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  1. Hopefully I can provide one perspective of why some consumers may miss gacha and may look forward to a conveyor belt system. I didn't play gacha machines myself - too risky for my own taste - but I did purchase from gacha resellers. I was mostly interested in pets and clothing items. It was a way to get items for cheaper than an equivalent item sold at retail price, I liked being able to support the resellers, and I liked the 'hunt' aspect of it. I liked visiting different gacha resale sims to sort through what was available like a yard sale and I liked scrolling through the Marketplace to see what items would pop up. Gacha resellers will still be around of course, but over time their stock will eventually dwindle to be nothing as a result of this change. I like the idea of the conveyor belt system because it brings back some degree of randomness to purchasing over a normal vendor. I like that the next item to show up would be clear, unlike a gacha machine. To be completely honest, I could see myself purchasing from one so long as the item is one that I like - ideally with a demo for any clothing items. I'm also the kind of person who likes playing Lucky Letters and Midnight Manias and watching blind box opening videos online. However, I can also see the concern here about the predatory nature of these machines. If they are to stay around, in an ideal world, I'd like to see controls being put on machines to lessen concerns as much as possible - for example, the option for items to rotate after a certain period of time if no purchase is made. I purchase far more often from regular retailers than I did from gacha resellers so normal retail options definitely work! I think they're the most reliable system for gacha resellers to transition to. There are a few gacha-only creators I adore who I'd love to see transition their shops into something new. Fingers crossed they will. But I also am interested in seeing the different ways that creators mix up normal retail options, whether that's in a conveyor belt system or in more conventionally accepted systems like Lucky Letter, Midnight Mania, 50L/50 minutes, and more.
  2. Thinking as a consumer: Potential traffic problems. Assuming the conveyor belt is popular enough, it may need to be set somewhere that many avatars could crowd around without blocking other products - similarly to how some stores organize their lucky letter and Midnight Mania boards. Potential drama? Say, one person gets mad that another 'steals their item'. I suppose the belts could be set up in such a way that multiple people can buy the item within a set time period, or that the last person who purchases an item has the machine locked to them for x seconds similarly to how they do it in Skill Gaming regions. Determining the optimal time for changing over an item. What if an item stays locked on the board for hours or even days? Should there be a mechanism put in place to automatically rotate an item out after x period if time should no one purchase it? What mechanisms for gifting an item to another avatar would be put in place? I know people liked transferring gachas, and based on the FAQ I'd assume that transferrable items sold in this format are fine. And of course, teaching customers how the new mechanism works.
  3. Good news about the conveyor belt system! It sounds like an interesting way to add some randomness/rarity into purchases for those who might be interested in offering it. It reminds me of discount roulettes - the customer pays the full price set but the roulette spins giving an opportunity for the customer to get various discounts from 10% off to 100% off.
  4. Apologies if these questions have already been addressed in the thread, but there are far too many pages for me to go back and check. I don't see it in the FAQ yet. I'm curious about the following: 1) Is LL planning any further outreach to users beyond an announcement on the forums? Not all users read the forums and so may miss this important news. If users don't see this message, they may not be able to adjust their shops until after the enforcement period begins. 2) Is LL planning to translate this message into languages other than English - or at least outsource the work to residents? Again, this is an important message, but I fear that it's going to be lost among some our non-English speaking friends.
  5. I've seen a fair amount of creators do limited releases of items. There's a certain air of exclusivity to it kind of like the rare/super-rare items from gacha. People get to be 1 of however many people in SL who have an item. People might also get a bit of a rush from snagging an item in time and getting to purchase something before the limited copies run out. For people who roleplay it also adds a bit of realism. I've seen it with creators making luxury-style items like handbags, but I've also seen it at a few events too. Creators might offer an event-exclusive item or a special price to the first however many people who purchase the item as a way of driving interest and traffic. There's also the roleplay system BeYou, where people can sell the food they've harvested and cooked to other users. Quantities available to shoppers are limited, just like real life. It could be an interesting avenue for creators who are interested in adding some exclusivity and randomness to their items. Maybe creators can rotate in items from a set on a random schedule for a limited-time only, or for a limited quantity only. That'd still be allowable under the new rules.
