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    emote classes...helping the the antisocial be social

    Oh Oops sorry about that, Golden Rules of the Pole, Always be kind and friendly even if the customer is a jerk and then some. Treat everyone with respect, no swearing, no gossip, Dont forget to smile. Always thank a customer or customers for their tip, do not just say thank you Mr X for your tip. It is always much more involving and will make the "customer" happy for being acknowledged like. /me Looks down at the tip playfully slipped into her thong, giving the patron a wink and smile. To show her appreciation she kneels down in front of him on the stage taking his shirt collar in her hand and pulls him close for a thank you Kiss on what he thinks is a kiss on the lips, but places it instead on his cheek. giving him back his shirt with a loving pat thanking him for his generous donation. " Eh some thing kinda like that hehe
  2. Roary McGillivary

    How do you get furniture to move up the stairs?

    click Edit Move, the X Y Z arrows will appear, click and hold the blue arrow to move it up, the green and or red arrow to move in the other directions, so when you do like Love Zhaoying sugested you can move it into position. Or friend one of us than TP us to come help
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    New emoji needed for reactions

  4. Roary McGillivary

    emote classes...helping the the antisocial be social

    This guide is My suggestions to help you be a better club dancer, with further guidance and training you can become a successful dancer. Emoting Definition: Emoting is a skill that can be learned, and improved upon that requires creative writing aptitude, and role play. Emoting is an ability to allow a person to express feelings and describe action through role play, to paint a verbal picture of what you want the patrons of the club you work at to experience, by the use of sensual and arousing word play. DO’S AND DONT’S and Emote Guide Your job as a Dancer / Stripper in second life How to's, do's and Don’ts to help surpass all other Dancers in Technique, beating the competition on the Poles and Dance floor, and help you to have a healthy growth in patronage and fan base. Some Top Ten Rules for the Stripper / Dancer Entertainer NEVER EVER WHILE ON THE DANCE POLE SHOULD YOU SET YOUR STATUS "AWAY OR BUSY" If the Dance pole has a random setting where it will change the dance every 30 to 40 seconds or so set it to do so. using the same dance for over an hour is going to bore the patron and cause them to leave to another dancer. Keep their attention, keep your dancing changing just like your emotes. 1. Never Steal another persons Emotes. Emoting is very personal. It is what you have to say to each of your customers or patrons, and should be customized to your personality, and point of view. This is not possible if you use someone else’s Emotes. 2. Never use profanity when on the pole or near a Patron of your club. (Even if you are off the clock.) 3. Never touch your male of female bits unless you are an escort. OR the private parts of your Patrons. (Grab that long hard pole you’re dancing around instead) If your emote entails doing this it is best left to a private instant message emote, to the patron you are emoting to, just keep it tasteful. But do not forget the rest of the club, see number seven. (Nudity is acceptable and allowed on stage if you are, fur, feather, or scale and male keep it sheathed, other males keep it phlaccid.) Non acceptable behavior regarding the above mentioned. No public intercourse, No masturbation, Do not insert objects inside yourself OR others, no cumming. Most clubs provide private rooms for escorting and pixel sex. 4. Never Disrespect a Patron or Client (Tipping or Not) 5. Never Disrespect another co-worker 6. Never forget to thank the Patron/Customer for the tip (no matter how small or large) 7. Never go quiet for more than a span of three minutes while on the Pole. Emote, talk, flirt, reply or even comment on other conversations. BUT DO NOT GO QUIET. 8. Never go AFK (Away From Keyboard - OR - Busy) While on the pole. Yes Real Life comes first but if you have to, go graciously, excuse yourself and step away, excusing yourself from the patrons and your co workers. If a dressing room or employee lounge is available go their and log or leave if you need to. If it is essential that you have to go A F K pleases step away from the pole, log out of the tip jar and go sit on one of the lounges, not in the middle of the dance floor. Just say that you need a short break. 