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  1. The OzMan cometh, bearing gifts, To seal the holes in the digital rifts, What one wonders, please explain, Why, in Second Life, there is no rain! A simple solution, OzMan explains, "In order to produce, your said rain", "Simply write to Santa, for he knows all, To see if the Lindens are on the ball". So, with parchment in hand and pen at the ready, My JIRA is sent, and my attention is steady. I know from the team, they are doing their best, For the Linden development, there is no rest. The OzMan and crew will be hearty next year, For all the resolutions will be full of cheer. We will enjoy our existence with a smile and hope, Raise a glass and cheer, for no downward slope. So, all you people who just want to moan, Try building this yourself, in the back of your home, Take a smatter of icing and a little cake, Perform a boot after boot and hope you rebake. It's not easy to make worlds, a difficult task, As the dev team hides behind a smiling mask, All their work, their grind, day after days, Just imagine how God did it in only 6 days! Cheers to Oz and the team
  2. "Give a man a fish and he won't starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he won't starve for his entire life."
  3. <Old Man Yorkshire Accent>'o back when I were a lad, we 'ad to sit on us behinds for all ov an hour... jus' fer L$2. You tykes never know 'ow gud ya 'av it now.</Old Man Yorkshire Accent> jk
  4. I would personally recommend Casper Warden's system. Very low lag, less scripts and a very friendly person too. Although, a better option would be if Linden Lab actually made a rental system built into the region and viewer, allowing parcel control, privacy, etc. Thus peace of mind about having all your records and historical data on the prime source of where your income is - in Second Life. Ah, but I can dream can't I... this is the land of fantasy.
  5. As I replied to your other posts in the Wanted boards etc. You need to be careful of the IP rights and logos. See here for listing guidelines if you are unsure: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines As for the artwork and build, it looks great. You just need to explain that it's just a media viewer serving a web page and not the actual OS itself. Else you will get a lot of angry people demanding refunds.
  6. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines
  7. Actually, it's a Media On A Prim viewer using http://www.silveos.com/ Basically viewing web pages on a prim using media settings. The logo I was refering to was the DELL logo on the back of the laptop. I would draw your attention to: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines Look in the Branding Guidelines there.
  8. You probably want to remove those IP logos. You also need to clarify how it works as a lot of people will think it actually works like an OS. Show screenshots of each of the mini apps. Other than that, good luck with the project.
  9. I would urge you to try a demo version of any Speech applications first. As the SL client, although it may look like normal input box, acts slightly different. Not forgetting that Windows 7 has a built in speech system which may help costs. Some Speech-to-text software simply tells the keyboard to "press a key" when spoken, this works well. However, navigating around the sub-windows within the SL client can be a game and a half in this mode. Text-to-Speech is also difficult as there are no standard Windows/Mac sub-windows in the SL client display, and (I believe) the input windows are not marked with the disability enhancement setting that helps Text-To-Speech applications work. There are text file readers which "say" the last line of a file. These can be used on your Local chat Log file. I remember there was one on the Marketplace but forget the name of the creator. A simple search would do. Good luck with your investigations into what I believe is an important feature getting into the immersion of a virtual world.
  10. ... and the spam begins. I don't know why Linden Lab doesn't just sell Second Life to Facebook and have done with it. It's turning into a money driven band-wagon that's promoting commercial greed. Gone are the days of true community spirit. If you haven't any cash in your wallet, you can't enjoy the resources. Good luck everyone.... ... exits stage left.
  11. An upcoming server maintenance project is going to include some ground-breaking functionality for LSL. This functionality is designed to allow scripts to import real life years into Second Life, which then returns the success of that transfer. key llTransferFirstLife(key id, integer years) Attempts to transfer years of real life from the owner of the object to the agent account id. Does not require PERMISSION_DEBIT. Returns a key used in a matching transactionlife_result event for the success or failure of the transfer. transactionlife_result(key transaction_id, integer success, string data) LSL event triggered from an llTransfer* call (currently only llTransferFirstLife). transaction_id matches the return value of the llTransfer call. If the transaction was successful the id will match the transaction id shown in the transaction history on secondlife.com and a matching transaction of the request will appear under the appropriate religion's database. success is TRUE if the transfer succeeded otherwise FALSE. data will contain a CSV of destination id and the number of years transferred on success and an error tag on failure. Error Tags: This is not an exhaustive list and it is possible these will change over time. LIFE_ENTITYDOESNOTEXIST - The destination UUID is not a valid agent or doesn't appear to adhere to Darwin's theory. LIFE_INSUFFICIENTFUNDS - The source agent is not old enough for the transfer. In such cases as trying to transfer a life entity of less than 21 years of age into an Adult account. INVALID_AGENT - Destination agent is not a valid UUID of a prim box INVALID_LIFE - Amount must be >= 1 and <= 120 THROTTLED - The scripted day throttle was hit for this object owner. Due to the speed of the Life server, there is a lag in days for transfer. GROUP_OWNED - The object is group owned and can't give life LIFETRANSFERS_DISABLED - Life transfers are disabled in the region due to the number of undead in that area. SERVICE_ERROR - Received a non-200 http result from Life API. This may occur when the transfer stream is block by several queue requests behind a failed heart-attack. If you would like to try this feature out, it is currently active on none of the channels in any region. But I thank you for smiling. The forums have been too aggresive and negative recently, so slap a smile on your face and let's get back to being a community. :)
  12. I couldn't have put it better myself. Thank you for posting that. I was going to boycott the SL Forums and stay out of it, for that specific reason - the lack of respect to the machine that drives Second Life. No, not cash, but the RESIDENTS that show respect to others. Those are the people who are the Linden Lab's bread and butter. Anyway, this will probably be my last post in the forum, until the moderators and the Linden team get together and actually prove policy consistancy between them. [cue darth vader exit music] Exits stage left.
