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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful residents of Second Life! I hope everyone has a truly wonderful day and gets to spend time with the people they love. Cheers everyone!
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: VenessaLondyn wrote: Does anyone know the max number of tattoo layers you can have on at once? For example, in the case of tattoo based makeup, can you have an eyeshadow tattoo and a lipstick tattoo on at the same time? I am using the latest version of Firestorm. Thanks so much! Max. # of clothing layers per slot - 5 (this includes alpha and Tattoo Layers) http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits ETA: It seems that wearing multiple Tatoo Layers is a regular cause of Avatar Rezzing problems. It comes up rather frequently in the Forum. Why this is so I have no idea I use to run into problems with tatoo layers causing rezzing issue, but with the latest upgrades/improvements, I have experienced this much less frequently. When it does happen, I take off the tatoo layers and put them back on it usally fixes it quickly.
  3. My husband and I have a 1/4 sim we've been renting from the same land owners for a couple of years now. We've had as much as 80% of the land taken up by a monster house with furniture, but now it's only about 20%. The rest is taken up by our kitties, game tables, vehicles, and whatever projects we're working on. We are planning on building our own home, which I think will be a daunting, but very rewarding project in the near future. Sometimes we watch movies in SL, but our favorite thing to do at home is play on our game tables or looking after our Kitty Cats.
  4. Perrie, I think I found a very good bike for you, and it's the perfect martian size. I have a full size avi and I love these bikes. They're crazy-fun to drive, and pretty easy to handle. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CC-Mini-Runt/1774498 Haru Motors makes some super nice vehicles at around 2500L a pop. They come with a control hud with three speed settings (low, mid, fast) and then page up/page down gear shifting). If you want a really high-end motorcyle, Motor Loon makes very nice (albeit pricey) bikes.
  5. Maitreya mesh jeans and pants don't have a very large tush area, so give those a try. They have some great looking skinny and flared jeans.
  6. I recommend trying Glam Affair skins. They have some newer, pretty skin tones (Casseopeia and Lilith skins) and the breast area is not heavily shadowed. Each skin also comes with a clean version with no eyeshadow or lipstick. Each skin also comes with a blonde, red, or brunette version.
  7. HI Ylallian I have a pair of mesh hands. They're very nice for photography purposes, or if you wear a long sleeve coat or top to cover the line where the mesh meets the arm. The hands came with the option to choose a black & white texture then you can add your own RGB colors to match your skin, or it came with some base skin tone colors ranging from very pale to dark. It's always easier (for me anyway) to start with the lightest flesh color (my avatar is fair skinned). My biggest complaint I have about the mesh hands I currently have is their really isn't a texture to them, so the color looks a little flat. Some of the best prim & mesh shoes have a 'base' foot texture to that that easily blends into your own skin tone. I think Maitreya's feet blend the best. I can't wait until they make mesh shoes (they have a fantastic selection of mesh boots). Here's what I would do. Go around and get some demos and compare how each one textures the skin. I think that will give you a really good feel for how you want to create your own skin texture and design your hud Good luck to you, and I can't wait to see what you create
  8. There's different virtual worlds to explore, but whether they're comparable to SL, that's up for debate. I suppose it depends on what you expect to get out of a virtual world. For myself, I love the high degree of avatar customization (clothes, hair, skin, etc), and so far there are not better alternatives for that then SL. While mesh is not perfect, I absolutely love it. I'm certain with some of the new changes that LL has proposed some residents will drop off, that's to be expected and LL is probably well aware of that. So it's not surprising those people may be decrying the end of SL altogether when it's really just the end of SL how they once knew it. Nothing in the RL world stays the same, so it's foolish to execpt Second Life to stay the same.
  9. I'm sure it's pointless to even talk about this any more, but I just can't help myself. *Grabs some popcorn* As distasteful as it may be to most people, some women and men play out rape fantasies in RL. As long as they are consenting adults, there is nothing illegal about such activity, no matter how offsensive/vile, despicable you may find it to be. Consent is the operable word here. Second Life rape/violent roleplay cannot occur against anyone's will. If one of the parties involved in those activities decides at any point not to engage, all they have to do is mute the person, tp home, log off. More to the point, it's legal between two consenting adults in RL, so LL isn't really going to touch that subject. Clearly, any sort of sexual activity with a minor is not, nor will ever be deemed as consensual. It's also illegal. It also got SL negative media attention before Linden Labs banned ageplay altogether. So maybe if enough politicians got together espousing the evils of women being beaten and raped (nevermind the fact the women are fully consenting to have these things done to them) in Second Life, then maybe SL will ban it. Or not, who cares. I'm just here for the shoes and clothes. And hair.
  10. I used to wear a couple of different LAQ skins in the Milky tone (my avatar is always a redhead). Now I pretty much wear my favorite LAQ skin I've had for about a year and a half. I try lots of other, newer skins I'll try hear and there but the one I wear most of the time just feels like ME. Now they have a new Ivory tone and I've asked the creator to please, please consider releasing my favorite skin in the new Ivory tone. I have one main shape, and one I've adjusted for mesh. I love wearing tattoo layer makeup because it's a great way to stay "you" but change up your avatar a little bit.
