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  1. I've never owned my own land, so I've never been able to search anything before. I wouldn't list spaces that I would hope to be private, like a home or skybox of mine, but I would list any location that I would want to be open to the general public. While I have been on SL for 7 or 8 months now, in many ways, I still consider myself to be new in Second Life. I enjoy finding new places and shops to visit. I prefer to use search when I'm in SL instead of going to to a web browser to keep everything in one place. For shops, I'll either try to type keywords into (Firestorm) search or rely on
  2. My favourite free body is Ruth 3.5. You can find it on Marketplace here. When I was using it, I found that it fit most Maitreya clothing decently well, though you can always use the included alphas if clothes don't quite fit right. What's nice about this one is that BOM capabilities are included, whereas with Lucybody, you have to pay extra for BOM capabilities. This body also comes with a free head and skins, but I can't comment on their quality as I've never tried them. I'll echo everyone in the thread by saying that the Genus Strong head is the best free head out there at the moment!
  3. I'm going to have to second the Kalhene Anya body! I purchased it after seeing favourable reviews from people like Ryan, and have been quite happy with it since. It fits most Maitreya clothing and shoes. There are some instances where I need to use alphas to make clothing fit, but that happens with all bodies. Maybe it's just my shape or me not editing the clothing to fit better if it has those permissions, but I do find that there is sometimes a gap between the body's shoulders and the top of straps attached to a top/dress, between the body's waist and waistband of pants/skirt, and betwe
  4. Outside of SL, online concerts, podcast readings, and the like have brought in quite a bit of money for some artists - the pandemic and the stoppage of live musical of course motivating many of these concerts. For one virtual concert, singer Louis Tomlinson (formerly of One Direction) sold over 160,000 tickets. It was the best-selling virtual concert for a male artist in 2020, bringing in millions for a number of different charitable causes. There was also Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite, though he did not charge for entry (though users could buy merchandise). Podcasts have also done s
  5. Lately, I've been coming across more and more Second Life content on YouTube. Granted, I think it attracts a very particular audience given that a lot of creators I've seen have backgrounds in The Sims and IMVU, with a tendency to be mostly interested in fashion, interior design, and family roleplay - but it is an audience nonetheless. It seems to me that this audience skews younger than the typical SL user, which could also be good for the longevity of the site. To me, this is a venue with a lot of potential. Many of these videos are entertaining and well-edited. Especially amongst YouT
  6. I'm part of a couple of Discord servers where residents offer this kind of live help service. The primary purpose of those servers isn't usually to offer help, but there are many kind users there that are willing to answer questions when they do arise. Seeing the value of these interactions on Discord, I also would love to see something similar be implemented in SL itself! These servers, while wonderful, only cover a very small portion of the people that are on SL. The benefit of chatting in these servers is that people can easily and quickly send images, but unless people set up a time
  7. I have an internal monologue but I also have aphantasia - meaning that my "mind's eye" is blind. I can't visualize images in my mind. I have no visual imagery whatsoever. There's a short BBC article here that explains what it is. I've always had aphatansia, and I cannot visualize images in my mind whether I'm awake or dreaming (unlike others). Like @Talon Brown, I feel like my internal monologue helps to make up for this gap, since I can conceptualize things with my words instead of with images.
  8. I'm looking into renting a skybox or home for the first time. Specifically I have been looking at multi-scene, furnished skyboxes in the hopes that a narrower category will make the search easier, but even then, I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the options out there. As the title suggests, what kind of advice do you have for a first-time renter? Are there any major red-flags one should look for while in the hunt, and how can one tell that a rental business is reliable? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  9. If that's the case, I don't know if they understand the younger crowd at all. The picture might be attractive to someone who likes fantasy, maybe someone who wants to try a new MMO. But as discussed earlier, it's not possible on SL to get that kind of look, and fantasy/sci-fi communities are only a smaller part of the larger SL. There are also a plethora of options for younger people who are interested in that, like actual MMOs, high fantasy video games, etc. which offer the gameplay, graphics, and lore aspects that younger people who like fantasy/MMO may be expecting. If I were LL and
  10. If your avatar can enter a skilled gaming region, there are some decent L$ making opportunities to be had there. From what I've seen, many of the gaming regions offer at least a few freeplay machines, where you don't need to pay anything to play. You might need to join a free group or pay L$1 (which will then be refunded back to you). However, I have seen at least a couple of machines where you can play without putting in anything at all. It takes time and patience, and of course luck as well, but it is possible to make enough L$ to spend on dollarbies and the like this way. It can
  11. My strategy is: I'll respond to their messages and make small talk, but I won't push to instigate the conversation any further I'll respond to their messages and make small talk, but I won't push to instigate the conversation any further if I don't feel like we're clicking or I just don't want to continue the conversation any further for whatever reason. Most conversations, I find, fizzle out pretty quickly after that. Sometimes, I do run into people who are more pushy about wanting to establish a friendship or getting something out of me - maybe an adult favour, some Lindens, a TP reques
  12. There's been quite a few about The Office Ladies podcast mentioning SL, relative to the amount of articles SL tends to get normally. It's probably more because of the popularity of the Office and this podcast than people's interest in SL. I've also seen some exploring SL in 2020/2021 to see how active the site is today - this site is going to do an exploration of SL in their "Preserving Virtual Worlds" series. The SL episode isn't out yet, but it's supposed to be about exploring "the limits of virtual spaces as Utopian". (The YouTube channel People Make Games also did an exploratio
  13. The traditional diet of my cultural heritage isn't particularly vegan - lots of use of meat and seafood. The meat alternatives that exist in commercial supermarkets (eg. Beyond Meat) wouldn't replace a lot of those items either; they are more suitable for a typical Canadian or American diet than for other 'ethnic' foods. As a result, the dishes of my culture would have to be heavily modified to match a vegan diet, and I'm not prepared to do that. I think a better option would be to consider where your food is being sourced from - it may be worse for the environment to source products imp
  14. It doesn't come across that way, no worries! It makes sense that FS doesn't offer Linden rewards. Honestly, I don't think it's too big of a deal because the Linden rewards are only available to spend on the LL island and the FS island has a number of nice freebies available, but I would be curious to know why some newbies are dropped on FS's new user island and others on the LL island. Is it just a matter of 'spreading out the newbie load' among different places so the islands don't get overwhelmed?
  15. 1. Fashion - clothing, shoes, hair, skins, makeup, and the like. 2. Group join fees... to get access to fashion group gifts. I don't have much interest in owning or renting in SL, at least for now, so I don't have to worry about paying any rent or tier. Overall though, I'm not a huge spender. I find that I'm pretty picky about the quality of items and the way that they sit on the body. I also try to purchase unique items for my wardrobe, yet things that I can see myself wearing multiple times, and there are a lot of items with similar looks/designs out there.
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