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  1. I just thought we should have talked about it. But I'd rather duck before you shoot all the pipes.
  2. You have no knowledge. In my city there are bullet holes in the walls of the Vikings. One could only defeat the Vikings by conquering the city not to conquer it. A long story..
  3. I pay a little more and have more leeway. It's a little tight over there. That’s less fun. And by the way, not a premium member.
  4. confused hobbyists where have no idea but want to understand everything. It doesn't make things easier, on the contrary.
  5. What kind of music do you like to listen to at home?
  6. The construction of the walls is very similar to the Inca. I'm typing Machu Picchu - Temple in the cloud forest.
  7. I once visited LadyMacbain in my favorite swimwear and immediately got a ban, before I could look around! Be careful and take a lot of luck with ..
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