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  1. Here I come with a project of help and support! I have 24 parcels with a store building to rent for only one linden! I have just bought a 1/4 and am looking forward sharing commercial space with anyone it can help! I am open to start finding "tenants" but for now I am at awareness stage I still have to do some landscaping and to program properly the casperlet. The land is located in a quiet place, the full sim is almost empty so we can get many avatar on this 1/4 that is located mainland. Moderate rated rules for renting haven't been set up yet but it is not for money business I am doing that so... We will just talk and figure out what will be on the "lease" [...] If you want to meet up or have questions message me in game: Yokor (xenoqc resident) The stores are on divided parcels so you will be able to change the music and I am working on a group system that will allow more perms than normal rental. I am fairly new here so I am learning! You can come and visit the land! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/149/137/40
  2. If it can help you out you are welcome ^^ I just have a few things to set up and should be ready for later today ^^
  3. When you say 100% refund you mean the option "discount" on the casperlet?
  4. Yes I am leaving room on every side of the building because I want the tenant to have space for their own set-up. Having a shop is nice especially at low price but what is better? Having a small yard with it! At that point I think I will leave it like that but landscaping is costing LI so I might have to lower it down under the LI allowance posted before here. I just added a few tree and it dropped to 130LI avalaible on a parcel... Hopefully it will not go more down than that because I really want my tenants to have at least 120LI to build their store! So I think the structure of the project should be fine like that and offering 24 rental unit at $1L/w should help and be enough help. For now my casperlet are locked which is not good but I am scared to open them because the LI can still change but also because if I open 24 rental unit at $1L/w it could be easy for any troll to come by pay only 24$L to rent them all! So Either I am unlocking casperlet one by one and unlock a new one when the one unlocked is taken but that point the tenant won't be able to chose... Or I put regular price and offer discounts to selected candidates? I looked at the link @Selene Gregoire and it is really interesting! I am for sure going to buy some landscaping for tonight but I am now starting to worry about the LI of a parcel. In the worst case, would 100LI be enough for commercial purpose on a 480m2?
  5. Well after trying out many things and taking advises, I have been choosing a building + parcel size that sounds to me fun and decent to leanr and grow. I have listened that I removed some stuff and I have standardized the set up in the same building. First because different size and LI is not fair. Why would someone have 130 LI on a big building when another would have 30 in a small one. So I made it the way everyone will have the same and for the same price. So it will be: 480m2 (20x24) 140LI L$1/w Right now I have 24 fair parcels and I just need to fix the ground because it is not flat [...] I was thinking a lot about what I was told here and it was looking to be just more work to take those advises and it was actually more work and I still have to finish the reorganization. I am not scared to do big changes before I start seriously on the property. That is why I am on the forum, I want to hear from others and what they have to say matter. Especially when they know what they are talking about! If they do? Whatever... I really don't know anything about getting started in second life and generally speaking I have a lot more to wonder about and how the ding am I suppose to reach it? I am doing a lot of experimental work and it is fun! That is the matter. So I want others to have that fun too especially when they cannot have it... I have not yet remade an entrance but there is a reminder to visit! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/149/137/40 New pictures for a new way to approach [...]
  6. I live in Alberta not far from Edmonton. I am a canadian that speaks the other official language: French. I spent 27 years in the province of Québec I am 30 years old separated dad on a cool down and I consider this world a virtual reality, a simulation that can turn into a laboratory. I have all my time because I do not have an employment. My income is the disability program in Alberta which allows me to stay home and take it easy to recover. I do not talk about my real life much unless we have met in said real life... Here I am mostly trying to start some sort of development project and I am focused on it. I have applied in a roleplay sim and waiting for a reply
  7. I use two different viewer on my laptop, the SL viewer and firestorm. It is usefull to have two avatar logged in at the same time especially for management. BOTS! You can also use like a personal bot from smartbot. It uses one account to keep it permanently logged in without having to run it on your computer. It can be programmed and you have multiple choice of add-on available depending the bot you will choose. But if you use a bot, be sure the account has no payment info saved lol! On SL viewer: ME-Preference-advanced-Allow multiple viewer What is that?
