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  1. Same problem here. Not premium account. December days don't work and cannot see any transaction history for today Jan 1 or anything for December. Need transaction history for business deals. Hope fixed soon!
  2. Same problem here. Not premium account. All days in December calendar are disabled text and not clickable. Transaction history shows 0 and won't let me choose any December days. Can't even see ones for today Jan 1. Need my transaction history for business deals. Hope fixed soon!
  3. No, I'm not doing anything I don't want them to see LOL. I have a public art sim and not closing it because of them. But there are hundreds of them and they return with a different one when you ban them, often in groups of 2 or 3 as you ban them. If you look in their web profiles, you'll see that everyone is filing ARs against them because they are numerous, intrusive and all over the grid. If it's a public sim, they're guaranteed visitors on a regular basis. In the profile of one of the filming bots, an SL veteran posted that they are making money from their films, but has not responded when I ask how they are making money. If they are profiting from filming others' creations, isn't that content theft?
  4. Looking at the big picture, both LL and residents have equal rights to protect themselves, both against illegal activity and in maintaining freedom, alike. I would ask that the definition of "skilled gaming" in the proposed (or finalized) TOS policy be clarified. 1) First of all, it's grammar is incorrect. In a list of items preceded by a predicate, the predicate must connect to each item in the list individually. #4 does not connect: " “Skill Game” or “Skill Gaming” shall mean a game, implemented through an Inworld object: . . . 4) is legally authorized by applicable United States and international law." Therefore, #4 makes no sense to me. 2) Clarification: After reading and agreeing to this definition in the TOS when it's released upon all residents, most (if not all) will still ask "what exactly is considered skilled gaming and what exactly can I do or not do." This seems written by a lawyer for a judge, not for the average resident to understand. At least give examples. It's too vague to be a policy that one can follow. "Sports" should not be considered skilled gaming in my opinion - ever heard of "in the spirit of the sport?" Also prizes for winning contests or sports go back to cavemen days. Everyone pitching in for this prize is in the spirit of the sport. Illegal now? I've heard some discuss that once people "lose rights" to do things, one by one, it would crash the SL economy (just like RL). If that is the initial intent in the first place to make SL no longer profitable, this can be done directly and swiftly in the end, not by shaving off activities one by one over time. Easier for all. On the other hand, if this is intended to rid pay/play gambling and thieves who hold L$100,000+ photo contests and their alt wins the pot, I'm all for it. But only if the skilled gaming definition is clarified. Lastly, where definitions are concerned on legal issues, when something is deemed "vague and overly broad" it is not admissible as evidence in a court of law. It would benefit both LL and residents to clarify this definition (and make it grammatically correct). Thank you for listening. :manwink:
  5. Why does a certain company send bot avatars onto your sim and to film a 360 of it for either their own research purposes or to give away for free the cheap quick 360 footage of your sim (from a really bad angle lol) to any email address who requests it? Does LL condone this? The company's website says they are known by LL and Open Sim. I don't know the rules here so I won't name the bot avatar or the company in case that's an infringement, but i can be contacted privately regarding same. Others have reported it as well as posted in their web profile that they are a bot griefer, and I've seen more than one on my sim. The company that is supposedly affiliated with this(ese) bot(s) make(s) inworld products for sim design and structures and claims to do "research." I hope this research does not involve stalking for anonymous requestors of the "360" footage via email (because according to their privacy policy, they keep the email address of the requester of the footage LOL, which can be subpoenaed if need be for a legal reasons) or worse yet, for theft of ORIGINAL ideas. Original Creator
  6. Greetings, I am now having this issue. Did you ever find a solution via your ticket? I've had IMs go to email for years and suddenly stopped working this week. It's not my email provider because I still get inventory offers and a few event notices but am missing most group notices and absolutely no IMs are getting through to email. The option is turned on in account and in viewer. I toggled on and off and even changed email address to no avail. This seems to be an SL issue, and like you all, I often rely on these. IMs have stopped suddenly for this entire week (3rd week of sept 2012) and no settings were changed by me or the mystery viewer sneaky resetter lol. Everyone is asking me if i checked my spam folder. But I've been getting my IMs in my spam folder and a saved chat folder in my email for years and i read them there lol (and no, they're not suddenly in my inbox either). If EVERYTHING stopped (i.e. even inventory offers, group notices and IMs) i would likely think my email provider suddenly put sl on a blacklist but that's not the case because the inventory offers get through. It's only inworld IMs that never go to email anymore. I've found several issues in forums re this problem but the ones that match mine, never show the resolution. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just spoke with a Phoenix Firestorm volunteer helper, and we discovered my problem so sharing it here in case it helps others. My stuck items in my cart were giving me "error on page" ... it's an IE issue !!!! ...an IE script error. Marketplace in my in-world browser does let me remove them. Once i removed them thru the in world browser, and purchased the few i did want, then my cart out in IE is now empty. Problem solved. On an unrelated issue, but maybe helpful here also, I just upgraded to new Ph/Firestorm and even tho my fps was hovering around 17-20 it felt like 2 LOL. Everything shaky with unbearable lag. But yesterday I tp'd home and my BRIDGE fell off. It said "bridge detached" in local chat and i did not take it off...happened on the tail end of my tp home. But today that bad shaking lag is back. So I manually took off my firestorm bridge and the lag is gone!!! (well it's normal now lol) So far everything works ok, inventory, tp's etc. Very strange. I check "phoenix" in the login screen of firestorm so maybe i'm not needing the firestorm bridge??? (even tho my new login reattaches it)
  8. I rely on Marketplace quite a lot and it often comes through for me, but once in a while i will buy some things 3 or 4 times and they still never arrive so I have that issue as well. I just go buy them AGAIN in world LOL However, my biggest issue with market is right now I can't use it at all because i ended up getting the items i wanted in world instead because there were too many for my cart. But now they are still in my market cart and IT WILL NOT LET ME REMOVE THEM FROM THE CART. I've cleared temps, cache, relogged, been several days now and they are just stuck in there...about $3,000 worth that I do not want to spend. Remove from cart gives me "ERROR ON PAGE" and has given me this error all week. So now I can only purchase in world until I clear cart (and some things in the cart I do want to purchase as they are only on market and not in world so I dont wanna dump entire cart.) Any thoughts on how to clear cart of specific items when all it does is spit out an error?
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