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  1. Aww thank you so much! I tried messaging you but can't find you feel free to IM me!
  2. Aww yay! Sorry for the delay. I will IM you
  3. Oh wow thank you so much! I'd love to meet you in SL! Will send you a message :3
  4. Hello there! I'm looking for a parcel with a good amount of prims with roughly 3,072sqm if possible. Can be negotiated if not exact. Price: Around 3k Thank you
  5. Hey BaeBee! Thank you so much for the offer that does sound good but I'm not sure it will be very enjoyable to sort inventory together if we have nothing in common
  6. Aww yay and I see you like Ghibli too! Yay, sounds good ^^
  7. Aww yay! Popped you a message ❤️
  8. Of course Relauv! Would love that ^^
  9. Hey all I trust you're safe and doing well. So I'm on the hunt for some friends again and hoping to find people with similair interests. I have a pretty alternative/niche kinda style and my favorite shops are Cureless/CerberusXing, Azoury and .Shi. I can go from female, male, femboy to androgynous and love being super creative with my style. -Likes: Intelligence, Anime, Cinema, Photography, Japan, Learning, Spirituality, History, Wit. -Dislikes: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Ableism, Bigotry and Ignorance or discrimination of any kind. I enjoy visitin
  10. Wow I think I found the perfect thread XD Hey everyone! I'm also introverted, have anxiety and pretty shy >< but I love anime and nerdy stuff, mostly into Fantasy and Asian avatars. Love exploring new places, going shopping, clubbing and just chatting about things hehe Keen to meet new people cuz I usually just stand at my house looking at new outfits I got >< Hope everyone is well ^^ Bless
  11. Hey there! My names Philia *waves* Looking for friends who are interested in similar things ^^ I love exploring new places, shopping, hanging out and chatting hehe Interests: Japan, Anime, Movies, Music. Fav SL looks: Fantasy, Demon, Sci fi, Asian. My av is mostly some kind of fantasy chara and I wanna be friends with people who put an effort into their look. Don't really mind any gender ^^ Bless! Philia
  12. Hello! There is this land that I really like called Tanpopo studio. It has a rice field there and is great for photos. However awhile back the rice paddy grass dissapeared and every time I go there I cannot see anything. If I click where the grass should be I see the outline in red as if it was there but when I click away it goes back to being transparent. Does anyone have any idea what I could do to see the grass again or maybe the owner blocked it? Thank you
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