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  1. The candidate must: -Communicate well with the team -Be honest, true and transparent -friendly, family oriented and dedicated to the business -Social, helpful and joyful personality
  2. Hello! I am recruiting for a venue DJ and Host! We have over 8 locations to hold your set, DJ's choice!! The venue is on a full sim and is very pretty beautiful! FAMILY oriented "club" (Venue has cafe-bar, wedding hall and ballroom) Is very loving and caring. The creators of this venue are very GREAT people, seriously! Hours of operation are mon-sun 4AM-2PM SLT!!!! For more details and information please IM me Xeno (xenoqc resident) Ps. if you are on this thread to tell me how to post, don't reply thanks! Nb. I made this thread quick here because it is IN GAME that I provide more about it and proceed to employment. Been too many forumer in the past wasting my time not even being in game so that is it. IM me in game!!
  3. xenoqc

    3D model to avatar?

    It is okay I hired someone to make it done
  4. Hello I have no idea what is the market and the price it would cost but I need to get a 3d model rerigged for SecondLife. If you're at it please tell me more such as rates and time of work. .mb , .fbx , .dae (conversion) files Originally unreal engine, made for video game. I did not make this model, I have bought it with license on a website. I know not much about 3d and stuff... Thank you
  5. xenoqc

    3D model to avatar?

    Oh okay, thank you for your reply. So I need to hire someone to rig it? I have .mb , .fbx and .dae files
  6. xenoqc

    3D model to avatar?