  6. Oh, that's good news! I haven't checked any of those sites lately, but I recognize all of them. Hopefully they will reach people who haven't checked SL in a while. I personally found out when scrolling through Reddit - on that note, if LL is interested in feedback there's a good amount of comments over there on the topic. (There's a very interesting discussion about how/whether creators use gacha to subsidize the cost of production). I've seen a couple of SL YouTubers cover the topic on their channels which is good as well. It may be tough with TPVs, but a notice on load screens could be very useful for the folks who don't check forums but still are logging into SL regularly.
  7. After I made my post, I also thought about language barriers - I know many people on SL are English speakers, but not everyone is. Here on the forums, there are sections for specific languages, the knowledge base is in multiple languages, and on Second Life's website, there are different language settings available. Maybe I've missed something, but I see that the blog post and FAQ is only written in English. Is this an important enough message for LL (or resident volunteers) to be translating?
  8. 76 pages later, it's clear that people have many feelings and many questions about what's going on. I've been obsessively watching the Olympics so haven't really been on SL that much. It's been a bit since I've processed the end of gacha and part of me is still quite disappointed to see them go. I understand the legal reasons why LL is making this decision but I will miss visiting gacha resellers and looking around at their virtual yard sales. Yes, they'll still be around after the end of gacha, but eventually their stock will dry out and they will be all gone. Apologies if I've missed this on the thread, but I don't see it in the FAQ and I'm still curious: How does LL plan to reach the folks that may not go on the forums? There are many people in SL who do not frequent the forums. It's possible many folks will not get on fast enough to remove machines before the enforcement period starts. What kind of economic impact do people foresee this will have on SL? Certainly, many gacha creators will retool, but other creators and events will leave or pull those products entirely. Gacha resellers lose their way of making L and LL loses out on all income from MP transaction fees. Revenue from gacha resale sims is going to be gone. I'm guessing the economic impact is better than whatever legal enforcement LL is/may face? Will I leave SL because of gacha ending? No, but I might spend less time playing and less L because one of the activities I enjoyed doing is now gone.
  9. I can’t say I’m surprised, knowing that loot boxes are increasingly being regulated. I can’t say I’m not disappointed either, as someone who enjoys buying from gacha resellers and who dipped her toes into gacha reselling briefly. It was a great way to get items for much cheaper than average retail price and kind of fun too, like searching at a yard sale! While I can see the need for this policy, the time window seems much too short. My heart goes out to the SL gacha creators and gacha resellers who rely on this for at least some part of their income. I’m curious what kind of effect this is going to have for the economy - like the loss of events like the Arcade and the loss of revenue for gacha resellers. It was a good way for non-mesh creators to make a little Linden. Beyond the forums, how is LL going to be communicating this large change? Many people don’t read here and so may miss this important message.
  10. I also would not recommend Kalhene Erika - at least, right now and at its current price point. There are very few creators that make clothing for it and it's only a couple hundred Linden cheaper than the Maitreya. At that point, you might as well go for Maitreya. Not sure if this is the Ruth both you had, but a good free body is G&D's Ruth 3.5 - I found it fit Maitreya clothes decently well, though I sometimes needed to use the included alpha. I don't think it is applier compatible however. If you are open to it, I would advise looking into BoM skins as that is what seems to be most supported nowadays. Otherwise, I would recommend going for Maitreya. My go to recommendation used to be Kalhene Anya, but now that it has increased in price (and is bundled with another product), the price point is no longer so cheap anymore in comparison. Last Black Friday, Maitreya was running a sale in their store that included a discount on bodies. Of course, they might not run it again this year but if you're looking to purchase it for cheap, you could wait until then to see if it will be discounted again this year.
  11. I know that Asty Custom Auto incorporates a gas system into some of their cars. They have a couple of free options on their Marketplace you can try out as well. Their listings say they use a NBTI-compatible fuel system (but I think the actual system itself is called GFS with the brand being called NBTI)?. In any case, it's good to know that the fuel for their cars isn't technically needed, there are workarounds for you to quickly 'fuel' your car without going through the system. You could also try searching the Marketplace for "ACS fuel" or "GFS fuel" - that should bring up a number of different cars that use those respective fuel systems.
