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  1. Oh, so sorry Hammy, it was a small piece of Heaven in SL. I'm currently away from my desktop and SL, but will contact you when I return home, to see if I can help. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts
  2. This is just adorable, I'm sure they'll love it. Thank you so much for sharing
  3. Morning!!! Would anyone be interested in organizing a party to celebrate our Moles work? Perhaps a theme party or similar to show them our appreciation I have never run one in SL, but it might be fun
  4. @Chuckey Jigsaw, I got them at Half Deer, most of my stuff comes from there, it's an amazing store 😺
  5. @Trinity Aironaut, thank you!!!! Mee too, and you are always welcome if you want to visit
  6. @Blush Bravin, I love every detail in that home!!!
  7. Ummm, I swear i've read one thread or two about this topic, not sure....
  8. Sooo, after a lot of work and effort (and fun silly moments!!)trying to create a whimsical, wild retreat in my back yard, I think I'm getting close. It's actually becoming a shelter for wild animals, hehe, and I love it. Hope you do to!!! Thank you all who suggested those great ideas, sending messages and comments, they were truly appreciated.
  9. Oh my, this is the best reply I've read in a long time, 😹
  10. I would love to live at SepameStreeeeeet
  11. Love it love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that white chicken is literarlly posing, what a diva
  12. @Bitsy Buccaneer, that is such a cool houseboat!!! Congratulations on the work you've done!!! I might stop for coffee sometime! 😹
  13. Congrats Brian!!!! If I may, give it some time. I wasn't too happy with mine, since there was a massive stone hill behind, but I've worked on it and now I'm fine with it (I can hardly see it). My new home has definitely grown on me... till the tiny homes are released!!!!!😹
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