    Hi, my computer is too bad to run blender so I can't do much myself unless I pay for services. I have a .mb file that is supposedly rigged. Then I have paid a conversion service to get it to .dae and import it in game. The only thing is that the model that I have won't upload as an avatar. I would like to know what I can do and what I have to hire for since I cannot run 3d software... Is SL really needs avastar export? The model I have is made with unreal engine and meant for video game....
  7. Hello I am Xeno. I spend a lot of time playing SecondLife using an alien avatar. In game I am not really that great making new friends so I am trying the forum. I am open to a lot of stuff! I am looking for people that are online a lot because all the time I spend alone wandering around empty places. I am looking for a good buddy/buddies to be good company in game. I am not very good at social things so if you have questions just ask.
  8. Hello, I like dark stuff and since I am an alienhead I am quite into scifi too [...]. I just don't know how to make things work about finding a spot except for my own rental. There is so many places around to go but I never really find that special place to feel home as main spot. I am still looking!
  9. I am a writer and musician. I work as Head Moderator for a forum. I really like my life set, I am very chill and well. I work from home on my computer so I have a lot of time to play video games such as SecondLife that I spend most of my time periodically. I have a lot of time but short on resources, my income is provided by the provincial governmental disability program. I claim to be an extraterrestrial alien which provided me a serious mental health diagnosis. I do not consider myself that disabled from it. They just don't believe me... I like to make new friends and follow them in their path as a supportive pall. One thing I love the most is to commission artist for custom work. I have a good collection of art! In SecondLife I have not hire much artist yet though but I spent quite a linden at the market place. I have only played a few months so far so I don't always know how to find where is the fun. I have a lot of interest for video production/editing and also making animated gif from them. Before I left the normal employment market 10 years ago to work privately as freelancer under contract, I was working from Garbage to desk office. I did many jobs of sales, customer service or technical support. I had issues fitting jobs that I was jumping from one to one other... Until I found a different way that was not as financially profitable but I was happier and satisfied! I have a story that I made my RolePlay, but for me it is real. I have worked in development of next generation of technologies under signed non-disclosure agreement which bound me to silence about something that will show up within the next 10-15 years. It is not a secret but I could be called a conspirator to point it out as experiencer of testing. I am not worried about the future of video games such as virtual realities and simulations. I just hope the platform will be compatible with what is coming for our children to play with in a short future. I invest a lot of my time and effort in here when I am on a project and I try to keep it professional.
  10. Paradise Luxury Island is looking to hire a Staff Manager. You can visit the property here: The candidate must: -Be active at least 4-8 hours a day -Have good knowledge in Management -Be experienced and dedicated -Be very nice, social and friendly -Have autonomy and initiative -Have great leadership skills SALARY TO BE DISCUSSED! It is weekly salary that will depend on your level of competency and the work you will provide.
  11. Paradise Luxury Island is looking for a Marketing Agent You can visit the property here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Pirate/192/69/22 The candidate must: -Be active at least 2-6 hours a day -Have good knowledge in Marketing -Be experienced and dedicated -Be very nice, social and friendly -Have autonomy and initiative SALARY TO BE DISCUSSED! It is weekly salary that will depend on your level of competency and the work you will provide.
  12. Paradise Luxury Island is looking for a Promoter/Recruiter You can visit the property here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Pirate/195/69/22 The candidate must: -Be active at least 2-4 hours a day -Have good knowledge/experience in Promoting/Recruiting -Be very nice, social and friendly -Have autonomy and initiative SALARY TO BE DISCUSSED! It is weekly salary that will depend on your level of competency and the work you will provide.
  13. Looking for a cheap rental that you can afford? You don't want to cut down the quality of your rental? Paradise Luxury Island is for you! Many options are available for all kind of needs! Come and visit us! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Pirate/195/69/22 *Beach Store Fronts: - 8 store fronts - 4,5,6 are rented out - 1,2,3 are set up at $70l/w with 50 prims - 4 is set for $45l/w with prims - 5 is set for $80l/w with 55 prims - 6 is set up for 100l/w with 75 prims -7 is set up for 70l/week with 50 prims. - 8 is set up for 65l/week with 45 prims. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Mall: - Lvl 6 is the cheapest lvl: ~Side stores are $30l/w with 30 prims ~Corner stores are $35l/w with 30 prims - Price increase doing from the 6th floor down: ~ Lvl 5: +5 ~ Lvl 4: +10 ~ Lvl 3: +15 ~ Lvl 2: +20 ~ Lvl 1:: +25 ~ Ground: +30 - All prims for every store is set to 30 - There will be prim packages customers can buy: ~ Bronze: 10 prims for $10l ~Silver: 25 prims for $25l ~Gold: 50 prims for $50l ~Platinum: 75 prims for $75l ~Premium: 100 prims for $100l ~Premium+: 150 prims for $150l ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Office Tower: - The 2nd and 10th floor are to be soon rented - 2nd floor $75l/w with 75 prims - 3rd floor $75l/w with 75 prims - 4th floor $75l/w with 75 prims - 5th floor $65l/w with 75 prims - 6th floor $65l/w with 75 prims - 7th floor $65l/w with 75 prims - 8th floor $65l/w with 75 prims - 9th floor $65l/w with 75 prims - 10th floor $65l/w with 75 prims ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *The One United: -Business Rooms: ~ 2nd floor $50l/w with 50 prims ~ 3rd floor $50l/w with 50 prims ~ 4th floor $50l/w with 50 prims ~ 5th floor $50l/w with 50 prims ~ 6th floor $50l/w with 50 prims ~ 7th floor not renting ~ 8th floor not renting -Residential Areas: ~ 9th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~10th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~11th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~12th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~18th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~19th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~20th floor $50l/w with 50 prim ~21st floor not for rent (Gym) ~23rd floor (penthouse) $200l/w with 150 prim ~25th floor (penthouse) $200l/w with 150 prim -Offices: ~ 29th floor $40l/w with 50 prims ~ 30th floor $40l/w with 50 prims ~ 31st floor $40l/w with 50 prims ~ 32nd floor $40l/w with 50 prims ~ 33rd floor not for rent The property has a club and a game room accessible for you. You can also relax and hang out on the developed beach!