  12. These are technically videos, but I enjoy just listening to the dialogue while I explore SL. This is the beginning of my favourite series from the YouTuber Kitboga. Kitboga is the alias of a scambaiter on YouTube and Twitch. Using voice changers and voice acting, Kitboga poses as different characters in the attempt to waste the time of phone scammers so that they won't target real victims. His videos are entertaining and educational at the same time!
  13. I am very thankful to report that an honest mistake was indeed a different case. I contacted support today and spoke to a very helpful Linden who processed my refund. It went through immediately - I can see it on my PayPal. My account will also be downgraded. If anything, their customer support might have sold me on Premium in the future - this time, on my terms! I’ve learnt my lesson and will be very careful with doing my own currency conversions *beforehand* instead of relying on a secondary PayPal page to show me! Thank you to everyone for their advice.
  14. Thanks, Alwin. To be completely honest, I was panicking throughout the payment and was not really registering anything that was happening. Going back through my History now that I have a clearer head, I can see that I did indeed encounter a Cashier page... bad news for me... I also see this in the TOS: 4.4 Linden Lab has no obligation to accept returns or provide refunds of any amounts paid for products or services purchased from Linden Lab. Though it also says something about "a discretionary pro-rata refund or credit in certain circumstances", which I would be curious to learn more about. When I was thinking about a confirmation page, I was more so thinking about the confirmation page given by PayPal itself. I expected to be routed through that way. Previously, I had been able to hit a "Buy Now" button or equivalent, and then was routed to a secondary PayPal page where I then had to make another confirmation before payment was taken. I did not see that page this time around, which I am disappointed about. An important lesson was learnt today. I've taken care to remove my card from PayPal and stop automatic payments from Tillia so more expensive mistakes won't happen again! At least I can use and enjoy my new Premium account for a year in the event no refund is given.
  15. Thanks Quistess. It's too bad that they're not open right now, I'd like to ideally do this as quick as possible. I know a refund might not be possible, but I might as well try. I really thought a confirmation page would pop up, but no such luck on my side. I see payment has already gone through on my PayPal as well...
  16. As the title suggests, I accidentally paid for a Premium account. I hit "Buy Now" on the Premium page thinking this would bring me to a secondary Pay Pal page where I can see how much currency conversion fees will be, as I typically see. I did not have the intention of purchasing the account, I only wanted to see how much currency conversion fees may be before purchasing. I typically seea confirmation page before purchasing anything, but not this time. After seeing that no such page popped up, I tried to navigate away as quickly as I can, but the purchase of $99 USD already went through! I do not wish to pay for it and want to reverse the fee as quickly as I can. Is there any way of doing this and getting a refund, or I am stuck with the Premium account? I am kicking myself already... EDIT (to correct the TOS sectino) 4.4 Linden Lab has no obligation to accept returns or provide refunds of any amounts paid for products or services purchased from Linden Lab. I've answered my own question I suppose, though I have lodged a support ticket to ask anyways. The TOS also mentions something about a discretionary pro-rata refund or credit in certain circumstances, which I would be curious to know more about.
  17. I watch a fair amount of content on YouTube from creators like this . I don't think it's fair to say that someone who does things for content on Second Life can't possibly be retained. It's possible to count on Second Life as a source of content, like for a video or blog, and to also enjoy playing it as well. There are people who make videos trolling and griefing on Second Life, but he wasn't one of them. I'd actually argue that gaming YouTubers are theoretically easier to maintain than the average gamer. Because they want to get enough content to make a video, they're not likely to quit after their first setback in Second Life. Had it not been for his video, I think this creator would have quit playing a lot earlier based on his confusion. If the creator and their viewers like Second Life, it creates a new stream of content for the creator, which could draw in new subscribers and provide something different for current subscribers to watch. There's an incentive to keep with a game if there's enough demand for it. Lastly, creators have the benefit of being able to read any specific advice people may give them about Second Life in the comments of their video or through their social media, whereas the average gamer doesn't have such direct availability to feedback. I think it is possible to retain users with gaming backgrounds, but I don't think it's a general group where LL should be spending a lot of time marketing towards. I agree with you - I think there is a lot of potential with people who are interested in home decoration, shopping, and socializing. 'Gamer' is too broad of a group to market to, but 'slice of life' gamers for lack of a better term may be a better group to target. I think it would be more effective to focus on retaining this group than the catch-all 'gamer'. Carmen King is a YouTube creator with a lot of experience in this genre and she's been covering Second Life on her channel for several months now. I've noticed a good deal of other people in her comment section being interested in Second Life as a step up from the Sims - so there's at least some anecdotal evidence of interest from this crowd. The problem with converting this group of viewers into players seems to be the onboarding process. In general, I'd love to see LL address the newbie onboarding process and help flatten the steep learning curve of Second Life. It's not a direct way of retaining a leaver like that creator, but I do think it could improve the chances that someone like him, as well as people in the target demographic, will stick around. At the very least, it could have made the experience less confusing for this creator. Even if Second Life was never going to be for him, at least he might have left a slightly more favourable review for his viewers who might be interested.
