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  1. its a class 6 I believe, the sim hasn't been bought yet. The sim will be cancelled by the 15th if not bought. 300 USD is what I want for the sim.
  2. Tier date: 16th For: 300 USD (I pay for Transfer) or I will cancel the sim on the 15th. do not offer less than 300 USD IM to buy
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Drakeal%20Prime/105/211/22 I am Setting my sim to be a sandbox, auto return will hit every 12 Hours or when I come on and the sim is full. I am Selling my sim. Hopefully it doesn't go too nuts. SIM IS MODERATE RATING
  4. Hello, I am Ethan Pow, I run Drakeal Prime, I been in SL for Years. I seen Rental sims come and go. What I expect form Rental is high standard form what people Truely give. Rental is Payable Via USD(Paypal) or Lindens and you can change how you pay at anytime. Land is fully Terraformable as long it doesn't effect other renters around you. Clubs and Commerical is allowed as long they follow Moderate Rating Guidelines. its not how many sims you have its how you use them. All Prices on my parcels are listed on non-rented parcels. Rental Box is placed on the edge that is closest to the center. htt
  5. Quarter sim parcel, 4950L/wk, full parcel rights and estate manager rights are requestable. Only one parcel is currently avaible for rent. SLURL Small Parcels form 250L/wk to 750L/wk, full parcel control SLURL go there yourself and check them out, their boarders are highlighted with a pirm. (three parcels of small are open for rent) Rules are placed in the covenant, Please read them before considering renting, message me the estate owner with any questions.
  6. Hey there, I have parcels here looking holders Let me see if you like what you see, I am doing a special for all Quarter Sim Parcels, 3750 pirms each, If you prepay one week for may, the rest of april is FREE! yes FREE! as long you get on today and pay within 24 hours of this posting, each week costs 4950L/wk which is how much the prepay costs, Hardly anyone can beat that! I already have this sim paid for in advance to LL, so feel good that you will be safe for all of april and may. What is allowed with land is: Clubs, Shops, Malls are allowed Terraforming is allowed Private Homes, Walls on th
  7. RPGs, Hud games, silly events, Real Time Stratagy games, Card games and such are on SL, I can live without any porn on SL or sex if it was banned but I don't think it would do well for LL because they would lose Profit
  8. Hey there, I have parcels here looking holders Let me see if you like what you see, I am doing a special for all Quarter Sim Parcels, 3750 pirms each, 2500L/wk for the remaining weeks of april and then it will revert to 4950L/wk. What is allowed with land is: Clubs, Shops, Malls are allowed Terraforming is allowed Private Homes, Walls on the boarder is allowed Subloting (placing parcels and renting out to others) is allowed (with permission form estate owner) Baking Cookies is allowed .... ya its allowed... why wouldn't it be.... Also Refunds are Granted within the rules of the Covenant Stil
  9. Negotigation is the key here, Form 512 sq m to 16240 sq m, my set prices doesn't matter anymore, if you want to get good land and save lindens in the process IM me and lets see what I can do to help you out. If your interested in seeing the land first hand here is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Drakeal%20Prime/139/145/33
  10. I don't understand your question, what do you mean? is it? "Where do you purchance more Lindens(L$) Safely?"
  11. This is the first time over all my years of owning a sim so I like to make sure, its a good idea to keep everyone aware, not just buyers and not just sim owners. I can see how this been going on, I expected this years ago but never got a problem like it happen to me or any renter that comes online until now. So my Alert isn't misguided atleast wisdom can be gain form this for any estate owner.
  12. Well this is stated as its more common then I thought, it seems Scammers are targeting land thats sold to everyone for 1L for transfer reasons to scam. I talked to a few other Estate Owners and I was informed how common this is. It seems that Scammers or a group of Scammers are aiming to use 1L transfer(or very cheap) for parcels on estate land to use a way to break SL ToS, so it seems that some action needs to be done so residents that visit your sim are not scammed. 1) Remove or increase the transfer fee(1L-50L is common), and make it so its a bad idea to use your land to scam 2) Clearly Sta
  13. A Refund Policy that well thought out and clearly outlining when a refund we can recieved, I normally will allow this on the remaining time. Except when tier is due for the estate sim, normally within 12 days of tier date, no refunds can be issued until after. Also, you don't need many sims to be better to rent too, this is where I find issues for new estate owners to come into renting land. Community Based (less than 65% of the SQ M is rentable and there is a meeting hall and such) can be better, Tomestone for Example is a RP community of old west, and has succeed without overall extreme amo
  14. Thank you all for your input. First thing Clubs, I had 3 diffirent clubs I had on my sim that I help supported them as long they can keep active and tried to DJ for them as well but they died form inactivty because the club owner stopped getting on SL, computer fail casade or the builder and me had major issues with the design and I got friends to see the club and they wanted to leave the sim I am always looking for stable club that wants land. Second thing about how much I would pay, that Depends how much room I have with profit form rental, since I don't get much or none at all as far
  15. I run into to many people that are unclear what they are looking for in a Estate Land, A few things you can do to see if a land on a sim is worth while or not worth your lindens. When you look for any parcel to call your home or commerical structure, you need to look though Land forum and overview the open parcels to rent. Secondlife has many Estate Owners and many more estate sims, sometimes going for a estate sim is much cheaper and less handache than mainland. Once you compiled a few places that are good go and look at the land and check their Covenant, the Covenant is important and must in
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