to those that replied for your insightful comments. I know it's my fault for reading into things too much. I'll definitely take it into consideration and be more protected.
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first forums post. I don't know what exactly I'm looking for here, maybe someone to kick me and tell me just to get over myself LOL 😬 but anyway, here's my story... After not logging into SL for quite some time due to RL events, I recently started logging in more regularly (starting about 2 months ago). I never did much with the Avi in the first place, and now many of my old friends are gone. Anyway, one day on the beach I met this great person and we clicked almost immediately (at least I thought so). EDIT: Thank you to everyone who responded, I just wanted to maybe get some different perspectives and I appreciate the honesty. It helps me a lot to see how other people view situations, so hopefully I didn't bother anyone with this post. Take care.
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