  8. While there is no tenant I am having fun experimenting new things.
  9. I am confused and messy but I have all the good intentions. I am focused on my community development project on my land. I like to hang out with people and hunt for ad boards in busy places. I am on a mission to help and support and I really believe in what I do! I think we live in a beautiful and amazing world filled with great and outstanding people that can become anything if they have the might to keep going on forward to reach their dreams. I dream... I believe, hope is never dead! I am really social and talkative when I am not on something but just so you know, when there is something up in my mind; there is nothing else than it... I do not want to play alone so I share my land. I am just out of a relationship, open to a new one but not quite ready yet for it. Please understand the distance I keep from opportunities I am around second life for a really long time but I never had the computer to play so I could recover my most recent account and finally start playing! It took like 10 years of IRL [Censored] to be here... To reach that I could buy the damn computer to run the game. I understand people here that have not it easy to enjoy the fun because I was unable to have it all those years. So here I have arrived! I am single, recently separated and ready to play
  10. Hello here I announce the arrival of the Alien Connection Association! This association is recently founded and the idea is to provide services to help and support. I am Yokor, founder and here I come to announce the opening of our project Phase 01 - Commercial ! For now the main service we provide is 1L$/w rental for people in need. I am still working on the integration of my association to SL and I hope to build a loving and caring community The ACA is a none profit organization and if there is ever any profit, it will be invested to the people. But honestly for now it is a cost ^^ . Phase one is a 1/4 land divided in multiple parcel that have a building to install a commercial activity. The land is still to be organised and decorated but the instalation is ready to host a few candidates. If you are too one good person that cares about the other and see how disconnected the world is even with the modern networking, then join up! Come and visit the land: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/149/137/40 [To be continued] Thank you! Sincerly, Yokor (xenoqc resident)
  11. Available multiple parcel starting 8x32 at 35LI to 32x28 at 150LI For commercial purpose it is the perfect opportunity to anyone who wants to start a business or open a shop/store/office/vendor for an existing business. Every parcel have a building to install yourself in the development project. We are looking to select candidate to join our community program that provides pricing for the rent starting at 1L$/week. The property is still to be worked up and this opportunity is at its pilot stage and the whole project at its phase one. The land is not highly visited, it is in an empty spot by the sea that gives a nice view. The region is rated moderate with no covenant but some basic rules will be given after approval of an application. In order to qualify an In-game interview most happen. You can come and have a visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/149/137/40 The idea behind offering a "dollar" rental is to give fun to more people. I am having fun having my spot for my business so I want to share and I want to think first of the people who does not have this so easy. I am looking to build a little community of people that will stay the time they need to get started with their business or to stabilize an existing one. The work on the property is at a really early stage many progress and changes may occur around the rental area. Many planned improvement over time. If you think that having your own commercial space for almost nothing would push you ahead of your actual possibilities then do not hesitate! I am not looking for commercial opportunist to abuse of the offer when they don't need it. If you are a creator and you wish to have a try then go ahead But if you just want to join to increase profit then... Unless you have an investment project I just got a land that is too big for one and I don't want to make people pay so I am offering to those you cannot pay for a parcel. Land perms are going to be discussed regard of the business planned and will be flexible! Each parcel have its radio that allows to custom a stream link for your music. This is my first try so I am a beginner then I am not the perfect landlord but I am honest and I tell you what. This "free rental" is meant to build an experimental community service or something like that. A service that want to provide installation for starting business or ones in difficulty. I truly believe that I am on a mission to help and support and since I am now trying something different, I am trying out around here ^^ I have limited spot for an undetermined time. How long it will be available will depends on the project results. If I fill the programs then it will be really great to have around 15+ people improving their fun around. If no one join this opportunity then I will have to reconsider the project and then offer something else. Yokor (xenoqc resident) Please IM me in-game if you have anything to communicate to me especially if you are interesting joining us!
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