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  1. THs and house boats have been showing up for some minutes. Does anyone know whether it was a release? thanks
  2. Hello everyone. If anyone is interested, I am about to abandon my camper. 10 min?
  3. What a lovely home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also miss my Tahoe home, I have been thinking about trying to get it back lately!
  4. My very first home was a mini micro tiny apartment, you could just rezz a sofa, a bed and a fireplace. But I loved it, because I was just starting in SL, and there was a nice sense of community in that area. But the sim was closed. Then I rented a sky apartment in Schirra, which also ended up closing. I had so many Linden homes when they started, that I lost track, But I did visit again my first home in Belli. I let it go because I just couldnt feel it like mine, due to a massive rock wall in the back. The person who owns it has made a lovely work,and I that made me happy, knowing the home has a better owner now. So yes, it was something positive for me Do you know which one I miss? My old Tahoe one, silly, but I loved it. Might end up going for it some day... (knowing it would take me forever to get it back )
  5. Lovely work @MiakisTheUsagi
  6. WoW @Nika Talaj, I'm truly scared of water, but with that view, I would definitely consider living in a HB. Never let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Lovely work, it seems it does actually match your alt character Looks like a nice location too!
  8. @Leora Jacobus, I understand the feeling, when you really want something, put your focus on it and work for it, and still Don not get it. But soon, the feeling will be different. There is still so much more to be released, continents even more beautiful than Bellisseria. And there, you will have your dream home, because you deserve it
  9. I got a camper today, seems like an abandon. It's my personal experience, but I do always lucky on Friday mornings (lunch time in Europe), seems like a good time to be chceking the page. Also, I do better when using my phone instead of the laptop
  10. Abandons showing up, maybe people are getting ready for new releases
  11. That's an amazing region, love the views!! Get ready hunters, it's worth the crazy clicking!!!
  12. @roseelvira, I know the feeling, so I hope my experience helps. I left my first Linden home; wasn't quite happy with the are either, was going to be away for a couple of months, plus I wanted a camper. It's taken me weeks to get a new home, since I didn't have much time to be checking the releases. The new one is not in the ideal location, so I've come to the conclussion the ideal location is almost impossible to get. However, we used my husband's account for old homes, and after several changes, we ended up in an amazing Tahoe location, facing a little lake. There were not many neighbours around, and we worked in the house to make it pretty. My point is: if you don't have much time, be prepared to wait for a while if you let your house go. And the new house might not be perfect. Also, if your partner, friend or alt owns a premium account, your chances improve
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