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  1. I can't say I knew you were a Catwa CSR haha, but thanks regardless. And yes I have seen that head before and quite frankly it's not what I need. Very old man looking and too cartoonish/sickly. I was aiming for more of youthful and androgynous appearance that didn't use anime-centric components. (Sorry, I'm a bit picky if you couldn't already tell.) I will definitely try what you suggested and play around some more. It's a minor issue that affects my OCD more than anything else. I'm just frustrated that there seems to be little diversity when it comes to male faces in SL as compared to females. Not everyone want's to look like a chiseled Calvin Klein model with a Bruce Campbell jawline, but I guess that's what is considered most attractive to the majority of the population so I have to accept it haha.
  2. I'm not a family roleplayer but I just wanted to say as a fellow snake enthusiast I think this is a cute idea.
  3. Thanks, I feared that was the case. What would plan B be at this point? When buying the parts I had already narrowed down my options for heads with slim faces. Is there a better option on the market I missed?
  4. Hi there! I've been working on a male avi of mine using the Catwa Victor head. My goal is a more angular/thin framed face and have been relentlessly fiddling with sliders to get it to my desired state. I'm getting general looks that work for me just fine, but the Catwa head seems to fighting back at the seams. I constantly keep getting cheeks/dimples that seem to clip out super unnaturally. (Pics attached) Does anyone know how I can smoothen these out? I've tried adjusting all the sliders but in any case that one appears to work, I would have to expand said facial feature way beyond my desired look. Additionally, I have searched for head shapes on the marketplace, but any I find for Catwa Victor are completely deformed from what was shown in the pictures or just simply not something I like. I would really appreciate any advice or even a link to a head shape that is similar. Thanks!
  5. I love horror movies a bit too much. Feel free to add me, my name on SL is iizu.
  6. Love the avi. Have a baby python friend who sometimes chills with me at the computer. Feel free to add me! It's iizu in-game.
  7. Ayyy I'm back after a short hiatus and I have a decent amount of free to time to be online nowadays and I figured I'd post on here to see if anyone wanted to be friends. I'm down to chill, explore, shop, rp, whatever! My interests/hobbies are: Art, alt fashion, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, music, comics, anime/manga, reading. I always linger around cyberpunk or horror sims between going to clubs. Occasionally RP on Cocoon. Hmu! My IG name is iizu.
  8. Howdy- weird goth here. We def have some similar interests and I have like... 0 friends on here. Definitely down to chill. Shoot me an add! My IG name is iizu. Hella rad avi, btw.
  9. Hello! I've been working on a male avatar and have just found a body that I'm pleased with. The body is the Signature Geralt. I have my shape sliders almost all set to be as thin as possible, but because of this, I'm having a hard time finding clothes that fit nicely. Clothing looks awkward when worn as the arms/legs/shoulders are way too bulky. I have found a couple that can be jerry-rigged, but not enough for a complete outfit. I've spent forever following breadcrumbs and visiting in-world stores to no avail. Thus, I am looking for alternatives or a solution. I would love any suggestions on stores that sell similar products to the reference photos below.
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