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  1. HELL YEAH! I'll hire you! You seem like you know your way around the grid, all proffessional and dedicated, and mhm loyal! I'll give you a full time position if you find your way back here to the thread
  2. Concerning 1-star-reviews.. I personally cannot complain, LL has removed all 1-star reviews I have had so far (a lot .. a hell lot .. ) Most were because of non-deliveries, which I flagged as spam - some were just due to user errors or impossible customers afterall, which I have flagged as flaming/hate speech. The really bitchy ones are the 2 star reviews, they don't get deleted that easy, grr..I swear, people that leave them are well aware of that... well so are some more now lol. My personal wish would be to get rid of the whole review system, since there are too many new and/or stupid customers arounds, yes I've said it! Maybe there would be more time to concentrate on real abuse reports when it comes to copybotting or other real heavy stuff.
  3. You can also leave a 1 star review complaining that the item hasn't been delivered!
  4. hm.. unless you have made an agreement, i think you are wrong assuming that anyone will go out of their ways to promote your store (or any store).. even if, i personally find your store hard to promote since there is no theme or line or brand name as such, also i honestly don't think an event now and then (where some host c/p some sort of promotion) will increase your sales. imo you should just keep on listing your items on the marketplace, decrease your costs by cancelling in world store spaces, it is just so hard to cover the costs AND make a profit with 10-50L items.
  5. Absolutely wrong request IMO .. I would go for *NO power to customers* meaning NO rating system at all. A merchant should be able to present their good without any third party 'opinion'..
  6. well there is no cap on stupidity .. why should there be a cap on group membership fees ?
  7. if we would get to rate the 'idiot customer' .. i would have to quit my rl job ;p
  8. maybe because a lot of people do it.. even tho there is a comission fee
  9. of course it is your responsibility to protect your creations. if you cannot handle selling full perm in sl, which means that you may... or probably will have to take legal action.. just don't do it. either you take the risk, makin a few lindens more selling it full perm, or you don't ... if you do .. just do it but then also let it go once it sold.. don't drive yourself crazy trying to follow the steps of people and alts that have bought it... you will live a whole lot longer.. if you can't handle it and you don't have legal insurance. just don't sell it full perm
  10. my expirience is about flagging .. reviews ;p bottom line .. depends on who is on shift and how or with whom he/she slept (with) last night .. had enough coffee yet? may be bad/good for us.. so... i've flagged bad reviews before.. they magically went away. most of the time.. some didn't, sooo i filed tickets saying you know .. user error .. or just plain mistake .. tried to convince him/her to delete sine 'non-delivery-1-star-reviews' well most of the times it worked, sometimes i got the tight ''can't delete since not against tos'' answers. (always imagined 'her' being in 'a mood' today lol) i strongly believe that some flags just get waved through withoug being 'investigated' .. and i understand lol... it happens ... i am no different at work.. are you?
  11. dude.. take matters in your own hand. didn't find your stuff on the marketplace for one. not sure bout in world search but honestly .. if your stuff was worth buying, you wouldn't worry to much about it..well IMO
  12. hey all.. nothing currently being up but wondering in general.. what do you think of..... / do you sell full perm stuff with.... one avatar licenses? does it make a difference if stated in the listing in the first place or the seller telling you after purchasing? do you practise it with your full perm items and do you respect it as a customer?
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