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  1. Well it truly depends on what type of NFT you plan to create. As I said earlier, there are games like Decentraland where people use real money to buy virtual land, like Second Life, so the idea is not to take that land out of the metaverse. People could buy land in Second Life then resell it if it gains value or simply keep it for themselves and play on it like regular SL residents. The difference here is that most NFTs are currently working on Ethereum's blockchain (explaining this is a whole different story), so technically, this could attract more investors to Second Life. There are so many things to say about this, because it is a whole new technology that can be used for different things. I gave an example, LL could create a specific world for this and create a city/community specifically designed for this, where people will be able to buy land, art, and keep it there. I don't understand why those clowns are trolling, when it won't affect their SL experience. That girl who talks about being an anti-capitalist, but plays second life and wants to complain about NFTs, what a joke.
  2. Do you refuse to ignore a conversation that's about something you don't like ? This is a public forum but you are not the only ones here. More people who finds this interesting are free to join and express their ideas. I don't understand why people who don't understand what NTFs are, refuse to learn what it is before speaking, absolutely want to make this about them. I mean, I understand that with the pandemic things can be though for some people but why do you have to express your frustration here, you have other topics.
  3. @Solar Legion People who know what NFTs are can easily understand how LL and SL as a whole can benefit from this. I won't answer her question because I can't tell that both of you don't like the NFT concept, which is understandable, but in this case why can't you guys move on? just ignore this topic. There is another person who understands what I mean, can you allow us to exchange peacefully ? @Rowan Amore please do yourself a favor and do some research.
  4. "Land is already individually parceled and sold... Sticker proudly proclaiming... what good would come an NFT." 🤣 This simply shows that you don't know what NFTs are, but you act like you dot. What about you simply ask instead spreading your ignorance. Don't speak for LL, speak for yourself, cause so far you appear to be the only one who ignores what NFTs are here. There are other topics where you can express your frustration, instead of talking about things you clearly ignore. animats answered because he knows what this is about, unlike certain people.
  5. I don't know why you are coming at me like that, so I won't answer your questions.
  6. Interesting observation. I really like the cross-grid Idea, since other projects are already doing it with their games (or plan to do it)... moving things from one environment to the other and more. Indeed, there are multiple ideas that people could come up with. When I thought about this, I looked at it more like those Role Play communities in SL. Linden could set up a group of sims, build a city and sell pieces of land as NFTs. Real life companies will be able to advertise their products, establish their virtual shops and more... actually, forget the multiple sims part, I don't know if Linden could come up with something bigger, where we won't have to cross too many sims. It is true that sim crossing is not as bad as it used to be, but still, there needs to be something better.
  7. Hello, After learning about NFTs, and visiting virtual Games such as Decentraland, I thought that Second Life could implement this new "technology." I spent a few hours in Decentraland and honestly, I don't know what motivates people to buy virtual land in such game, with poor graphics, when Second Life does a better job graphically speaking. I looked around and I didn't see anything related to NFTs in Second Life. I don't know if this is related to Linden's strict rules when it comes to the economy of the game (maybe?). Second Life has been around for quite some time, I left the game a few years ago for several reasons (one of them being that I thought the game was getting old and failed to renew itself). Nevertheless, I feel like this game has the potential to be something bigger with the blockchain technology, NFTs and more. I don't know if there is a way to directly ask this question to Linden Lab.... Do they have something plan related to this? Peace.
  8. HISTORIA* La Casa Osgrey data desde al menos mil años antes de la Guerra de la Conquista. La familia solía ostentar el título de Alguaciles de la Frontera Norte del Dominio bajo el reinado de la Casa Gardener, tiempo en el cual poseían todas las tierras en muchos kilómetros a la redonda, desde Monjilla en el este hasta Remendón, el castillo Fosafría y las Colinas de la Herradura, las cuevas de las Colinas de la Gesta, las aldeas de Dosk, Pequeña Dosk y Valle Brandy, así como ambas riberas de Lago Frondoso. Era una familia prominente que solía concertar matrimonios con otras casas nobles importantes como los Florent, los Swann, los Tarbeck, los Hightower y los Blackwood. Para mas informacion ponganse en contacto conmigo, Richelieu Glom.
  9. Hello! I just wanted to share with you my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCplEemYxQWCmIOQxqqJb-EQ I uploaded some videos a few days ago feel free to check them out and let me know what you think, Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5II76JrWqfI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhQdTGxk-TM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-WIb7YoAus
  10. Buenas, Lo teneis ya dicho en el titulo, tengo la intencion de crear un RP Urbano (Ciudad Moderna). Para ello necesito a gente que me pueda ayudar a diferentes niveles. Igualmente como se trata de un proyecto bastante grande, necesitaria a un Co-owner para llevar el sim y posiblemente para dividir los gastos. Llevo tiempo observando el mundo RP en el sector hispano y la verdad, hasta hoy en dia no vi ningun RP Urbano que funcione realmente. No duden en ponerse en contacto conmigo para lo que sea. Muchas Gracias. Richelieu Glom
  11. Bon ce probleme m'arrive sur toute les Sim et je suis sous Window XP.
  12. Bonjour, je suis sur Second Life depuis debut 2009, depuis quelques semaine j'ai un probleme avec mon chat local, quand j'ecris la phrase dure quelques seconde pour s'afficher parfois meme elle s'affiche pas, j'ai tout essayer, vider ma cache, changer l'emplacement de la cache, reinstaller Second Life et toujours la meme chose, je sais plus quoi faire, si vous pouvez m'aider j'accepte avec grand plaisir.
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