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  1. Antiquity and Caledon. Although Caledon, is more steampunk.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Love your smile! Keep on smiling
  3. Happily I have never encountered anyone who felt my smiling avatar was creepy and she's been smiling since day one (4303). In fact just the opposite and I've helped many lifeless looking avi's smile. In a wasteland of pouty mouths lifeless manikins, a smiling avatar is like a ray of sunshine.
  4. Looking for someone to build me a custom mesh head. Must be BoM with teeth smile animation.
  5. Inworld Employment section? Do you mean the Classified section of the Search?
  6. You need a mesh avatar that is BoM that way you can still wear your classic clothes.
  7. How can I make avatar with bento mesh head smile like that inworld?
  8. I been playing in SL for three years on an old acer with mobil intel chipset family on a wireless connection..
  9. We are definately stepping into the game. How do we make it happen or do we have to wait for LL?
  10. I been fired up since I read this post: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2013/04/second-life-is-a-killer-app-for-oculus-rift/ I kept thinking Phillip Rosedale should have been on that panel.
  11. Did you mean 30,000 in your inventory? -1:
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