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  1. Thank you Cheesecurd. I will def do that.. :)
  2. Ok, guys well thanks for all the info.. I really don't know too much about these things but i do know that i need a better one than what im using now if it doesnt even get to the log in page.. 😞 I hope when I get a new one that will be the last time I have to upgrade for getting logged into SL..I just really miss talking with my friends and getting into contests for lindens but hey now that i know about these surveys i can get my own lindens and actually go shopping for some new good stuff and who doesn't like that right?? So, Cheesecurd, thank you for telling me what to look for i did see something at my walmart store today for $359.00 and it had ryzen graphics with it plus the other higher end gaming stuff which I would seriously LOVE to own.. but I dont have over $1,000.00 to spend but trust me if i did I really would... I just really really really really want to be able to play again.. And thank you too, Nalates Urriah.. You both were a great help with my questions.. I will be looking up some of the ones you said to watch for and doing more surveys to get my money right to buy one 😄
  3. @Selene Gregoire ok, so if they dont even know they have it then how are these people gonna know that they are killing people???? Don't get your logic on that one, sorry.. But anyways... maybe its not as bad or maybe its worse. I personally don't get sick that much and make it a habit to stay away from other people as much as i can because most of them are 2 faced backstabbers anyways.. But I mean.. its different for everybody.. hey they still have that emergen-C stuff don't they?? or has that been stockpiled by the masses too?? what we really need to be stockpiling is guns n ammo for when the crazies start showing their true colors.. OH RIIIIIIGHT, they did that already.... with their fake impeachment that didn't work.. 😄😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄
  4. @Drayke Newall Well, I made a order on Wish so I hope it gets here one day it says not til may but it shows on tracking that it is here in the U.S. So, who knows.. but yeah things are bad but im sure if everyone uses their brain and actually thinks over ***** they can come up with something instead of going into a full panic before anything has even happened to them,and yes it is good to be prepared for a crisis but damn other people need the same supplies that people are stockpiling from what i hear.. it is times like these when you really see the true nature of the human being. Yeah survival of the fittest and all that jazz but hey if nobody is here to carry on the human race because everyone was being greedy and straight up STINGY.. then is it really gonna matter in the end?? I mean, think about it...I would hate to see what would happen if the walking dead episodes ever came true... 😕
  5. Geez, its called a joke people what happened to having a sense of humor?? damn. everyone getting upset over stuff they can easily laugh at and get on with their day.. yeah people are dying, but even without the virus everyone has to die eventually.
  6. Yeah I'm gonna save up some money and get my newer updated laptop then.. one with the right ram and graphics card.. so I guess i need a Nvidia or Radeon or Ryzen I guess from what i saw doing some online research for gaming laptops.. But man they aren't cheap even the lower end ones are up there too.. Ugh. whoever said to be careful what you wish for got it wrong because I have been wishing for money for a while and haven't gotten jack sh*t for it.. Have a nice evening everyone and thanks for the input..:)
  7. Okay thanks for the information everyone.. I am looking and trying to earn Paypal money to do that.. I am kind of addicted to the game and am so upset that i cant play plus i have some cool friends on it too that i really miss hanging out with.. i hope i can get back on it sooner rather than later.. I am happy that someone answered because i really dont understand what all the numbers meant but i do know that higher numbers mean better stuff i just have to upgrade.. "sighes" I wish i could hit the lottery.
  8. Hi guys sorry i ran that Speccy thing that someone suggested and here's what it says : Operating system :windows 10 Pro 64 bit CPU: Intel pentium T4200 @2.0 Ghz RAM: 3.00GB Dual channel DDR2 @ 333MHz Motherboard: AsusTek Computer Inc. K50IJ * Graphics: Generic PnP Moniter, Intel Mobile Intel 4 Series Express chipset Family Storage: 931 GB Seagate ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB, Optical Drives: MATSHIDA DVD RAM UJ880AS Audio: High Definiton Audio Device Thats the specs i guess I don't know wha t it all means so, if someone could help to tell me plus, I am saving up some money to upgrade with paypal but it is going to take me a few months because surveys don't pay that good but at least its something.. I wish I could just come into some money then i wouldn't have to worry about it at all.. So, yeah those numbers and letters are what speccy came up with.. I know the laptop is old but i have logged iun before aNd pl;ayed although it was reaalllllyyy laggy and i could barely walk around but at least I was logged in.. 😕
  9. I think it is saying my graphics card isnt good enough to run secondlife and i need a newer laptop with a nvidia graphics card or a radeon or whatever the really good ones are.... but it used to let me log in before
  10. No i cant get into the log in screen it says Firestorm is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you do have the latest try reinstalling them. If you continue to receive this message contact the secondlife support portal. Thats the whole message.
  11. Hi everyone the world isnt loading for me and keeps saying update video drivers.. i did that but keep getting the same message, am i going to have to get a better computer just to run this?
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