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  1. DRUNK CUCKOO CLOCK The other night I was invited out for a night with the girls. I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, "I promise!" Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easy. Around 3 a.m., a bit worse for wear, I headed for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hall started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I "cuckooed" another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with him. (Even when totally smashed I knew 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals 12 cuckoos = MIDNIGHT!) The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, and I told him "midnight". He didn't seem concerned at all. Whew! Got away with that one! Then he said, "Babe, we need a new cuckoo clock." When I asked him why, he said, "Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then it said, "Oh *****." cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its throat, cuckooed another 3 times, giggled, cuckooed twice more, then tripped over the coffee table and farted.
  2. I need to VENT!!! Because I'M PISSED!! I went to the WalMart super store to pick up a few things, because everywhere else is OUT of everything. I'm waiting in the checkout line and I dropped a $20 bill (yep that's me trying to hold everything, because I didn't want a cart). The lady in front of me picked it up. I thanked her and held my hand out, and she said, "The things found on earth are kept by the collector," then she walked away. I was thought to myself, oh hell NO!! I looked at the person behind me standing in line, they couldn't believe it either. This can't be real life right now, right?! I took a deep breath and I turned back towards the lady - thief - or whatever you want to call her. As I approached her, I said, "Do I look like I'm in the mood?! Let's not play games. Go ahead and give me back my money, NOW." She had the nerve to ignore me completely and TRIED desperately to walk away from me. So, of course I left everything and followed her into the parking lot as I was calling the police (because somebody was about to go to jail. Not sure who at this point though, her or me). She was almost running at this point to get away from me, which was the first sign of real intelligence this lady had shown. When she got to her car, she put her bags on the ground trying to quickly get her trunk open. I was boiling at this point! I decided that her “finders keepers" rule just presented the perfect opportunity for a great teachable moment. So, I went into track star mode and ran full speed, and grabbed her grocery bags, and headed to my car yelling, "The things found on earth are kept by the collector!" I hopped in my car ignoring her every attempt to get my attention. I was out of line I'll admit, but she was too. I was HOT, but I had a sense of satisfaction at the same time. I got home and open the bags and what did I find? 3 packs of rib eye steaks 3 pounds of wild caught salmon 2 pounds of potatoes Everything to make a bomb salad And... A bottle of Wine I couldn’t help but think to myself, WOW! Not bad for $20 dollars! In all seriousness though, this is just a joke to put a little humor out there with all the seriousness of the coronavirus and to see who would read the entire post. Hopefully I just put a smile on your face, best laugh I’ve had all day!
  3. I'm retired now but I started out as a teacher in a private school then spent the last 18 years working in law as a legal assistant then a law clerk.
  4. Wish I saw this sooner. But today is the last day of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education - VWBPE 2021 Conference which is held here in SL for 14 yrs running. There are conferences held by RL teachers, scientists, dive instructors and there was a session yesterday with some Lindens, plus a number of exhibits to visit. Today I'll hosting at the gateway and one of the exhibits. For more info visit: https://www.vwbpe.org/ Watch live feed or sessions held Thursday and Friday here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2FdFXompIUI4zmZ_wP5p0Q Try to drop by.
  5. Sitting on my swing listening to the sounds of nature.
  6. Olivia Newton John in the movie Grease. Looks stellar.
  7. Thank you. Quite true.. though that was the 2nd time I left and only did so due to returning to work from the illness which made me take a break in the first place. Then 2018, illness hit again. Now I'm retired, loving home life with the grandkids and doing my thing. I'm taking a few online courses and back at Builders Brewery taking refreshers as well....lol. Sl has changed a lot in so many ways, but then it hasn't. Time to go out exploring again as a lot of my old LMs are non existant. 🙃
  8. I love hanging out by the beach my favourite place But I also like to dress up and often change outfits 2-3x daily.. lol. My bestie always laughs at me for that. I'm also loving my locs which I also have RL though not as long.. yet.
  9. This is absolutely crazy. But if we all think back we have some sort of incident like this or something similar. When I initially joined in 2007 I brought my best friend in here as well. She met this guy who seemed "normal" till he decided to do a background check on ALL of her friends that she introduced him to. I don't know how, but he got my real name, found out my home address, where I worked, my position etc. This absolutely pissed me off because I take my privacy very seriously especially because of where I worked, which at the time was with for the government of Canada. Needless to say I expressed my absolute fury to my friend and she also was not impressed or pleased with him that she discontinued all contact with him. All that to say, sometimes the good old "Block contact" is often the best option. At the time (being the newbs that we were), we weren't sure how to proceed after that but we both blocked him and moved on. There are some people who take advantage and try to show themselves up as these impressive folks when in reality they're nothing but sniveling unimpressive individuals. You have to ultimately protect yourself. Since you've blocked her then don't stress or worry about it. Move on and enjoy your SL experience.
  10. Heyyy.. let me know if you find any. I'd love to check out a talk show as well.
  11. I've been out of SL for 7 years and my original avie will be 14yrs old next month. But this is an Awesome response!!!
  12. Hi Emma, Not really an introvert here but I am shy when meeting for the 1st time. I have to get over that initial hurdle...after that you can't shut me up.. lol .Hit me up in world, I love to check out various events, sales etc when I'm not at a builders brewery class, landscaping my parcel or working on some project.
  13. Welcome back.. Send me a message in world, we can connect. I actually joined SL in 2007 but my original avatar got corrupted and became a permanent pink cloud for years. Even LL couldn't fix her back then. I've since gotten her back with 0 inventory and the dreaded pink and white polkadot dress from the library. She's now the red headed step child.. literally.. LOL. We really should form a group for us returning old farts. LOL. I might just do that when I'm in world today.. LOL.
  14. Welcome.. welcome. Yes, you're most definitely eligible for the old farts gang.. lol
  15. Oh boy this is so me.. lol. I first started in 2007 and left in 2013 for work and illness. Came back fully last November after a 7 year absence and it was a lot to wrap my head around.. 51 in RL, 25 in SL. Feel free to IM me as well. I even have a newbie under my name on this post.. lol. Oh for shame.. 😂
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