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  1. I lived in a very similar house when a was a teenager student over there, I have really fond memories of that style
  2. Thank you sharing the video @PrudenceAnton, I could recognize some of the milestones, it was fun to watch, but I am afraid there is no 'European homes', since we'd be talking about completely different nationalities, cultures and climates.... We don't come to an agreement in anything in here.... I would be in tears if we could have a Mediterranean home, but the landscape in the video does not reflect the actual one. All old trees, sand and groves were missing Oh wow, am I negative today 🤣 🤣 Linden Labs and Moles, I am in if you need tips for the Mediterranean theme!!! Again, thank you for sharing. My avi still dreams of something like this
  3. Eduardo, lo más eficaz es hablar con el responsable del Sandbox, si efectivamente le pasa a varias personas. Si es un espacio de LL, sigue el tutorial de Inara que te indican Entrar en juegos de "tú me atacas yo te ataco", no suele salir bien en SL.
  4. Sorry about the language, but I had to share this: my dog and his girlfriend just sent this while we are all in lockdown... No respect...
  5. It is hard not to be... I guess we are all sharing the same question all around the Globe: why did it take you so long to react?????
  6. Despite the lovely spot I got during the release, it is taking me forever to decorate my cabin, but at least I have been able to put some rooms together. I have seen some deer heads around, so I thought a rather create a special one in my art studio to honor these beautiful creatures
  7. My spot has just the same template, love it. Congratulations to the person who gets it
  8. If they are already in the group you've set for your home, they just need to land in your parcel, activate the corresponding group, and then they set it as the home base
  9. Rose, check if you can see the "see more houses" green letters with a plus sign. If all models are availabe, you cannot see the log cabins, but they are there!!
  10. Oh dear, I wasn't half asleep, I was totally asleep.... It was so obvious....
  11. I am sure it's me not getting something because I'm still half sleep.. But I was just complimenting your decor I am still happy with my lake view cabin
  12. I have always tried to keep a positive attitude, even more in SL and these forums, but I must be honest and admit and I cannot keep that spirit anymore. Even though I stopped reading or watching the news a week ago, you end up hearing the numbers; even more when some of my coworkers have lost their parents...I dont even feel like logging into SL and enjoying my new home and community, which is something I have always loved. I just wonder when all this madness is going to stop, how many more of our people we are going to lose. They survived the civil was and the dictatorship, and this is the ending they are having... Older members of my family havent left home in a home, we bring them everything and leave all kind of stuff in the door, so I guess they will be safe, but after a month at home, I beginning to feel tired since I need to keep positive for my family. Maybe it's just that, fatigue, I guess I am not as strong as I thought I was, and maybe writing these words will make me feel a bit better and act as some kind of relief... And maybe my next post will be happier....
  13. Oh wow, I'm impressed at all the work you've done with your cabins, amazing!!! Thank you all so much for sharing ; I admit the RL situation has emotionally hit really hard, and I just cannot come up with any good idea. So if you don't mind, I am going to steal a few from you... even the campers... (Where is my notebook, has my cat stolen it again????? Print screen, print screen, print screen)
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