  18. I've never owned my own land, so I've never been able to search anything before. I wouldn't list spaces that I would hope to be private, like a home or skybox of mine, but I would list any location that I would want to be open to the general public. While I have been on SL for 7 or 8 months now, in many ways, I still consider myself to be new in Second Life. I enjoy finding new places and shops to visit. I prefer to use search when I'm in SL instead of going to to a web browser to keep everything in one place. For shops, I'll either try to type keywords into (Firestorm) search or rely on sales. For other kinds of locations - say, rental offices, RP communities, or sims I can explore, I pretty much exclusively rely on search. I wish though, that I could be finding places that are different than the ones who are always in weekend sales or always getting traffic from word-of-mouth. I especially wish I could come across more shops that sell clothing and hair that matches current Asian beauty trends! Sometimes, I can find them in the weekend sales, but they generally do not pop up so much in these sales or in English-language fashion blogs (at least from what I have seen). I've not had much luck with in-world searches either. I'd be curious if the language barrier is also a reason why I'm unable to find these shops - say, with shops owned and operated by Japanese-speaking creators who don't interact with the English-speaking SL space as much. Kawaii fashion is a bit easier to find as it's a more unique search term and there are whole events for it, but other styles are harder to come across. Something like "Chinese street fashion" or 'Korean idol fashion" is harder to directly search for. The woes of searching aren't just limited to retail locations, unfortunately. Even on mainland, it can be difficult for me to use search to try and find new locations to explore. One time, I was trying to find rez zones by roads on Zindra. I wasn't having much luck with the search or with the Wiki. I still don't know how to navigate simply by looking at the map, and I don't think I would be able to spot a rez zone that way (if it is even possible?) I ended up scrolling through many pages on the forum hoping to find an updated link to somewhere, anywhere where I could drive! Thankfully, I came across a post talking about a HUD that helps you find rez zones around mainland. I've stopped using search to try and find those rez zones and have just been relying on the HUD ever since.
  19. My favourite free body is Ruth 3.5. You can find it on Marketplace here. When I was using it, I found that it fit most Maitreya clothing decently well, though you can always use the included alphas if clothes don't quite fit right. What's nice about this one is that BOM capabilities are included, whereas with Lucybody, you have to pay extra for BOM capabilities. This body also comes with a free head and skins, but I can't comment on their quality as I've never tried them. I'll echo everyone in the thread by saying that the Genus Strong head is the best free head out there at the moment! As for free skins: I know that 7 Deadly S[k]ins has free skins for avatars under 30 days old. Their group is L$150, but for that price you can have access to group gifts, lucky boards, camping chairs, and midnight mania. Occasionally, they will make their group free to join, so that's a good time to jump in. They also have at least one skin at the Free Dove, which is an excellent resource for all kinds of freebie items. WOW! Skins has a number of group gift skins. I think their group join fee is around L$100, but like 7 Deadly S[k]ins, they occasionally make their group free to join. LAQ should have a few free gift skins at their store. Some of them are for LAQ heads, but last time I was there, there was one for Genus as well. Pink Fuel has some free gift skins for newer avatars (under 30 days or 60 days, but I can't remember which one of those it is at the moment!)
