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  1. Which region do you think will be next ? Gridley Crossroads perhaps ?
  2. That one...... construction is still in progress after 4 weeks
  3. OMG Permaglow is haunting me........ I'm still getting that same home every now and then ...... seems to be the home that no one likes
  4. With a lower draw distance it won't be visible thankfully...... but that ship is monstrous in size for sure.......
  5. Some Houseboat owners will be super excited when they will see the SS Galaxy........
  6. and now this may be the view from my Houseboat in Sirens Rock.......... It used to be here before http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Galaxy MID/118/148/4004 and still shows on the map..... if they moved it from there, the world map will need 1-2 days to update.
  7. I can’t wait for South Haven although there is no corner plot there. I love the view over the sea and the houseboats from a distance !
  8. I will be releasing a beach front Traditional at 09:20 am SLT. It is sandy and has unblocked sea view ( at a draw distance of 250 meter). A couple of neighbours still enjoy Christmas, but I hope they will soon come to their senses and remove the snow and the Christmas decoration You can inspect the home here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Graff/35/115/25
  9. They are from BellaRose as well, their name is : [BR] Aubrey Chair Single/Couples Blue
  10. It's from BellaRose, you can find it in her inworld store, as she's barely present on the MP. The name of the chair is : [BR] Rustic Wingback Overstuffed Chair. Her shop is here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BellaRose/102/164/22
  11. That's wonderful !! Congrats !! All the best to both of you !!
  12. Decorating a Houseboat with a big open space was a challenge, but I'd love living in a Houseboat like the Windlass in RL !
  13. Last November I was very lucky to get a Houseboat in Sirens Rock, a sim with lots of open water and only 5 Houseboats, with a terrific view of an island with a Lighthouse and a rezz zone ! I usually always have my WL set to noon, however I love the sunset from the top deck
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