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  1. Haven't been around in a while but couldn't resist this thread.
  2. Just to throw another male comment on clothing for men in Second Life, I happen to love a lot of what's happening in men's fashion in SL right now. I've been around for almost 10 years now and a lot of that time I wore jeans and t-shirts, which was a lot of the clothing back then. But a few years back I started really hunting for clothing less by store name and shopping for what I liked. Now a days I have a larger demo folder than my wife and not nearly enough lindens to buy it all. I keep finding new stores every week that I love. Over my time in Second Life I've met many wonderful women
  3. My wife and I will miss Franks. We both enjoy having a formal night out of romance and since Sweethearts has become empty, it was Frank's for us. Although a proper jazz club where the dress code is a little more relaxed than Bogarts was would be great. I know she'd love to actually be able to wear something appropriate for a jazz club instead of wearing a ball gown. We've always preferred more intimate sized places but there were many times we enjoyed Franks. Love it or hate it, it will be missed in Second Life by many.
  4. Playing with a different look as well as trying to get back into snapping a few more photos again...
  5. My first thought when I saw this was Oceans 8.... I think you need 3 more.....
  6. I like the first two pictures on the light side but the last picture on the dark side. The third one on the light side washes out the hat too much for me. If I had to pick a favorite it'd be the second light side picture overall
  7. I just demo'd it this morning and I'd have to agree. Of course I love most Volt hair.
  8. No matter how many ups and downs I had in 2018, this year ended wonderfully. Here's hoping 2019 is a great year for us all! Happy New Years to all!
  9. I'm sorry we missed everyone. I was looking forward to meeting all of you but I got stuck at work
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