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  1. Recently I landed a great Trad, that I have always wanted, ever since it was announced in the forum. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough, but months later the good fairy of SL sent it my way I love this location so much, that I decided to release my precious Stilt in order to keep my beach Trad forever, whatever this forever means.
  2. In love with the Chalets !! They can be everything between rustic and classic, and that's a big challenge when decorating them. Here's my latest try.
  3. The Moles started developing the empty areas on the big river that is separating the Chalet regions. Windmills have been placed already and there's even an underwater tunnel leading to the other side of the river. I can see already that something amazing is coming and I can't wait to see it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brady Stream/130/132/23
  4. All the houses that I checked were never claimed, with the exception of one.
  5. That was mine, had to abandon it, as I was going for a gorgeous house in Providence Lake, but I ended up with another one on the same lake and I'm totally happy with it I loved Bachmann and how private it is, plus the rezz zone right in front of the house, enjoy !
  6. @Sylvia Tamalyn Thank you so much Sylvia ! To be honest, after decorating a house, I always get bored and spend my time outdoors. Till I get the deco fever again, delete everything and start over @Chloe Dolores My passion is landscaping and terraforming. Decorating comes second. I have landscaped endless regions in the past, some of which are still around @Marianne Little I have saved enough prims for a decent interior, but if I let myself go, I could easily use 1000 prims just for a garden
  7. First I wasn't very enthusiastic about the Chalets, but once I got one, I changed my mind completely. I started with the garden, which in my opinion is the most challenging part, and it looks like if I could use all 351 precious prims to create a natural overgrown garden, as I had it in my mind . Here's the garden for now, the interior is still a work in progress
  8. I will be releasing a Stilt Home at 8 am SLT It faces west, with a nice sea and ocean view and has water on two sides . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reeser/207/27/23
  9. I will be releasing a nice OP Stilt at 2 PM SLT It faces west and being at the end of the pier, it also has an unblocked sea view ( at the moment) as it's next to a void sim. Nice surrounding at the other side of the pier. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TradingPost/66/188/23
  10. The new Stilt Homes are my favourite ones so far. Of all 4 types Havana is the one I like best, for it's smaller size. I have the feeling that slowly I'm developing into a Havana Specialist.....
  11. And yes it was a miss click indeed !! I hit the wrong button instead of the like button. Glad I went back to check it out, to find out it was me....... It's corrected now to reflect how much I liked your decor
  12. Almost all the objects are linked together, this helps saving prims tremendously. I also remove most scripts, even from chairs and sofas, since I never sit anywhere. Only exception is the deck loungers and chairs. Being a maximalist, I love spaces that are filled with furniture. ( in RL too )
  13. Thank you so much @Elena Core @Chloe Dolores @Arquet for your kind words ♥♥♥
  14. Here's the MP link : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stormy-Creations-LH-Havana-Stilt-Home-Walls-ADD/21039747
  15. A bit different stilt house...when tropic meets classic
  16. What is wrong with that house in Eastwind Marina ? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eastwind Marina/97/118/23 Plumbing problems? Is it haunted ? it changes hands from the moment it got released.. I must have abandoned it at least 15 times
  17. Just got a cute OP in Scallop Bay ! So far only 2 OP Stilts are taken.
  18. I always clean the windows before abandoning a house
  19. Having worked with developing on line booking platforms in RL, I'm afraid that your suggestion would not be doable without causing serious problems to the system by adding many variables and restrictions.
  20. I would like to get all of them with a single click is it too much asked ?
  21. You can send the the skybox to the desired height by changing the Z value, and then just teleport up using the gth <<height>> command if you are on Firestorm, that's the fastest way. To return to the ground you just type flr .
  22. I was interested in an OL with a similar location in Jamison, I tried for it when the region got released, but no OL homes were claimed, and the home I was monitoring is still available. I burned all my tries trying for this home, the moment the region was released without even getting something worth keeping.
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