  14. Hello, I would like to advertise house rental on a parcel that is not in the mainland and I don't know where to post it nor how to really do that. Any good help is appreciated!
  15. Hello, I am founding a non-profit association that is meant to help connection between people.I am looking for volunteer, associate or simply more contacts. This is not a business that is planning to make profit and no salary are planned.I am seeking friendly help to have fun running a group that is heading on being connected together even if interests are not similar. The association is a social focused business meant to provide a friendly and fun small community group. If you want to join a starting experimental project feel free or if you are just looking for new friends/contacts be my guest! Sincerly, Yokor xenoqc resident
  16. Here I come with a project of help and support! I have 24 parcels with a store building to rent for only one linden! I have just bought a 1/4 and am looking forward sharing commercial space with anyone it can help! I am open to start finding "tenants" but for now I am at awareness stage I still have to do some landscaping and to program properly the casperlet. The land is located in a quiet place, the full sim is almost empty so we can get many avatar on this 1/4 that is located mainland. Moderate rated rules for renting haven't been set up yet but it is not for money business I am doing that so... We will just talk and figure out what will be on the "lease" [...] If you want to meet up or have questions message me in game: Yokor (xenoqc resident) The stores are on divided parcels so you will be able to change the music and I am working on a group system that will allow more perms than normal rental. I am fairly new here so I am learning! You can come and visit the land! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/149/137/40
  17. If it can help you out you are welcome ^^ I just have a few things to set up and should be ready for later today ^^
  18. When you say 100% refund you mean the option "discount" on the casperlet?
  19. Yes I am leaving room on every side of the building because I want the tenant to have space for their own set-up. Having a shop is nice especially at low price but what is better? Having a small yard with it! At that point I think I will leave it like that but landscaping is costing LI so I might have to lower it down under the LI allowance posted before here. I just added a few tree and it dropped to 130LI avalaible on a parcel... Hopefully it will not go more down than that because I really want my tenants to have at least 120LI to build their store! So I think the structure of the project should be fine like that and offering 24 rental unit at $1L/w should help and be enough help. For now my casperlet are locked which is not good but I am scared to open them because the LI can still change but also because if I open 24 rental unit at $1L/w it could be easy for any troll to come by pay only 24$L to rent them all! So Either I am unlocking casperlet one by one and unlock a new one when the one unlocked is taken but that point the tenant won't be able to chose... Or I put regular price and offer discounts to selected candidates? I looked at the link @Selene Gregoire and it is really interesting! I am for sure going to buy some landscaping for tonight but I am now starting to worry about the LI of a parcel. In the worst case, would 100LI be enough for commercial purpose on a 480m2?
  20. Well after trying out many things and taking advises, I have been choosing a building + parcel size that sounds to me fun and decent to leanr and grow. I have listened that I removed some stuff and I have standardized the set up in the same building. First because different size and LI is not fair. Why would someone have 130 LI on a big building when another would have 30 in a small one. So I made it the way everyone will have the same and for the same price. So it will be: 480m2 (20x24) 140LI L$1/w Right now I have 24 fair parcels and I just need to fix the ground because it is not flat [...] I was thinking a lot about what I was told here and it was looking to be just more work to take those advises and it was actually more work and I still have to finish the reorganization. I am not scared to do big changes before I start seriously on the property. That is why I am on the forum, I want to hear from others and what they have to say matter. Especially when they know what they are talking about! If they do? Whatever... I really don't know anything about getting started in second life and generally speaking I have a lot more to wonder about and how the ding am I suppose to reach it? I am doing a lot of experimental work and it is fun! That is the matter. So I want others to have that fun too especially when they cannot have it... I have not yet remade an entrance but there is a reminder to visit! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/149/137/40 New pictures for a new way to approach [...]
  21. I live in Alberta not far from Edmonton. I am a canadian that speaks the other official language: French. I spent 27 years in the province of Québec I am 30 years old separated dad on a cool down and I consider this world a virtual reality, a simulation that can turn into a laboratory. I have all my time because I do not have an employment. My income is the disability program in Alberta which allows me to stay home and take it easy to recover. I do not talk about my real life much unless we have met in said real life... Here I am mostly trying to start some sort of development project and I am focused on it. I have applied in a roleplay sim and waiting for a reply
  22. I use two different viewer on my laptop, the SL viewer and firestorm. It is usefull to have two avatar logged in at the same time especially for management. BOTS! You can also use like a personal bot from smartbot. It uses one account to keep it permanently logged in without having to run it on your computer. It can be programmed and you have multiple choice of add-on available depending the bot you will choose. But if you use a bot, be sure the account has no payment info saved lol! On SL viewer: ME-Preference-advanced-Allow multiple viewer What is that?
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