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  1. Hi there, Somehow during the changeover from magic boxes to merchant outbox, my items got screwed up and all my permissions are wacked out. I'm sure this is somehow an oversight on my part when uploading or something, but I need to be able to change the permissions. I tried to re-upload, but they only load as a new item. Is it possible to replace an item, after revision? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I'd like to rent part of my own parcel to other merchants who want to set up a small Main Store location. Gearing it towards someone who wants the benefits of having a real main store rather than a mall rental. I want the price to be fair and I am not in it to make money, but just to cover partial costs of my sim rental. Currently I have 6 small parcels of 100-150 prims...I was going to price the parcels at about 2L per prim. This seemed fair to me, judging by the prices of a mall rental of the same proportions. I even included a store building that wouldn't take away from their own prim count. Feedback welcome, good or bad :)
  3. I have to say, I'm really glad I posted this question! Some great points and I can already see things I could do differently. Time for some big changes I think! Now, the fact that I do rent a quarter homestead sim and a store separately, I'm thinking my best bet would be to combine the two...the costs would be similar to join the two on a normal sim. I'm seeing benefits in many ways by doing this.
  4. Good point, and being fairly new to this (about 1 yr in creation), I'm learning the in's and outs. I was kinda gathering that, but I know for myself, I always check out the shops on a sim where I go to dance and such...maybe I'm unique? I often buy stuff and find great deals at these places. Now, as for shopping only sims, I've searched, I've done map views of different sims of this nature and often find most malls are barren of people. Any tips on a good mall that has good traffic? lol...
  5. I was under the impression that when a club rents stores on their land, it is to subsidize each other...correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be beneficial to the club and stores alike, especially with a club that has decent turn-out to do some in-club advertising for the stores that rent from them? The reason I ask this question is this...I've recently rented stores in the vicinity of a club that is well known and always full I paid premium prices for the rental. I gave this store 3 months to turn a profit, and sadly it didn't...in fact I was in the hole and the only sales I got from this store were from a friend that was referred there. We have good products, unique products, and work hard to make them. Marketplace sells enough to keep our current (and cheap) store running, barely...With the fact that it's expensive to rent a store and advertise you'd think that the sim owner and club (who, in my last case consequently are owned and run by the same person), would want to keep their patrons by spreading the word about the stores to the visitors of the club! Am I wrong in thinking this?
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