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  1. Welcome to SL hun. Hope we get a chance to get to know each other.
  2. Look forward to meeting you both. :D
  3. Hello everyone, I am seeking a mature female companion for a lesbian D/s relationship in a submissive capacity. You must have a decent looking avatar, and know how to roleplay and write. As this is more for a Roleplay kind of thing than Real Life. Just looking for someone who wants to hang out together, cuddle, explore and perhaps roleplay together to help keep the loneliness of SL at bay.
  4. Hello everyone. Hmm, what can I tell you about my character. Saskia is the culmination of about 20 years of personal roleplay and evolution. Originally she formed from supernatural roleplay, demonic and high-fantasy. But today, she's evolved into a "fae spirit" a being of wild passion. Generally considering its second life, she is naturally designed for a modern supernatural - high fantasy setting. But it can be medieval fantasy as well. I'm a big D&D geek as well 😛 . So I know my table top stuff as well. But I suppose now we can to the whole point of why I am seeking a Roleplay. To
  5. Hello everyone. I'm Saskia. I'm a long time Second Lifer, almost 11 years this December! Just looking to keep things fresh and Interesting. Now and days, Second Life feel's even more closed off and secular. Which makes it harder for people to make friends these days. I struggle with my depression on a daily basis it seems, and Second Life should be an escape, not a cause for concern. So I'm trying to make new friends, lovers, or companions to keep the loneliness at bay. I know everyone has their own little world on SL, and rarely does it include others. But I look forward to chatting an
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