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  1. Hi,can u tell which one i on sale?cause i m not interested to' rent. Thanks a lot
  2. Hi,i m curious how can i find a job....in RL i m expert in fight sports( Karate,kickboxing,thai,boxe etc...)and in Money loan..in sport carreer in RL i m a professional world Champion and in Money loan an entrepreneur..... Someone can help me understand what kind of job i probably will be able to do?? Thanks a lot Gabo
  3. Hi i m interested!!tomorrow i Willemstad go to' see inworld. Thank u Gabo
  4. Hi i m trying to' buy a land beachfront!!can u tell me the price,prims,mq and maybe show me the place inworld? Thank u Gabo
  5. Hi yesterday i buyed a pair of shoes in world and i stil don t receive...... How i got to do??? Thanks all Gabo
  6. Yesterday i asked a question about buy land beach front...but i don t understand what change if i buy from a resident or linden lab.....if i buy from a resident and i m a platinum member i h ave to' pay the new level to linden or i pay the resident?cause all the offers i find Are all like u pay monthly or weekly the tier... And i don t understand how buy from linden... I m interested to' buy a land beachfront .... Thanks all for the answers. Gabo
  7. Hi i m a platinum member and i want to' have a house on the beach....maybe miami....how can i do? Thanks
  8. And can u explane how work the 300L$ month for premium member... Thanx Mrgabo13
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