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  1. My RL boyfriend and I met in SL met in SL about 2 and 1/2 years ago. We became an RL couple....2 and 1/2 years ago lol. We moved in together in RL about 2 months after meeting in SL. We just clicked, became best friends and have a lot in common. I think for any relationship to work, you both have to be on the same page. My boyfriend doesn't play SL much anymore, but I still do. Even though we don't do much in-world together, he's still my SL partner, and the only one I will ever have. That won't change even if he decides to never log on. If I dated someone else in SL, I would consider it cheating, and so would he. I know relationships are complicated, and I know some RL couples do have separate partners in SL. I'm not going to pretend to understand that, but I am genuinely curious how people are able to reconcile that.
  2. I love profile perving. If only we could click on people's heads in real life before we had the pleasure or misfortune of talking to them. My personal favorites are the ones where people proclaim themselves to be either a "b*tch" or an "@$$hole" and take take great pride in those attributes. *Sigh*. And just what is it exactly, about having extended friends and family in SL that incites thoughts of violence to the point where people actually put threats on their profiles? There's the classic "F*** with my family or friends and you will pay!" or some such nonsense. What are they gonna do, caps-lock someone to death for calling their "sissy" a poopyhead?
  3. Congratulations! She's beautiful I met my RL husband 2 years ago in SL, so I'm certainly not going to tell anyone not to ever hope of meeting the love of their life on SL.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful residents of Second Life! I hope everyone has a truly wonderful day and gets to spend time with the people they love. Cheers everyone!
  5. My advice is don't build your entire SL around others, because people will come and go all the time for all kinds of reasons. If you enjoy being a kid avatar, then be a kid avatar. You don't necessarily need parents do you? Maybe find friends who will be more of a parental figure, than a formal adoption situation. Try making more friends with other kid avies. It's your SL, it's perfectly okay to explore your options, so don't be too hard on yourself because you haven't decided who you want to be in this world. I agree with what a couple of others said, maybe just make a separate avatar for your male avi, and give it a try. If you don't like it...try something else. You can be whoever you want to be in SL, that's the best thing about it. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide
  6. Perhaps you need to go find one of those Needy or Macho men that Vergo spoke of to amuse yourself with. And you never know. The toad you kiss today could tomorrow become your Prince Charming. Nah, I'll stick with my husband ...who is not a Needy Macho man lol.
  7. I can't speak for Pep, but what Pep counts on are people that don't take the time to understand all the big words he uses [sic] within the constructs of intelligent and provocative sentences to display their hyperemotional selves on a public forum. That being said, I think Vergo has done an outstanding job. Tracy, you are an excellent example. Nah, I'm not hyperemotional, I'm just mean. And bored.
  8. Leia36 wrote: Vegro Solari wrote: Many thanks, colleague. My secret: take an entrenched prejudice and break it over the wheel of the same cart the prejudice rode into town on, in the first place. Is that you Pep? No, Pep was a troll extraordinaire with a lot more skill than our knuckle dragger here. Pep actually understood all the big words he used.
  9. Gadget Portal wrote: Since we're now up to ten pages, I'm going to have to change my rating to 10/10. The things being said are so stupid, it really should have been a 2/10, or a 3 tops. The fact that it's had this many replies and it's totally spammed my inbox, it's earned a perfect score. Few trolls manage to get people not just this riled up, but repeatedly to boot. The ten pages is impressive, but I think that's because 'Lifestyles and Relationships' section has been really dry of topics lately. Maybe if we can keep this train chuggin' further I might bump up my score.
  10. Vegro Solari wrote:. I'm quite aware of the place of the Neaderthal in the scientific taxonomy, but it saddens me a bit that you people know only one meaning of the ancient word "race", the meaning that is most common and trifling. You're the one who misused the word, Captain D-bag. You know for all of the words that just fart out of your mouth, you end up saying a whole lot of nothing. You are never gonna get some sweet thing to drop her drawers for you, and you don't even realize it. Do you have a girlfriend? Yeah probably not, because no woman with even a tiny bit of self esteem would like you the way you currently are. But hey, like Gadget said...good forum trolling, we haven't had this lively of a discussion since the chick who posted looking for a sugar daddy. Imma be generous and give you an 8/10.
  11. Vegro Solari wrote: If I were a member of the Neaderthal race true and proper, I imagine it would be a matter of great pride for me. As always, the PC-defense brigade are hypocrites through and through, being absolutely intolerant of any alternative view, despite their formally declared open-mindedness, and freely using race-discriminatory ad-hominem language to smear their imaginary opponent. Calling someone a Neaderthal in a derogatory fashion is, at bottom, exactly identical to insulting a Negro as a Negro. Think about it. The slightly more than completely hypocritical shortfall here is very amusing! Neanderthals were not a race, they were a homonind subspecies very closely related to modern man. African Americans, in case you didn't realize, are gentically no different than someone who is Caucasian, Native American, Chinese, Japanese, etc, etc because we are all Homo sapiens. So...when they were calling you a Neanderthal, they weren't using a racial slur, they were basically calling you an unevolved knuckle dragging ape who is now extinct. (yeah I don't have anything better to do right now either )
  12. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends" They can if they're gay, but that's a completely different topic
  13. It's a bit too early for cocktails, so posting seems an excellent alternative. Just spike your V8 and stick some celery in it!
  14. This thread is still going? What on earth for? (edit) That's a general statement, btw, not directed at Sir Clarence
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