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  1. Oh my goodness, you've no idea how much confusion you just cleared from my dearly poor, befuddled brain....! A whole heaping thank you.... I do comprehend completely now.. The matter has been distinctly delineated in a manner that I may discern. :--) And yes...absolutely; that is quite similar to what I was referring..... :--)
  2. As told, I did download the 64-bit one....my computer is 64-bit as well. I was only confused as it was mentioned elsewhere that even if the computer does run upon 64-bit, some things on SL only function with 32-bit....And aye, sometimes some things are too foolish to respond to, without sounding daft yourself. I've got to keep that in mind, and I admit, to be a tad more pragmatic. Regardless, everybody here and SL society has hitherto been fairly complaisant, and I am grateful for that. A bunch of thanks to ya, and I honestly do hope you're all spiffing.... :--)
  3. Oh, thank you so much, 64-bit it is. Of course, attempting my utmost to adjust and hence, avoid crashing, is all one can do.... Anywhoo, you're very kind to help me, and so now I shall proceed to do exactly that....
  4. Hello there, I'm quite new as well, but I've bought plenty freebies within the Marketplace....might you be referring to a skybox? A platform in air...to escape from all the flurry and tumult....there are many 0L$ sky platforms out there, to save one's means, to place high above your rented land...
  5. To those who may take heed, Might I ask if it is possible to import/export files betwixt Microsoft 3D builder (generally for 3D printing) for Windows 10 and Blender 2.8; being able to edit and create, animate, and the like....and utilizing lithopane as well...? And then transporting that upon SL? I am, of course, new here....I do understand some things, but I'm confuzzled on a lot others 'bout SL..... however, I do love to create a plethora of things, scenes and buildings upon the 3D builder, but if I can correlate with various tools/mediums, it'd be a unique wonder! Any sort of aid
  6. Yes, I did notice, but be it 4 years past or 4 centuries...I couldn't not say anything....It's just me. Yes, I do know, it does sound quite foolish to respond in such an active manner to such an old post. It is nonsensical to bother with something so trifling. No one pointed it out 4 years ago, or since though I'm sure people have viewed it....so I did now. I'm a bit touchy on the matter, but anywhoo, I didn't expect anyone to really bother or reply...It was more for my own...It was written then, but I read it now. I actually came here to learn about which viewer I should install, 32 or 64...a
  7. Excusez-moi? May I inquire as to what you wish to indicate by poor 'female' scripters? Of course, there are female scripter just as skilled and professionally 'at the fore' as the male scripters! An close family acquaintance of mine is one and she's a highly talented at all aspects of 3D and animation, including scripting....I just joined and this was the first thing I read. Oh, how I loathe meaningless conflict....I do apologize, I wanted to ignore it, honestly I wanted to....but I just couldn't.....
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