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  1. Hello I have been for a while taking a break of working in SL but I am getting back the vibe of a bit of labor! So SL experiences: Estate Manager Dancer - Host - DJ Real life I have had jobs before 2009 in all kind of field as I was a freelancer. Starting from "Working physical" jobs, passing by office work to public employment such as customer service and sales. After I was contracted in the field of Intelligence and work under contract for 10 years in Projection Development and management. Actually I can't talk much about it as it risk charges but I typically worked in t
  2. I am online about 16 hours a day 7 days a week and have spent a lot of time quite alone doing my own stuff or getting tabbed/AFK in a club. For a while I have been looking to change things in my SL life, discovering new places and people. So I am a snake! Here a few previews so things start clear, if you are looking for human form and appearence... I am very chill and laid back, I love to follow people in their stuff, I am quite a bit of a pet! So I am looking for family, friends, gang, groups, etc etc to actually be with people instead of staying insolated in
  3. There I am living the skin of a non-human avatar that have very large shoulder/chest and I don't know where I can find irregular size of clothing for it!
  4. When I am not an alien a lizard or human as for any other various creatures here is my beauty of all! I bought that a year ago when I started to buy AVIs and broke it so now a year after I could finally repair this lovely avi that make me feel good and I will stick to it for a while! ♥Snek girl♥
  5. Cool story, cool story.
  6. Hello, Welcome to SceondLife!! I hope everything is alright for you and you find your satisfaction with all of us!! ♥
  7. If you like people different! Here is Xeno the alien!!
  8. Whatever you say... you made up your mind on discouraging people, always the same names replying here telling people they won't succeed... Your own lack of income in SL is not others future!
  9. Good luck? I don't believe in luck. I was hired in many good places, not necessary the most known places but I did with a avatar that is not even human... I am playing an alien and I don't have have any investment on my avatar. Which is normally more difficult than if you have a nice human avatar with good charisma and decent playlist for a set with a steady library. I have many friends, they own their own business and they pay rent and bills out of SL! But most people their business is an expense... I am not very making money lately as I am starting my own thing so right now t
  10. You don't need a fan base, you just need the right skills and music selection if you DJ. Many clubs have already their steady clients and can provide an easy 400L/set... As you can also work for a club that will make you work 6 hours a day or more and you won't make a penny... It is about being hired at the right place. I had a job where there was no client at all! But the owners/managers (+their friends) would guarantee an income of 600-1200L/sets
  11. But outside of clubs.... I don't know where is the money other that having a very kick-ass skills as they said. I worked as Estate Manager which is the highest position you can have below the Sim's ownership and... I was barely making 350L/week.... SecondLife is not meant for MoneyMaking, remember that... It is possible but... True I forgot to say, to work in the payful clubs, you will need to invest on your avatar, clothes, gestures, accessories... And yes most of the time you need 30-90 days old account. But right now the demand is HIGH. They train newbies and are less likel
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