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  1. Im looking for a builder who can design and build me a mosque with a modern twist to it. Im starting the first second life Quran Only Muslim community and center and although my building is okay, Im not confident I can do this on my own. I would like to see samples of your previous work and get an estimate of how much you would charge. Its nothing huge. Just a 20x30 mosque i think. IM/Message/Notecard me or reply here.
  2. Where would one start? I'd like to voice act for some machinima productions. I study broadcasting in RL and have taken radio production, if that's of any help.
  3. I would suggest getting at least a pose stand or two, and making a simple green or white screen (with bottom) if you want to add a background in post, and start out with the average price aka 500L for single photos and please have a portfolio (post the link here) for clients to see.
  4. If a photographer can work their way up to an acknowledged artist status and have exhibits and shows, and perhaps sell their art in sl and on deviantart or the like, maybe that would bring in some extra money on the side. I know one thing for sure. I seen real artists (not just editors) offer sketching and painting services instead of taking photos and they charge around 7000L per photo! Not bad if you have a lot of customers and can work fast. But then again that wouldn't be photography. Hmm i think i want to try that route..
  5. I have only been to a couple of free basic photography classes just for fun. It was only for in-world photography and for those who just want to take good snapshots. It wasn't particularly enlightening for me though. i have yet to see a class based on studio photography except the ones provided in certain sl acadamies/schools that cost a lot of lindens. And even those im not sure they teach you how to work in the business.
  6. Hi. Is the contest still on? Also is post editing allowed?
  7. This is really cool. I often get inspired by my own avatar. I have even died my rl hair to look like my sl hair. What may not be so cool is my avatar influences me to get a nose job lol.
  8. Hi there. Just curious, how many photos do you need, and how soon do you need them?
  9. Hi, id like to participate! I was a photographer for a year in SL and still am from time to time. I would love to help you with your project.
  10. This is an interesting way of doing it, thank you for sharing . I usually use liquify for this. The pen method is great for those who have older versions of photoshop.
  11. Hi! I'd love to volunteer! I think it'd be fun . I also used to be a photographer for a while, so I can understand. Feel free to add me
  12. Hey I knowwhat you're talking about. I think its the shading and highlighting that is done to photos that gives it that cartoony look. But there are different kinds. Let me show you two that I currently know and do: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madihamk/5387159194/in/set-72157625834476760 and http://www.flickr.com/photos/madihamk/5290327986/in/set-72157625834476760 Now for a real cartoon look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madihamk/6192962457/in/photostream/ If you're still looking to be an apprentice, I'll be happy to tutor you . (see signature? )
  13. All photos in the links you provided have either a blur or "penthouse" effect. Which is when you duplicate the model's layer in PS and then gaussian blur it slightly (where you don't completely wipe out the facial features) , then change the duplicated layer's blending mode to Overlay or Soft Light. Then go to Adjustments> Vibrance and turn down the vibrance a bit till you're satisfied so it's not too burned. I might want to add that in the second link, the artist drew these highlight lines on various areas of the model. That is done by using the pen tool and "stroking" it with a brush tha
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