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  1. Kiri Cisse

    Display Name?

    I put it back to what I used for years.... and..... nothing. So.... don't know how to check for a 'non fancy font' but figured what I had used was acceptable. Not. I just want to be absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt before I spent another <bleep>ing week on it.
  2. Kiri Cisse

    Display Name?

    I change my display name..... and I suppose I used characters that aren't acceptable. I then reset it. And a week later? I put the old display name in that had worked for years.... and it's dissapeared and now...... I have to wait another week to make an attempt. I mean the display name window warns of unusable characters, and it said this one was fine.. Am I missing a bug or something? Having to wait a week for something that was accepted by SL is very very very very annoying. I guess the question is how to make absolutely sure it will be accepted, as obviously SL's acceptance in the window (via lack of a warning) is not..... true.
  3. That time of the year.... and I like to get my anniversary gift as personalized as possible..... I'm looking to have made a belly piercing or jewel of which the stone(s) are black when I am not online, perhaps green or a slight glow when I am, and pretty much an aurora effect if I am in chat range? To be gifted to my other half, of course..... Price is not an issue. Please contact me in world if you are willing and able to help me with this project?! Thank you, Kiri Dasmijn
  4. Yes - Ban Lines Signs I've seen, on parcels for rent, specifically say yes to ban lines.
  5. Kiri Cisse

    Natural Skins

    I've been hunting up and down the grid for years now, I would think - looking for the perfect skin (Don't we all?). Have never really solicited any help, however. What I am looking for is less makeup and smaller breasts, more realistic. Blush and eye shadow just aren't my thing. Neither are large circular breasts. I'm a B cup in RL and prefer to remain so in SL, which is a task unto itself. Shape only goes so far with out the added beauty of a nicely designed skin. I currently have mostly LAQ skins but their breasts just don't work out for me. DrLife has nice skins but the eyeshadow is just a tad too high, though their breasts are much nicer. Am I picky or what? Anyways, if you could give me some suggestions either here or in world, I would be very thankful and diligent in trying them out. Kiri Dasmijn
  6. I am looking to get get a holoimage of my av made to be used as a .....answering service/mail box. Anyone ever done anything like this and or willing to do so for me? Cost isn't really an object. Just never seen anything like it online, but think it would be a grand idea and gift. Please let me know? I will keep searching and monitor here and any IMs in world! Kiri Dasmijn aka Kiri Cisse
  7. A click on any page of my favorites results in a random sample. Clicking next often results in a different page with some of the same items still on it. Makes NO sense. How do I fix this?
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