9. Never get personal while on the pole. Keep personal chat to a minimum Respond to persistent patrons who want to hold full fledged conversation. If you can keep it to a one or two word response. DONT BE RUDE. Just be nice and keep your focus on what you are doing (your job) 10. NEVER FORGET WHY YOU ARE A STRIPPER, DANCER. ENTERTAINER. You are their on that silver pole to provoke emotion. To help paint that all important atmosphere of your club, and to provoke a response from the Patrons or Client visiting our club. IF they remember you and come back you did your job and succeeded. EMOTING You do not have to be Shakespeare to write good emotes. Try and keep to the Golden rules of the Pole when you’re creating them, and you'll find yourself getting better and better at it. Emoting is not only a description of what you are doing, and how you are feeling but is a form or Role play, make the patron want to read what you are saying and want to read more. 1. Try and use 30 words or less for emoting on the pole, Or just one good paragraph of approximately three to four sentences. Try to get the patron or patron’s attention. Don’t punish them by making them scroll through a book or short novel. Some patrons will just ignore it, get annoyed or worse yet leave the club. Book or Novel emotes are like Spam in the normal chat window. For more personal emoting use personal instant messaging if you want to write a longer emote. 2. For every noun or verb you use, try using at least two adjectives to go along with your emote to add color personalization and sensuality. 3. Don’t be afraid of being descriptive, just don't overdo it. Just keep it well balanced and clear. 4. If you’re not a natural flirt, use emotes to your advantage. But create new emotes now and then so that our regular patrons don’t get thanked the same way every time. 5. NEVER use the same emote twice in the span of two hours. 40 to 60 emotes will support you quiet easily. 6. Balance emoting with open chatting. Emote and talk. Let our patron’s know you're a real being. Not a programmed robot. Try to keep emoting between you and another dancer to a bare minimum you are their for the patron not each other. 7. Try not misspelling words, it appears crass and makes you look bad. Worst of all, it can make you seem unintelligent, or lazy. 8. When emoting consider the three ways to Emote. _____________________________________ ACTIVE EMOTING The following are examples of emotes, and not necessarily to be followed to the letter. (Your name here) positions his/her hips forward and determines his/her steps carefully in *patrons* direction, shoulders rotating as the scent of *patrons* perfume/cologne permeates the air encapsulating his/her senses. This is an example of exacting behavior towards a patron. The patron has been named and will see it in the chat window. He or She will be flattered, you may not be tipped, or get a response either. But that is okay, you’ve provoked Him/or her and done your job. If a patron is with a partner keep your active flirts to a minimum. And if possible maybe even involve the partner CAREFULLY, always allow for permissions. PASSIVE EMOTING (your name here) swings around, leaning into the pole back arched against the cold steel pole, strong hips swaying erotically, pumping, rotating showing off His/her midsection as the music thuds louder and louder in His/her ears. A simple descriptive scene, not involving a patron, helping to paint a word picture of what the patrons may want to see their at the club. THANK EMOTING (Your name here) Struts out towards *patron* His/her lean slender torso shifting and grinding to the loud music. He/she slides His/her hands or paws up along *patrons* thighs before letting go whispers "Thank you for your awesome tip sexy." Thanking a patron for a tip is the reason you're their. It is the reason they are there. And it is the reason your employer has you their. It is the primary reason you are here. So if you are tipped thank them quickly and thank them personally. Do not hedge on your efforts to thank someone enough for the tip. Respond to their compliment to you with a smile and action. It is best to thank them quickly, then work on your emote for a full thank you that describes your actions, feelings etc. Other Helpful Tips Pre made Emotes Note Card emoting by copy and pasting to the chat window from a pre made note card, this maybe a good way for you to start out but not a good habit to get into. Emote from the moment, how you feel and what you are doing, and what is happening in the club at that moment. You will be that much more personal and original. Yes you are being put on the spot; you are always in the spot light on the poles. You are the reason club customers / patrons return, they are your fans, they come to see you to entertain them and make them feel happy. Be sexy or sensual, most important be friendly. You can role play, you can emote, YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL, that is why the club you want to work for will hire you.
  5. Roary McGillivary

    Maybe I need help

    No it is not your Attitude, nor is it cultural, It is that you are confident in what you want and who you are. I have wondered the same thing many times and it always comes down to the fact I am a mature women who knows what she wants, and is sick and tired of playing childish games. Your Father is right about standing up for yourself it is called self respect and dignity. Some thing my parents instilled in me when I was younger. When Men or friends can step up to your level they are worth keeping.
  6. Roary McGillivary

    Appearing nude in (G) area due to lag/loading?