  20. I'm going to have to second the Kalhene Anya body! I purchased it after seeing favourable reviews from people like Ryan, and have been quite happy with it since. It fits most Maitreya clothing and shoes. There are some instances where I need to use alphas to make clothing fit, but that happens with all bodies. Maybe it's just my shape or me not editing the clothing to fit better if it has those permissions, but I do find that there is sometimes a gap between the body's shoulders and the top of straps attached to a top/dress, between the body's waist and waistband of pants/skirt, and between the foot and the shoe. However, I have not tried the included head so I can't speak to its quality. I use the Anya body with a Lelutka head. The head should be BOM supported, so you would be able to wear BOM makeup with it, but not all creators offer that option.
  21. Outside of SL, online concerts, podcast readings, and the like have brought in quite a bit of money for some artists - the pandemic and the stoppage of live musical of course motivating many of these concerts. For one virtual concert, singer Louis Tomlinson (formerly of One Direction) sold over 160,000 tickets. It was the best-selling virtual concert for a male artist in 2020, bringing in millions for a number of different charitable causes. There was also Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite, though he did not charge for entry (though users could buy merchandise). Podcasts have also done similar events. For narrative podcasts, they might set it up where people can pay to watch a recording or live performance of a reading, whereas others might charge a fee for people to have the opportunity to 'attend' a podcast taping. Welcome to Nightvale has done a number of these over quarantine. Given that artists and creators are doing this in real life, I could see the potential for singers in virtual worlds, but only if they have an audience that would be willing to pay an entry fee. All of them also sell tickets for live tours, so paying to see them 'online' might not be as much of a stretch as someone who offers both free and paid performances in a virtual world, plus they are much bigger acts than the average SL singer.
  22. Lately, I've been coming across more and more Second Life content on YouTube. Granted, I think it attracts a very particular audience given that a lot of creators I've seen have backgrounds in The Sims and IMVU, with a tendency to be mostly interested in fashion, interior design, and family roleplay - but it is an audience nonetheless. It seems to me that this audience skews younger than the typical SL user, which could also be good for the longevity of the site. To me, this is a venue with a lot of potential. Many of these videos are entertaining and well-edited. Especially amongst YouTubers with established audiences like Carmen King or Felicity, they're introducing huge audiences to SL. It's difficult however, for creators to advertise SL to new users due to the learning curve. I can't tell you how many times I've seen comments from people watching these videos saying that they really want to try SL but they're having a lot of trouble making their way around. Heck, creators who try SL for the first time are often very honest about the difficulty they're having with the platform to their viewers despite sometimes having extensive experience with virtual worlds and/or video games.
  23. I'm part of a couple of Discord servers where residents offer this kind of live help service. The primary purpose of those servers isn't usually to offer help, but there are many kind users there that are willing to answer questions when they do arise. Seeing the value of these interactions on Discord, I also would love to see something similar be implemented in SL itself! These servers, while wonderful, only cover a very small portion of the people that are on SL. The benefit of chatting in these servers is that people can easily and quickly send images, but unless people set up a time to meet in-world, it makes it somewhat difficult to help since all of the conversation is happening outside of SL. When I first joined SL, Live Help & Mentoring wasn't something I had access to. I was dropped into the onboarding area, followed the static tutorial, and was left to explore SL on my own from there on out. Even if I never asked for help, I feel like just knowing this was even an option could have made those first few days on SL feel less lonely and less overwhelming.
  24. I have an internal monologue but I also have aphantasia - meaning that my "mind's eye" is blind. I can't visualize images in my mind. I have no visual imagery whatsoever. There's a short BBC article here that explains what it is. I've always had aphatansia, and I cannot visualize images in my mind whether I'm awake or dreaming (unlike others). Like @Talon Brown, I feel like my internal monologue helps to make up for this gap, since I can conceptualize things with my words instead of with images.
  25. I'm looking into renting a skybox or home for the first time. Specifically I have been looking at multi-scene, furnished skyboxes in the hopes that a narrower category will make the search easier, but even then, I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the options out there. As the title suggests, what kind of advice do you have for a first-time renter? Are there any major red-flags one should look for while in the hunt, and how can one tell that a rental business is reliable? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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