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  1. they should really get better servers the ones they have are designed for 2d 100 player games and yet they have over 9000 people on per day and the graphics are in 3d
  2. I tried to log into my second life account numerous times and it keeps saying log in failed...no details no nothing...whats wrong with my account? how do i fix this?
  3. Hey there guys, my friend and i had a miscommunication and he took things totally out of context i apologized profusely and informed him that it wasn't my intention to offend him in any way i prefaced the conversation by letting hi know i appreciate how he has helped me however the conversation ended with him making multpiple accusations and accusing me of exploiting a bug that i had no idea even existed in the first place he then filed an AR for harassment against me simply for saying "i honestly had no idea there was a bug" he replied by saying "filing an AR" i was banne
  4. how many abuse reports does a person usually have against them before they are banned permanently?
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