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  1. Hey! Have you considered having a house custom-built for that place? I could help you with that.
  2. Personally I don't really trust in club advertising and such. Just try to find people who might be interested in renting your land both inworld and on the forums. Post threads in the land rental section and keep an eye for people who are looking for a place to rent. You can also try to hire others to find you tenants based on commissions of their rental and so on. You might also want to hire a professional builder to make your sim better-looking. There are a couple of simple things you can do for some extra visibility. First of all, your personal profile. Put your land in your Picks and make a Classified ad of it. You said you have a classified ad, but I coulnd't see it in your profile for some reason. I would also recommend mentioning your land rental business before anything else in your About-section. And put some info on it in your forum signature as well. One last thing. Try to improve your grammar, since bad grammar makes you seem unreliable. Yours isn't bad, but could use some work. For example, the word is "agency", not "agentacy".
  3. I just made something today that you might be interested in: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Calades-Glassic-Hangout-House/3120817 It has lots of glass, fits perfectly on a 512 parcel and can be used for pretty much anything. Let me know if you want to see it in-world before purchasing.
  4. Of course you are allowed to build a similar store. You are probably allowed to build an exact copy of it as well, and the original build date of the shop or its availability doesn't affect that. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. It couldn't really be any simpler. I would say that 0.01 sized prims are quite rare in buildings even after downsizing them a lot, unless you have some really small details like lamps or lamp switches built in. Usually you can just simply downsize the building using Stretch. That list might make it sound more complicated than it really is because of the part about 0.01 sized prims, which are as small as SL allows a prim to be and so you can't use Stretch to make the build as a whole any smaller. There are some tricks that can sometimes be used to get past the limit without using sculpts or mesh. You can also do some forward thinking on this while building your prouducts. Don't make prims very thin if it's possible not to.
  6. He already has a builder, apparently.
  7. He already has a builder, apparently.
  8. Just curious.. how can a land rental business be very successful and run out of funds at the same time?
  9. Hey, you could try contacting Project Neox to have that script custom-made, he's a good scripter.
  10. Hey! Land always has upkeep costs, which Linden Lab charges directly from you or from the person you are renting it from. So it's not possible to make a one-time skybox purchase without paying any kind of rent in the future, unless the landlord is a bit weird. Good luck with finding the skybox you need, though!
  11. This very nice 1024 sqm parcel, overlooking a river, is located in Stewart, which is was one of the first sims of the old Teen Grid. It is currently the only resident plot in the whole sim on top of a 16 sqm server parcel owned by a friend of mine, and things might well stay that way. Land is very rarely for sale in these sims, and you won't find spammers or griefers here. This isn't a must-sell situation, but I'm open for good offers. I can also provide high-quality building services for a good price if the buyer requires them. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stewart/223/39/55/
  12. Most job opportunities presented to you by other residents pay nowhere near real-world wages. Sometimes you can probably earn more in a slave factory in Asia. Naturally there are exceptions, but nearly always the most worthwhile job is to work for yourself. If you are ready to invest a lot, buying a sim (or a few) and renting land to others can be very profitable when done properly. You do not want to get into the land business if you don't know exactly what you are doing, though. You can lose quite a lot of money. Also learning how to build, script or create other content can pay off really well, but requires a LOT of excercise and at least some talent. If you are only looking to have a job for fun, you can consider the sorts of jobs that the others listed. Being a DJ can be very enjoyable if you have it in you, for example, and they are always needed. But I must say, under no circumstances should you try to start lending money to people in Second Life. It is very likely that you won't get paid back, and Linden Lab (the admins) couldn't care less as usual. Actually I'm not sure if moneylending is even legal in SL...
  13. MG has several huge mainland continents. Trust me, there's plenty of room to drive around.
  14. Will the teens get to keep their land as they transfer? I remember Linden Lab reclaimed some quite pricey land (for a minimal payment?) while remaking the Pinkwater sim back when I was still on TG, and something tells me you are going to do something just as evil now. And will the prim bonuses of regions such as Oasis stay the same?
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