  11. It is the male of our species that carries the baby. p.s.........you would not ever want to see us when we get morning sickness. the colors we turn. So does this mean that an earthling female can impregnate you? If so, would you expect them to pay child support? How would you arrange visitation when you live several billion light years away?
  12. I only wear underwear if my girly bits are showing. Sometimes I will wear pasties if the alpha doesn't cover the boobs. I'm not about to give people with out-dated viewers a peepshow. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  13. I'm also on a Mac (about 2 1/2 yrs old) and Firestorm just doesn't run well on my machine. The newest upgrade is better, but still less framrates than V3. Exodus is a really good viewer to try. It has some very nice features (particularly for sl photography) and the performance is great.
  14. I don't particularly have a problem with discussing RL politics in SL, but unless it's a more direct correlation with SL, I don't see the point. Now if it's a political discussion that involves a topic that directly impacts SL, like SOPA, then people are going to want to talk about it here. Clearly a lot of people don't want to discuss general politics here, so you chose the wrong format to express your views.
  15. So we can upgrade directly from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion? I still haven't upgraded to Lion . Also, I quickly glanced at the price, and it's only about...$20 for the upgrade? Well that's a big improvement over the days when it would cost $100 to upgrade, woot!
  16. Oh yes, I forgot Exodus has the Nam's settings as well. Exodus is a great viewer. Ana Lutetia studio settings are also very nice (studio 5 works very nicely if you have to set your graphics to medium).
  17. One of the comments I've heard from people who use facelights (as in wearing them 24/7) is "I want to look good all the time on EVERYONE'S screen". I don't think they're understanding that this isn't always the case. Everyone has different windlight & graphic settings, etc etc etc. I use high/ultra settings for photos & such, but when I'm simply running around SL, shopping, hanging out etc I run on Mid graphics, or even low if I'm experiencing a lot of lag. If you use Firestorm/Phoenix a GREAT windlight setting for daylight is Nam's optimal skin& prim. You will get no ugly shadows, if that's something that really bothers you. Aside from all that, there's no good excuse to publicly ridicule or belittle anyone for using facelights.Grow up, put your big boy/big girl pants on and derender, mute, block or turn off attached lights if it bothers you.
  18. Well...I admit I'm a shopaholic...especially hair, clothes, shoes, etc. As far as house, landscaping and all that, the husband and I are pretty set. I will rarely buy something if I can't try it on first. That is one of the best things about mesh...now we get clothing demos. In the past, with some texture/prim clothes some things really sucked. You learn over time to be more picky about the things you buy in SL. I think the dumbest thing I bought...a froozin' helicopter. I can't even drive the damn thing. Last time I tried, I crashed in my neighbors house
  19. yup lol Gawd I love the forums lol. My favorite was a question asked, "Can I have multiple sexual partners in SL without getting banned from SL?" It was something like that (Waits for everyone to go digging for the old post)
  20. The thing that is so frustrating about SL's performance issues, is the responsibility is ALWAYS placed on the residents, not Linden Labs. We've joked, "Well did you know, you're not supposed to run Second Life on a toaster". That's absolutely true, you cannot realistically expect to do any sort of gaming or run a virtual world on a computer that isn't equipped with proper graphics. But if you read the forums for any length of time, it become clear a LOT of people with mid-to even high end machines have serious performance issues in regards to running SL. So of COURSE when people first sign up for SL and they see everything on low settings they may not want to stick around. Second Life is EXTRAORDINARY when you can run it on high or ultra settings with different windlight settings, shadows, etc. Linden Labs NEEDS to lessen the client side burden. They've recently made promises to help fix some of these issues, and I truly hope they do. I love SL. I love it for what it CAN be, but it's just not quite there yet.
  21. you should do an absolutely clean install. Not only to dyo uhave to trash the app, you need to your User/Library/Application Support and delete any Second Life Files. Then go to User/Library/Caches, and remove any Second Life files there.
  22. It takes time to set up a good system, but once you have it in place, it's pretty easy to keep it sorted. Here's what I would do. Set aside a good chunk of time (might take a few hours). I recommend pretty much the same method others have suggested, just make folders by category or your items. For example: For your furniture & houses, I divide the categories like this: Furniture, Landscape/Outdoor, Buildings & Houses, For clothing, I sort items by each folder : Longe Dresses, Short Dresses, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Shoes, Boots, Belts, Jewelry If I have a lot of itmes by a particular creator, I make a folder labled by creator. I also have folder for: Poses Dances When friends pass you silly things like a squirt gun, sparkler, or other dumb things, I put them in a folder labled "Fun & Gadgets"
  23. You don't have to be a Premium member to set up billing. You can have a free account and set up billing with Paypal, your bank account, or a credit card. I'm not sure if you can use a re-loadable card or game card, so maybe somebody else can answer that. You can indeed enjoy a full SL experience with a free account.
  24. Dude, you never been to Bukkake Bliss on a Friday night...just sayin....
  25. My parole officer thought it would be a good way for me to interact with people
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