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  1. It is a beautiful location @Rufferta, enjoy it!!!
  2. Good morning Bellisseria. I've just found a little garden gnome by Dragon Lance D., perfect for the chalets, plus a Victorian stool by Boudoir; 10L at the WLRP event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Riverhunt/163/90/1502
  3. Thank you iBrat, this seems to be a good time to catch nice homes My food offering has worked, I'm considering doing some more....
  4. Thank you for making our community a beautiful one. It is because of people Hammies like you two, that Bellisseria is such a great place to live.
  5. It might be a good night for abandons. I've seen both Victorians and stilt homes in the LP, and the three regular themes are there too... I've recently got an amazing Victorian, totally unexpected, I guess you never know. edit: and now, a HB
  6. Thank you, still, I will be doing the food offering thing to those little sculptures...
  7. I was really looking forward to this region, but no luck this time. It seems like the system is acting weird, it has never been so difficult getting a home during release time... I think I'll make a foof offering to one of those statues around the chalets... let's see if that works...
  8. Konoha has placed a gift at the Cosmopolitan event, a beautiful set of bluebells (joining the Cosmopolitan group is needed) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/No%20Comment/115/20/22
  9. That texture you've used in the walls is perfect @Nando Yip
  10. You got a really nice spot there @Coby Foden, I always enjoy these pictures
  11. I wasn't a big fan of the chalets before the release, and now I admit I'm really falling for them, there are so many decor possibilites , it seems anything goes! It is taking me forever, but here is a quick view of how my garden looks so far.
  12. Me too, I spent all of mine trying to get that chalet of yours
  13. what a beautiful view @Nando Yip. Those vines by the entrace look great , are they HISA's?
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