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  1. No we are on good terms with Bess, RL has really clobbered us hard lately, we are still around just a few less of us lately.
  2. Pet Peeves : 1. Is it to much to ask that you put some thing in your About on your profile? 2. No picks, You dont want to at the very least give the place you frequent often free advertising by posting a pick on your profile? ( YES Please GO READ MY PROFILE ) 3. No AO. Never trust a person who has been in SL longer than a year and as not invested in at least a cheap AO. 4. Disproportionate Body parts that in RL would constitute a serious health issue, or just stupidly insane body part sizes, boobs, butts, cocks, muscles. 5. When in conversation with some one all they answer is "nods". You could at the very least respond with "/me nods in acknowledgement, not knowing what else to say." 6. People using voice and not recognizing what is being said in text chat by those who are unable to participate in voice chat. On Similar note JUST BECAUSE YOU use voice DOES NOT mean that others do, will or want to.
  3. The Republic of Kenya had JUST fought for and gained its independence from British rule, Jomo Kenyatta had been chosen as the president of the country, in 1969 he ran for election unopposed and was elected for a second term. 1974 he ran for a third term and was elected again, he died in August of 1978. I was Twelve when he died.
  4. OMG this gave me the giggle fits, I guess it means I am "Old" in SL.
  5. Ever look at the MAP and wonder What is at this region with the HUGE underwater square? Maybe the owner just decided to make it lower than the rest of the land? WELL your close, sorta. Being a Mermaid I explore a lot of underwater in SL this happens to be one of the many places, it is so easy to over look. What you will find there is a HUGE labyrinth created by the Abnor, Mythic, Crazy and Silent Mole. You will first want to find the ship wreck with the temple ruin entrance. Purchase the Ball of twine just before you enter, it will be very helpful. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baltic/129/255/11 There's your water taxi have fun, this message brought to you by the Bellisseria Merfolk.
  6. Oh its in an Obvious place, well kinda, We mermaids hide our treasure.
  7. Found it! I should of paid closer attention when going there, but it was a place I dont often look because it is not a normal place I would of, once I saw the shiny flicker I KNEW where to go.
  8. Of course we would be delighted to have you.
  9. I just wanted to Start a post about the Bellisserian Merpeople Group. The Group was originally founded by Persephone Kore (leriadraven) Who still is the founder and group Leader. When I joined Bellisseria Merpeople I did so out of just wanting and needing some thing to do. Moving to Bellisseria I felt more community spirit than I had in a long time, still there was some thing missing in my Second Life. So joining the group was a bit out of desperation for some thing to do, and a feeling of belonging. I had "done" mermaid stuff in the past in my SL but never was nothing more than some thing to occasionally pass the time and amuse myself. Later I had gone and tried to find Mermaids and places I had discovered in the past, only to find out like most things in SL it no longer existed. I thought that Mermaids had been a passing fad for others too, and that the community had died out, just to become some thing else in the obscure pages of SL history. WAS I WRONG, after joining the group I found a thriving population of Mermaids and Mermen in Second Life. One of the other main groups SWF the Safe Waters Foundation was welcoming and helped introduce me more into the community. Of course it helped to keep my Mer identity around Bellisseria, going to pickle parties, and in general swimming in and around the waters of Belli. I now feel that missing "hole" in my SL has been filled. I've met some awesome fun loving people that I feel I can call family. Unfortunately Persephone like the rest of us on occasion has to deal with Real Life situations and it has kept her away. I never intended to be a leader of the group, but Mahogany Dejavu and I believe in the Mer community and in our own little ways tried to help keep the community growing and alive. She and I have talked with the DJ Pirates at Bellisseria and will be having some Mer Sponsored events. On occasion around SL you may even find us in a group at a store or shopping event together, and I am not just talking Mahogany and I, I mean us and several of our sister or brother mers . We welcome full time Mers, part time Merpeople, to include any other aquatic life as well. We take part in the boat parades, and are willing to assist in whatever capacity we are able in a water rescue situation, because we can respond quickly, already being in the water and being able to swim to the victims in need or assistance much more quickly than any rescue boat is able to get their and provide rescue operations. I hope my Mer family will find this post and add to it. Thank you
  10. SO here is my Vent about People being upset about not getting a Linden Home. Bellisseria is the popular place to be, and to have a home there, but there are other options still in favor for those that have not gotten one yet. I know many of us are disgusted with the way that Mainland in many regions looks, but it starts with one, than another and a few more. Check out your options on mainland start a group where those around you can join and together put your resources to work creating a model that others should strive for. Create your own Roads, neighborhoods / community. I have a homestead that I am seriously considering letting go and look into getting a mainland property. And when I do you can betcha I WILL do what I suggested above. You dont have to be an annoying jerk about it but hold the neighbors accountable for making it look nice.
  11. Does anyone know if there any Language Learning classes anywhere in SL ? I am primarily looking for a teacher / tutor / Class on French Please.
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