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  1. Say, the land page is telling me I can't get a log home because I have done 5 and to wait 24 hours etc, but I haven't!! I haven't gotten 5 today.. what do I do? I tried logging out and back in, but same message. I know the house will be around for a few days if they go like the Vics did, but sheesh. The land page is WRONG!
  2. I think they learned from doing the Victorian sims!!🤣😂🤣
  3. Elena, where is this set from the table/chairs & also the window w drapes thing? TIA, it's very pretty
  4. That is so pretty, Peony, beautiful! All the shades of green work so well together. 😍 Do you have any interior shots?
  5. could we list what is in the different packs?! I have a Victorian...
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