    I think that might depend on your Grandmother, I've known a few "Granny's" that might be able to make a sailor or construction worker blush with their language.
  7. Roary McGillivary

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    Well this is how I do mine. - Clothing - Roary's Closet - Seasonal Special Holiday out fits - Hair styles ( separate folders for the different creators, I may add a note card with an image if one does not come with the style.) - Make up -Jewelry - Shoe's and Boot's ( again creator folders, with perhaps sub folders indicating what type of shoe or boot. i.e. sneakers, closed toe, open toe, sandals, Boots ( ankle, calf, thigh ) - Assorted brand or creators of clothing in the next files, I have a few of my favorite with sub files indicating spring, summer, fall, winter. Also in the files of the clothing sets I will have outfit folders as another sub folder for quick changes ( out fit folders include, body shape skin hair make up jewelry and the clothing ) So that is the basic idea of how I have my clothing inventory set up.
  8. Roary McGillivary

    Looking to connect with residents that live in IOWA USA

    YAY ! I hope to continue meeting persons from Iowa.
  9. Roary McGillivary

    Looking to connect with residents that live in IOWA USA

    Sure in Iowa we have lots of Agriculture, people think that it is flat and filled with corn. Hear are a few pics of the state I live in.
  10. Roary McGillivary

    Looking to connect with residents that live in IOWA USA

    ? I feel so much more alone now, only three?
  11. Roary McGillivary

    What's Your Story?

    "I came into SL hoping i could make friends and share experiences with other residents but I have'nt had much luck." Keep logging in Make the friends, STOP looking at everyone like a case study. Let yourself be a little bit vulnerable. I am willing to bet most of us here on the forum that have taken the time to answer you would friend you WITH the understanding they are not a case study, They will become your friends just like in RL Only you have to log on to see us. When we start to feel comfortable around you we'll let our gaurd down a little and you can get to know us.
  12. Roary McGillivary

    What's Your Story?

    So - gceniceros209 Did you find your answers for your paper? Did you log into SL see all the weird people who log on to SL? and think thank gawd you are not one of us because once this paper is over you are done with SL ? I participated in some College study for some East Coast College, it was an entire class. We were all just psychological studies, they didnt give a damn about how their presence effected SL and those of us that log on. I asked one of them " So what happens to your avi when this is over? will you delete it or just never log back in? Think about it, that is pretty cruel, yeah it happens on a daily basis in SL people vanish and disappear from our virtual reality. But the people you meet whether it be Real Life or Second Life you effect others. Honestly it upsets me that people come in and look at SL residents like they are an experiment or case studies. So after this paper you will probably never log back in, a few weeks to months you will probably be forgotten. How sad you couldnt take the time to REALLY get to know why we continuously log in on a daily basis. It is about making friends, it is about meeting people from ALL OVER The world. It is about Learning, no I am really serious REAL education, Expanding your personal boundaries, learning a new skill. SL is NOT a game and YES we know it is not reality. There some that SL is all they have to be able to get out and feel like they are experiencing life. It is a tool to help the disabled some times, example look up the SIM that has helped Parkinson's patients. Go look at Lavender Fields how that donations go to help School Children in Kenya. SL is Friends, Family, Community.
  13. Roary McGillivary

    Are there any black men in SL?

    Try Africa Live, They have dances and events where you can meet people and very possibly some Black men. Just search Africa, Jamaica, ethnic etc. Most good black males I know are already taken, so wish you best of luck.
  14. I've only known or run into two people in SL that log in and live in Iowa, I often wonder how many other citizens of SL are there that live in the same state as me. I seem to be able to connect with people from every where else but near where I live in RL. I think it would be nice to be able to start finding RL Iowa citizens that log into SL. Do you know of anyone? or are an Iowa resident yourself?
  15. Roary McGillivary

    512 to 1024

    I am willing to wait on the 1024 LL homes, I've been where I am now for 8 years I am in no hurry.