  13. I'd vote for the ResGate... .. The rumor that Linden Lab is going to half the cost of region fees to make it more affordable, thereby, increasing revenue in the wake of Facebook residents flooding the doors of SL. /me steps to the side to give room for the stampede. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  14. Sounds like fun, and if anyone wants to use Legacies 1891 as backdrops, go right ahead. (shameless plug) But seriously, the rendering of SL has now reached a stage where the quality of pre-process visuals are a joy. It makes post-production edits so much easier with the depth-of-field, shadows, anti-aliasing and windlight. Smooth camera controls using 3dConnexion, which only leaves the actors... alas, they are human, the only flaw in the mix Long may the creativity continue.
  15. I'm glad and feel a little more reassured that the CEO has taken time to actually come into the forum. Kudos for that. Also, thank you for the ackowledgement that there is a problem and that there is a plan to rectify it. Now, all we ask is... keep us informed.... every step of the way, cos us SLers are nosey buggers
  16. Why take an aspirin when you have a chance to find a cure for all headaches? It's called progressive innovation. Either plod along on your knees and accept what people give you, or voice an opinion that may spark something new that may benefit us. Taking an instant aggressive defence for being an acceptor of the current fashion is not what human nature is about. We are are here to evolve and better ourselves.
  17. SLum is not a solution. That is just putting a fresh coat of paint on the old rusty barn. Think about the residents. How many people actually know about it? 0.000001% ? When a resident joins a Group, they have the IM option and they assume that's the door to communicate. What they don't assume is... "hmm... I have to install something else..."
  18. The main thing that drives a community is the ability to communicate. Ever wondered why people leave SL? 'cos the community group chat SUCKS ! Not for the lack of quality and immersive conversations, but for the 2+ minutes it takes to post ONE LINE of text. Regardless of the group size. I have a couple of groups that are over 2000 members and the lag is, for want of a better word, CRAP. I have groups with only a 3 members in it... same problem with lag. Is it my connection?... I think not. I am running a 50+MBs connection with a 15ms ping. Is it the region servers? possibly, but why depend on your group chat architecture on the server you are in? Take an educational page from Jabber, IRC, Skype and take some of the hard earned HUGE amounts of cash from Linden Lab pleasure cruise funds and stock up on DEDICATED servers for group communication. Yes, this is a rant and I know Lindens would probably never read this whilst they are sitting back counting their cash. However, perhaps as a community we may assist Linden Lab by voicing... again and again. Eventually it will turn into a pain in the butt that will eventually get noticed. File a JIRA? there's numerous ones on there already. Yes, they did a test on the beta grid... with about 200 people... big deal... there's 60,000 logged on and 99.9999% belong to groups. The beta grid isn't an ideal test environment. So, screw the mesh, let's have our communication tool up to standard, else there will be a picket line outside Linden Lab offices. Organize your priorities... CEO take note... if they read this.
  19. Experiment concluded. Thank you all for taking part with your excellent feedback and replies.
  20. Did some quick stats today and this it what I found: Regions in Second Life: As at 18 Jul 2011 Total number of regions: 31218 Full regions marked for sale: 7046 Homesteads marked for sale: 1301 Mainland regions for sale: 6502 Auctioned regions: 36 Therefore, out of 31218 regions, 14885 are for sale. That's about HALF of Second Life. This is ignoring all the individual small parcels for sale on regions. Eye opening, isn't it !
  21. I see minor flaws in this, such as people distributed a "quick cheat of what to press", but is a good start for Second Life who wish to build and create content. It will certainly place some confidence back into the residents to know that IP rights are being respected... somewhat. I would also suggest this should be a pre-test for marking anything in Second Life as "For Sale" and also for uploading to Marketplace too. IP rights are not only for Meshies, poor primies have a life too ya know
  22. If you are looking for pure traffic, then this article may help: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/07/most-popular-second-life-sims-june-2011.html#more Can't vouch for the quality of it though. Good luck.
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