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  1. I'm right here!! Feel free to hmu! I need friends too lol
  2. shoot... I need to hit you up too lol
  3. @catshima Never too late lol and of course it counts
  4. @Kristen Beornssen had no idea that existed in sl lol interesting. Thanks!
  5. Here I am! lol. I think I made a post about this..wondering the same thing. Feel free to add me!
  6. Just curious. Any networking events in world ever lead to RL connects and employments?
  7. @MrsMancino I'm just seeing this! I hope you are still inworld
  8. @Rio Mizin That explains it. I had an old avi wayy back when and when I logged on everyone was gone. So I started over and met some new cool peeps but they disappeared as well. SL used to be fun and outgoing. I get the new stuff that's going on. However, it's always fun to explore with others. Also, my favorite sims are gone siigghhhh
  9. I remember there was a huge black community on SL. What Happened? I mean behind the avi. You can just tell lol. Also, Why is it hard to make friends now. People hardly chat anymore.
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