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  1. That was mine, had to abandon it, as I was going for a gorgeous house in Providence Lake, but I ended up with another one on the same lake and I'm totally happy with it I loved Bachmann and how private it is, plus the rezz zone right in front of the house, enjoy !
  2. @Sylvia Tamalyn Thank you so much Sylvia ! To be honest, after decorating a house, I always get bored and spend my time outdoors. Till I get the deco fever again, delete everything and start over @Chloe Dolores My passion is landscaping and terraforming. Decorating comes second. I have landscaped endless regions in the past, some of which are still around @Marianne Little I have saved enough prims for a decent interior, but if I let myself go, I could easily use 1000 prims just for a garden
  3. First I wasn't very enthusiastic about the Chalets, but once I got one, I changed my mind completely. I started with the garden, which in my opinion is the most challenging part, and it looks like if I could use all 351 precious prims to create a natural overgrown garden, as I had it in my mind . Here's the garden for now, the interior is still a work in progress
  4. I will be releasing a Stilt Home at 8 am SLT It faces west, with a nice sea and ocean view and has water on two sides . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reeser/207/27/23
  5. I will be releasing a nice OP Stilt at 2 PM SLT It faces west and being at the end of the pier, it also has an unblocked sea view ( at the moment) as it's next to a void sim. Nice surrounding at the other side of the pier. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TradingPost/66/188/23
  6. The new Stilt Homes are my favourite ones so far. Of all 4 types Havana is the one I like best, for it's smaller size. I have the feeling that slowly I'm developing into a Havana Specialist.....
  7. And yes it was a miss click indeed !! I hit the wrong button instead of the like button. Glad I went back to check it out, to find out it was me....... It's corrected now to reflect how much I liked your decor
  8. Almost all the objects are linked together, this helps saving prims tremendously. I also remove most scripts, even from chairs and sofas, since I never sit anywhere. Only exception is the deck loungers and chairs. Being a maximalist, I love spaces that are filled with furniture. ( in RL too )
  9. Thank you so much @Elena Core @Chloe Dolores @Arquet for your kind words ♥♥♥
  10. Here's the MP link : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stormy-Creations-LH-Havana-Stilt-Home-Walls-ADD/21039747
  11. A bit different stilt house...when tropic meets classic
  12. What is wrong with that house in Eastwind Marina ? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eastwind Marina/97/118/23 Plumbing problems? Is it haunted ? it changes hands from the moment it got released.. I must have abandoned it at least 15 times
  13. Just got a cute OP in Scallop Bay ! So far only 2 OP Stilts are taken.
  14. I always clean the windows before abandoning a house
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