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  1. wow, in the day and age where the average joe live-streams in 4k, LL is still struggeling to provide a hassle free text-chat? Oh dear ....
  2. yes, wireframe-toggle seems to work fine. So I'm not the only one out there suffering a lot from this. I really wish LL would take a deeper look at it. Is there a way to push the regarding jira tickets or anything else we could try?
  3. that doesn't work for me. I just tested again. What makes objects appear is: richtclick, toggleing drawdistance to 0 and back (firestorm chat command) and changing any Graphics settings. I did some more testing: when porting to my place, 3 out of 4 times I have major props missing ... for me its very very annoying.
  4. thanks for the answers. Its seems like Im much more affected then most other people. That explains why LL isn't working on this. For me its almost a showstopper and should be highest priority on the buglist, ... but since Im the only one, I guess I just have to cope with it ...
  5. maybe I shoud add that the invisible object, when I trigger it by rightclicking or the lod-slider, appears in an instant, fully loaded mesh & texture. Its like its fully rezzed and waiting for something to switch it alive ...
  6. Not that large, no, sometimes its just a building, like a container standing right beside me.
  7. I'm fighting for years with this problem and I wonder how many other people are affected by it. After going online or porting to anther sim, large mesh-objects often remain invisible until I either right-click on them or toggle max view distance. This is extremely annoying, happens with different viewers, different PCs I had during the years ... Theres nothing exotic on my end that could explain it. A standard PC (i7-8700, nVidia 1080, 32 gig), fast conenction (100mbit), ... usually using firestorm. Clearing cache from time to time. Whats going on here?
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