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  1. In SL I care more about the conversation I have with someone than how done up they are. I try to remember that I was a newbie at one point who wasn't mesh or even knew what that meant! I just want good conversation and one or two corny pick up lines
  2. I don't have any old photos of me on SL either. I wish I did as a comparison to myself today. I still have my old clothes though, which I find a walk down memory lane.
  3. Although my avatar doesn't look identical to my RL self, there are some similarities: big eyes, full lips, and tan skin. Sometimes I dye my RL hair to be the same colour as my SL self. Personality wise I am the same. I find it way too confusing to be someone else, so I stick to what I know!
  4. Today has been a busy day! I've been painting and cleaning, but man, that's so boring! I'm feeling a bit bored and lonely.
  5. Adulting is so hard! I hate doing it too. Hope your knee gets better soon!
  6. Hi, I'm Lolita and have been on and off for way too long. I think it's 10 years now, which makes me feel old I'm a sweet, nerdy 28 year old in RL who was drawn to SL after watching an episode of CSI... On SL I love to explore, shop, listen to music and dance. I'm attracted to conspiracy theories like Ancient Aliens, Bigfoot and ghosts. I don't like horror movies, which is just bizarre as they tend to have all of the things I previously mentioned. Documentaries make me excited and I love all things cute!
  7. This will always be one of my favourite songs.
  8. Hi! My name is Lolita and I need friends. Badly. My second life can be quite boring sitting alone in a club, but it could be so much better if I had someone to chat with. Things I am into (in SL and RL) Art/crafts Music Exploring new places Disney and cute things UFOs and Bigfoot conspiracies Gardening Board and table top games Cats Poetry Shopping Just IM me in game or even through here. Thanks!
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