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  1. I'm all for LL trying to rebuilt the whole client from scratch since I have the impression they totally lost overview and thats the reason for the recurring bugs and the hesitation to add new features. There is that fear that changing a detail 'here' could break something 'there'. I can't think of another reason for missing basic features like skybox textures. Imagine putting a skyfield texture on the window of your spacestation, tick the 'make skybox' checkbox and the starfield will look infinitely far away. Its a feature thats been around since Doom from '93 and I bet its dirt cheap concerni
  2. Anyone heavily affected by this (like me) please try the new "Simple Cache" project viewer. I'm using it for a few days now and everything rezzes .. always ... a complete new experience for me (the viewer has other problems, constant cache trashing, low fps) but it should give the devs some hints ...
  3. depends on the sim-surround. Maybe most are based on a 1024m megaprim and there the 1024m dd is enough. The one I made is ~ twice that size ...
  4. thanks for the hint. Unfortunately it makes no difference
  5. I made a hughe mountainscape surround for my sim that extends 1024m and I'd like to enjoy it
  6. Hello, is there a (3rd party?) viewer available that allows a draw distance > 1024m? I know in Firestorm I can set it > 1024m by chat command, but it has no effect ... Many thanks!
  7. Hello Wolfie, thanks for the effort. I meanwhile remodeled to avoid the problem. But before I had it the same as you did. I reduced everything to 2 simple faces which were the 2 objects. I even looked into the .dae file to check the positions, and the regarding vertices had exactly the same positions down to the very last digit. But still I was able to see the gap in SL. I tried at different locations on the sim but it didn't make any difference. I tried more stuff like applying all object transforms in Blender and not using the scaling option in the uploader (which I did before) but noth
  8. Hello Haiku, I don't really understand. I don't see a relation between the min. size of an object and the precision of vertex positions ...
  9. Thanks for that hint. I wonder how to get the verts to exact units. I assume whats important is the bounding-box center as reference, and from there I need to snap the verts into exacts units? Can I assume metric unit for SL? I'll just play around some ...
  10. Hello, assume the following simple scenario: (in Blender) we create a simple plane, cut it in 2 pieces and make each part an separate object. These 2 pieces have no gap in Blender since they are perfectly aligned. When we now select these 2 objects, export them and upload into SL, then I can see a small gap when I'm close with the camera. Is this normal? I thought I tried this some time ago and it worked perfectly in SL (no gaps). (I'm running into this since I wanted to to cut a larger object into smaller ones for LI optimization ...) What is your experience with this?
  11. wow, in the day and age where the average joe live-streams in 4k, LL is still struggeling to provide a hassle free text-chat? Oh dear ....
  12. yes, wireframe-toggle seems to work fine. So I'm not the only one out there suffering a lot from this. I really wish LL would take a deeper look at it. Is there a way to push the regarding jira tickets or anything else we could try?
  13. that doesn't work for me. I just tested again. What makes objects appear is: richtclick, toggleing drawdistance to 0 and back (firestorm chat command) and changing any Graphics settings. I did some more testing: when porting to my place, 3 out of 4 times I have major props missing ... for me its very very annoying.
  14. thanks for the answers. Its seems like Im much more affected then most other people. That explains why LL isn't working on this. For me its almost a showstopper and should be highest priority on the buglist, ... but since Im the only one, I guess I just have to cope with it ...
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