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  1. Mine took a huge plunge. How about you guys? Is it normal for sales to slow down drastically in December? Looking forward to hear your responses.
  2. Thank you all. Also, how can I bake the texture that I have applied to a wall IN BLENDER with only the ambiance occlusion added. So I don't want the shadows which are included in "combined." If I bake using ambiance occlusion, then I lose the texture (let's say a stucco texture that was applied). So I want only the ambiance occlusion added to the stucco texture when I bake the texture in blender.
  3. Apparently it is set to 32 bit. How can I change it to 24 bit without using photoshop or gimp?
  4. Hello, every time I upload a textured mesh and enable the shine feature in-world, it doesn't shine. In fact, sometimes I am able to see through them. How can I stop this from happening? Also, it happens even when I save the textures as a PNG file.
  5. Thank you, guys. How can I set a prim as a point light? Also, where do I find the ambiance light a gamma setting?
  6. Thank you, guys. I have a bit of an unrelated question for you, Pamela. How do you take such bright interior pictures with shadows enabled, without the interior becoming dark? Also, what viewer do you use to take your pictures? Thank you.
  7. Hello. What's the best viewer for taking photographs and how can I take pictures of the interior of a house with shadows activated but not have the interior become dark? Thank you.
  8. Well, to be honest, painting on UV maps seem to be a bit challenging. Pamela, how do you texture your homes? Is there a particular method or program that you use to get such amazing results?
  9. I mean, I wish to have the ambiance occlusion baked onto the raw texture that I apply to the mesh in blender. Kinda like the combined option but without the shadows and other effects - only ambiance occlusion.
  10. How do use Blender to bake ambiance occlusion directly onto a mesh that I've created in Blender. I am aware of the "combined" baking option, but that includes shadows, which I don't want. I also know about using Photoshop, but I'd rather do it in Blender. How can this be done? Thank you.
  11. What are the websites that provide some high quality architectural seamless textures for my SL builds? Also, their usage in SL should not be prohibited. Kindly assist me. Thanks!
  12. I have created a simple doorway and when I rezzed it for the first time, I could walk through it with no problem. However, when I copy and paste the appropriate dimentions onto the edit menu to re-size it in-game, it automatically become inpassable. Why does this happen and is it a bug? Thanks in advance.
  13. I just came across one minor problem. How do I allocate a name to an Object so I can add the requisite suffix to it? In Blender, I only see the option to give a name to the respective Materials.
  14. Lovely explanation. Thank you so much for that. Heck, thank you both!
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