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  1. Hey, welcome to SL! I sent you an IM in world.
  2. I love meeting fellow Canadians, especially in the winter so we can compare how much snow each other has in the yard! I can see why you would want to meet someone similar, but the beauty of SL is that you can meet anyone from anywhere!
  3. In SL I care more about the conversation I have with someone than how done up they are. I try to remember that I was a newbie at one point who wasn't mesh or even knew what that meant! I just want good conversation and one or two corny pick up lines
  4. I don't have any old photos of me on SL either. I wish I did as a comparison to myself today. I still have my old clothes though, which I find a walk down memory lane.
  5. Although my avatar doesn't look identical to my RL self, there are some similarities: big eyes, full lips, and tan skin. Sometimes I dye my RL hair to be the same colour as my SL self. Personality wise I am the same. I find it way too confusing to be someone else, so I stick to what I know!
  6. Today has been a busy day! I've been painting and cleaning, but man, that's so boring! I'm feeling a bit bored and lonely.
  7. Adulting is so hard! I hate doing it too. Hope your knee gets better soon!
  8. Hi, I'm Lolita and have been on and off for way too long. I think it's 10 years now, which makes me feel old I'm a sweet, nerdy 28 year old in RL who was drawn to SL after watching an episode of CSI... On SL I love to explore, shop, listen to music and dance. I'm attracted to conspiracy theories like Ancient Aliens, Bigfoot and ghosts. I don't like horror movies, which is just bizarre as they tend to have all of the things I previously mentioned. Documentaries make me excited and I love all things cute!
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