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  1. In terms of its appeal to the younger generation, it does seem that Second Life and other virtual worlds are a relic of the past. In my short time on SL, I have always thought of the user base as being a bit older than the other gaming communities that I am part of - which is not a bad thing at all, but it could become a problem in the future if SL sticks around in terms of attracting new users. IMVU is the only virtual world I can think of that seems to have a larger cohort of young people playing it, and even IMVU isn't really considered 'in' anymore. SL and virtual worlds in general can't h
  2. The IMs I get from people tend to fall into two categories: 1) A simple "hi, how are you?". Usually, we'll have a friendly conversation for a few minutes before it fizzles out. I like it when the conversation will turn more towards our interests, even if our conversation doesn't last beyond the day, but that doesn't happen that often. Every now and then, I get friend requests out of the blue without going very far into the conversation - sometimes right after the first hello! I suppose that is quite an efficient way of filling up your friend's list, but not a great way to make real f
  3. I got 5 transactions of L$20 each over the course of about 20 minutes from this one avatar. Never talked to the avatar, never did anything that would warrant me getting tips. I was just standing idly in an adult sandbox, organizing my inventory and trying some things on. What I want to know is, why not send the L$ in a lump sum instead of multiple transactions? Isn't it more work this way? Also, I once got a notecard with a title like "WILL YOU MARRY ME" at the Firestorm Social Island. I guess I'm flattered by the proposal, but I had never talked to this person either and had literally j
  4. I have the 3.4, so that explains the neck fix not being included in my version! I just updated to the 3.5 and the neck fix fixes the physical gapping. Thank you so much! There is unfortunately a seam at the neck, which I think is a bit more pronounced than it usually would because of the neck fix, but it's much more manageable than a gap.
  5. Thank you so much! I will pop in world to grab the neck fix and see if that solves anything. I was thinking, like @Chic Aeon, that it was perhaps an incompatibility between the Kalhene body and the Lelutka head but I'm glad to hear that Kalhene has addressed that. Fingers crossed! I'll update the first post with more info if it does/does not work.
  6. I have attached a photo to this post showing the physical gap between my head and body - I'm not sure how to fix this (if it even can be fixed), so any advice you have would be much appreciated! For reference, I am wearing the new Lelutka Lilly head (the one given for free at the moment) paired with the Kalhene Anya body. I am using a BOM skin from 7 Deadly Skins as well. The shape is the default given with the Lilly Head. If it matters at all, I am in the Firestorm Viewer. Kalhene has similar proportions as the Maitreya Lara, but it does not have a neck fix option, and neither does
  7. With my testing so far, it seems that most Maitreya clothes work. Definitely, it's much better than with the Ruth bodies! Though, sometimes I have to use the included alpha to make clothes (particularly very slim fit ones) fit better. I'm unsure as to whether those clothes would even fit on Maitreya given that I've never had that body. 99%, I think may be a bit of an overstatement, but I'll be able to give you a better answer once I play with it more.
  8. Regarding mesh bodies, Kalhene is running a sale on their bodies from November 26 to November 30. The discount is 40% off to 45% off, depending on what bodies you're looking at. Just picked up the Anya body for $999, down from $1795! This is their MP link (with sale prices activated).
  9. Over the course of 20 minutes, someone in SL sent me 5 transactions of L$20 each, totalling L$100. I had never interacted with this person before (and actually they never told me why the money was sent), nor was I doing anything that would warrant being paid (like dancing or escorting). Nor could the person have mistakenly paid me as I was not standing by something for sale. I saw another post in the forum from a Linden recommending I AR the person sending the money - which I did. I included info about the times at which the money was sent, and it should also be visible in my transaction
  10. I'm still rather new to SL, I've only been here for around a month, but I personally don't think that you need to spend much money to get a decent avatar. I am using a free Ruth 3.5 mesh body that I picked up from a store in-world, but I believe it is sold on Marketplace as well. It fits most Maitreya clothing. I am strongly considering purchasing the Kalhene Anya, which includes a head + body (including hands, feet, skin, nails, and other add-ons) for $1795 on marketplace, which also fits most Maitreya clothing. My skins were either $1L or $0 L. Pink Fuel and 7 Deadly s[K]ins both
  11. The campaign for the 45th president of the United States legitimately hosted a press conference at a landscaping store by an adult book shop and crematorium. They seriously couldn't get a better location!? Silver lining is the hilarious tweets coming out of this whole debacle, like the one above.
  12. When I signed up a few weeks ago, this wasn't the case. I am a new user to SL and have never registered before. In the picture that Chaser Zaks posted, it was the woman with the hat that I ended up getting. I do not remember having a pool to choose from - it's possible I misremembered, but had there been a pool, I highly doubt I would have chosen the woman with the hat.
  13. Yes, the initial avatar given is always light-skinned. (At least, it was when I joined a couple of weeks ago). Mine was a light-skinned, female avatar. It would be nice if there was more choice at the beginning in terms of the avatar you start out with, at least with different choices so that people know that that is possible from the get-go without having to buy or seek out different skins. It was tough for me to figure out where the other starter avatars were - I didn't even know they had them - because I couldn't find the button for them! That's on me I suppose, but it might be ni
  14. ... I solved my own question. No way to delete this, I guess, but I think what happened is that because the group tag wasn't registered, my payment was taken but the transaction not verified. That's why no delivery happened despite Linden being taken.
  15. I tried to get into the Logo event for the new head to celebrate the anniversary. I paid the 1 linden for the head, and was waiting for the item to be delivered. Unfortunately, I was logged out of SL due to problems. The item was not delivered to me prior to me leaving, despite the money being taken. Do I need to pay again for the item to be delivered? Or if I wait long enough (even outside the sim), will it be eventually delivered to me? Thanks for your advice, I'm new to SL and this is my first really busy event so I don't know what to do. Update: I think a combination of the
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