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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind encouragement. I appreciate everyone's answers and opinions. I will keep trying things. @Mora, It's ok about your first post as my original post sounded terribly whiny now that I have reread it, @Chip I am honored that you responded to my post. I've tried your templates many times to try and create things, I will try the things everyone has suggested.
  2. My issue is with mesh in general. Nobody seems to want to buy anything anymore unless it is made of mesh.. I have so much desire to create and be successful and fruitful in SL, but now that everyone is mesh-crazy, my disability (Cerebral Palsy) is becoming a real hindrance. I have contemplated just retexturing mesh clothes in Kits sold on the marketplace but who wants to buy retextures of someone else's mesh? I really wish there were better and easier ways to create in SL. I was looking at LL's new creative iPad app today. It makes me wish I had an iPad this instant. You draw something on the screen and it comes to life. Why can't SL creation be that easy? People tell me to use Prim-to-Mesh solutions. Problem: I have not the dexterity to build with prims. I also tried to use CLO 3D to create mesh wearables, That is also too difficult. So here I am, I've been in SL in various forms since 2009 and my only way to make money *still* in SL is dancing. I can't even DJ, no one likes my voice or has time slots available that I can work. I want to just quit SL and forget about it but the money is appealing because I live on a fixed income, and I also feel better about myself when I am being creative. Sorry for venting but I'm tired of looking at mesh creations knowing that I cannot make anything like that. I would fall over backwards in amazement if I could build four sides of a house out of prims, link them together and make it work.
  3. Wanted: Custom Mesh Artist Because of my disability, I lack the fine and gross motor skills to create many wonderful things in SecondLife. I am physically unable to create my own, truly unique self in SL. I have knowledge of Mesh and SL design, I just cannot physically execute my ideas. I am looking to work side by side with a mesh artist. I will do the best I can to pay for your work but being on a fixed income I am unable to buy Lindens. I have some saved up though. I am hoping to find someone who would like to go into business together as I have too many ideas in my head to count! Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much Perrie, I completely understand now!
  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I have another question. How do you wear two tattoos at once, does the layer for the tattoo already "know" where to attach itself? Thanks again!
  6. Does anyone know the max number of tattoo layers you can have on at once? For example, in the case of tattoo based makeup, can you have an eyeshadow tattoo and a lipstick tattoo on at the same time? I am using the latest version of Firestorm. Thanks so much!
  7. The wiki just leads back to secondads.com which no longer exists and rezzme.com only deals with in-world advertising. Any other ideas and if the affiliate program no longer works, how do I tell LL?
  8. I am trying to join the afiliate program and I joined the Google Affiliate Network and then it says to go to secondads.com for the ads and the site does not exist, so what do I do now?
  9. There is a category on the Marketplace called Used items. Is it still possible to sell used items on the Marketplace? If so, besides needing the proper permissions are there any rules to be followed when selling used items? Thank you, Venessa Londyn (VenessaLondyn Resident)
  10. I am building a custom pose stand and want to texture it with my business logo. I know how to texture things but the logo has text on it, so I need to know what dimensions I should make the texture in so the text does not repeat itself. Or, is this just a matter of creating a seamless texture of the logo in Genetica 3.6? Thanks so much, Venessa Londyn (VenessaLondyn Resident)
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