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  1. Happy Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!! As a celebration of our super long weekend here šŸ˜¹ , we are releasing this Traditional at 9am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Castlewellan Overlook/80/84/30
  2. what a lovely thread @Beth Macbain!!! Yes, December is a difficult month... But perhaps it's the time of the year to think what you want to keep in your life for the upcoming year, and what is time to let go, because it does not belong in your life anymore. That's what I'm feeling today.. I'm missing some members of my family, my hubby is temporarily working in a project outside the country, and some other minor things... Too many things that make me think: 'there are very few important things in life today. Don't waste your time on anything/anyone else'
  3. Neoviktor, utilizo Windows 10 en un ordenador de 7 aƱos, siempre con Firestorm, y me va perfectamente. Prueba a instalar y desinstalar, pero no creo que sea el visor. De hecho, incluso he llegado a instalarme el nuevo compatible con BOM, y quitando que mi tarjeta grƔfica casi muere, iba bien. CuƩntanos quƩ tal te va
  4. Hello everyone. If anyone is interested in a camper close to sea entrance, in Twofer, (a sandy region), we're releasing this spot in 15 min http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twofer/39/172/24
  5. @Pussycat Catnap, please don not let someone with such a sad spirit get to you. Some people have trash on their souls and they need to throw it to the world, so other people have the same garbage on them. Those Linden Victorian homes are made with love, to begin with. When I posted it about my ideas on having Mediterranean style houses, someone came to me saying that style was part of a culture that invaded and destroyed the former Southamerican civilization... And I was just showing pictures of homes.... Plus, that person really needs to read and investigage a bit more on History. Even me, on the other side of the Ocean, can tell the difference.Please, we really need more reading in this modern era...
  6. Great region, quite similar to Sandflea, but there's a bit more distance among trailers, and more little rivers/sea entrances
  7. Amazing work our beloved Lindens and Moles!!! It's a really amazing landscaping, created while working on new releases, sharing updates... What a 2019 you've had!!!!!
  8. Could be the weather hehe. The expo sim is amazing, we just need to see the real setting once it's revealed. and it might not be for everybody. Also, we are coming from a different place now. Before, we just had the old linden homes, and we were moving to something exponentially better with 1024sqm. I guess that was what caused all the rush. Now, some of us have home in lovely spots, so the feeling is difference; I'm never letting my trad go. I've been so lucky with the region and the neoghbours... I'm considering creating an alt or using hubby's account for the Victorian, but I know my search won't be as intense as it was when trying to get a new linden home. I
  9. Ummm, I like the distance between the houses, and the wide gardens. But I'm not really into the homes, nice, but not sure they are my style. Are those parcels ready or is it just an expo area? (Edited: just saw the LM, thank you @Pussycat Catnap)
  10. Hi guys!!! Due to time zone difference and work in RL, I couldn't check notices, did they finally open or made any announcemnts? I'd love to see a treehouse!!! Little one like campers, but in a 1024sqm area, which is something many have been asking for! The Victorian theme sounds great, but I still have my hopes on a Mediterranean/country home theme for... 2021 maybe?
  11. Also, you can visit your land page: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php Click on "View Map", copy that URL and paste in the your viewer home page when you enter SL, in the "Location" are. If you are already inworld, just type it in the conversation menu and click on it
  12. Quick note to Sandflea residents: homes might not show up, just click on the post (sorry if it's called sth else, I'm not a native speaker!!), and the camper will appear
  13. What an amazing spot!!! Love those views, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hello everyone, I am releasing our camper at Crawdad Inlet (or however it's spelled) at 8.30 SLT time
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