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  1. AnaiasMalan

    Where are all the black people...

    Here I am! lol. I think I made a post about this..wondering the same thing. Feel free to add me!
  2. AnaiasMalan

    SL network RL employment

    Just curious. Any networking events in world ever lead to RL connects and employments?
  3. AnaiasMalan

    Where's the Black Community? / Friends

    @MrsMancino I'm just seeing this! I hope you are still inworld
  4. AnaiasMalan

    looking for job

    That's my RL lol
  5. AnaiasMalan

    Where's the Black Community? / Friends

    @Rio Mizin That explains it. I had an old avi wayy back when and when I logged on everyone was gone. So I started over and met some new cool peeps but they disappeared as well. SL used to be fun and outgoing. I get the new stuff that's going on. However, it's always fun to explore with others. Also, my favorite sims are gone siigghhhh
  6. I remember there was a huge black community on SL. What Happened? I mean behind the avi. You can just tell lol. Also, Why is it hard to make friends now. People hardly chat anymore.