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  1. I think it was a good move to remove your RL pic, especially to protect your personal privacy. All you can do is put in your profile your expectations in SL, and either people will respect it, or they won't. Second Life is an adult community (mostly) Yand you will come across some who don't respect boundaries. But as long as YOU know your own boundaries, you should be fine. I like dressing up my avatar and making her pretty ( kinda like my own pixel Barbie LOL). I love shoes, clothes, hair, and all that because it is like virtual dress-up. Well my RL husband plays SL with me, and he does the s
  2. As far as I'm concerned if they want to pretend bite me while I'm shopping for hair or shoes, I don't really care as long as they don't talk to or bother me. It would be different if everytime you got bit you were hit with an annoying IM or chat, THEN there would be a problem. But otherwise, they can feel free to do whatever to my avatar as long as they leave ME alone.
  3. I sort of like the emotes But the glamouring, yes we need that! I already posted this elsewhere, but I'll repeat about wanting the forever protection amulet to be scaled smaller for female vampires. It's a really cool piece, it's just scaled too big on me. I looks wonderful on my husband though lol I'd also like to see humans have the capability to 'hunt' vampires to add more challenge to the game.
  4. If all you hate vampires and bloodlines ...then why are you even posting here? Seriously, if you hate vamps so much, then go post somewhere else. If people bother you in-game with bite requests...mute them. It's that simple.
  5. I like the idea of hybrids and a separate being or an evolved race of creatures. I think they should have their own name instead of being called hybrids. Maybe a name that could come from a storyline of their genesis.
  6. Well, since I'm a hybrid, I love both creatures. The wolf is a powerful, misunderstood creature. The wolf represented our clan. Here's the logo I created:
  7. Hello Lyle, while it's on my mind, I thought I would mention one other thing. The Forever Protection Amulet. This is a really nice looking piece. It looks great on my husband. However....I don't like to wear mine because I think the scale is too big for women. I'd like to see a more scaled down version. I don't mean make it 'girly', but it would be nice if we could choose to wear a smaller size for the female. Thanks
  8. Hello Lyle, First off, I was very pleased when bloodlines introduced the human hud, because it gave dolls their own special hud. I enjoy playing bloodlines very much. I hope to see more human and vampire interaction within bloodlines, because I think this help creates a more interesting story. I'd actually like vampire hunters to be introduced into the game to create a real challenge.
  9. SL is a transient place. Friendships often come and go, and so do relationships. Your story is not unique. Often women are looking for love and romance in SL, and men well....a nice pixel bang. Some men have figured this out and will say all the things women want to hear, when really..they're just rolling their eyes in RL and counting down the minutes before they can get you on a poseball. Then after a while, this whole scenario gets old, and the women get frustrated because they don't get the emotional love they crave, and the men get tired and want a new plaything. I'm certainly not saying
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