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  1. I was logged off too by teleport this day. I wrote a JIRA. Niki
  2. LL is now working to fix this Problem: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/7jr1b618245t Niki
  3. Same procedure as last year. Now I remember it was last year the same Problem. Premium Accounts has no Problems and Basic Accounts has the Problems. In 2018 LL has fixed this failure soon. I hope they will do it again fast. Niki
  4. Ahh, I saw this same Problem also in this post: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/416364-cannot-see-any-transactions-on-transaction-page/?tab=comments#comment-1839573
  5. I have since today Problems to generate a transactionlist in my Accountpage. With this 2019/01/01 I got a initial errormessage of a wrong Date-Input, also by the Default Content of both Input-fields. I cann't start a search and so the list is still empty. We had the same proplem one or two years ago. I hope it will be fixed soon. Niki
  6. Now ist official in Grid Status: Investigating - We are currently experiencing issues with log ins that is currently being investigated. Residents may experience log outs at this time. Please continue to check this blog for updates.
  7. I got also an error with the wrong time, but it must be a wrong message.
  8. Yes, In the moment SL is in Berlin, Germany not aviaible. No loin possible for inworld.
  9. After a sucessful premiere I would like to present this Little Machinima. If you want to be a part of the next filmproject, contact me inworld or at: nikira.naimarc@gmail.com Have fun with the three Engels
  10. Anyone who thinks that the story of Jenny has already finished is wrong. Tonight (18.06.2018) at 12:00pm SLTwill be the premiere of "It's going on, Jenny!". The venue for the event is nothing short of the auditorium on the SL15B, Second Life's big birthday party. With "It's going on, Jenny!" I would like to motivate you to participate in another major film Project. At the same time this Little Machinima build a bridge between "Jenny's Holy Night" and the new film project. Therefore I call it a casting sequel. Who should be prevented today for the premiere has on Wednesday (20.06.2018) at 10:00am SLT once again the chance to witness the presentation in the Auditorium. How do you get to the auditorium of the SL15B? Simply click on the following link and click on the link "Click to get there: Auditorium (orange)" on the program page of the auditorium above. >>> http://www.slcommunitycelebration.info/sl15b-master-schedule/sl15b-auditorium/ I would be happy to welcome you in the auditorium this evening or on Wednesday. Nikira
  11. Last year, I shot my first machinima with support from Villa Media in SL. In its channel it is also available. For me, the fun of creating the film was the main thing and that also everyone who was involved in this film project had the same fun. And finally, a little bit of pride to read his name in the credits. That was our motivation to do my first movie. Nida from Villa Media had already warned me against high expectations for high traffic, because our Machinimas will hardly have the chance to become "Blogbuster" on YouTube, even if they are very good. Nevertheless, it was a great feeling to show the finished film on premiere evening to the invited audience inworld. Therefore, we sit again on our next film project and have a great fun in creating something new creative together. The way is the goal and if something great comes out of it you also have a beautiful bonus. Of course, a "video of the week" would be great. Niki
  12. I try it this morning with the query 30.-31.dec. and 31.dec.-01.jan. and 01.-02.jan. and it works well again. @Neural Blankes Standard Accounts are only able to query the last month, so it is normal that you cann't ask yesterday earlier as 2. dec. Nikira
  13. Thank you for your replys. I have no Premium Account. Thank you Stickman for making a bug report on JIRA. Now we must hope, that LL will fix this bug soon. Nikira
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