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  1. Is it possible? YES, Nice to meet you, my name of course is Roary McGillivary Look me up inworld and view my profile to see if you would like to add me as friend. I don't voice they ignore me ??? hello??? Yeah that happens and in my own personal opinion most of those people are not worth your time in SL anyway, their "friendship" would be superficial at best. I feel UNWANTED Awww No, that is not good, I would LOVE to meet you and chat. My online time is usually around 3:30 pm SLT till about 6pm maybe 7pm SLT. I'M PLAYING SECOND LIFE TO ESCAPE FROM RL PROBLEMS - I DON'T WANT T
  2. Presently I am not listening to anything. I need or I really want a radio stream that will play on my region that is East African radio if that is even possible. I've tried to find some thing but nothing I find will work. Can anyone help? I would really enjoy it if it were from Kenya Please.
  3. I like your Idea Mahogany, and the mention from Catnip about the homes is Okayee. But Shell homes are to me blah, Caves? well ok maybe. What does appeal to me are the type of builds from HEADHUNTER's ISLAND, like the Beached Ship Wrek that I purchased and "sunk" it makes a GREAT Mer home, they also have a plane crash that could be sunk as well as a submarine which are possible great Mer homes as well. Yes Bathysphere habitats for those that do not breath underwater to well are also great idea's to share the space. Who knows there lots of possibilities. BUT in the same token I can see if they
  4. Yeeeesssss be one with the fishies, Join Us the Bellisseria Merpeople group
  5. that would be why it prompts me to update the browser, 😞 I 've so wanted to share stuff with friends, just as some thing for us to do together.
  6. I have purchased in world a media player and I want to view content from Netflix and Amazon, When I try I get the message that I need to either update my browser or Change the viewer browser. My Internet browser is Google Chrome and it says that it is up to date. So how do I go about changing the internet browser from duckduckgo to google ?
  7. No we are on good terms with Bess, RL has really clobbered us hard lately, we are still around just a few less of us lately.
  8. Pet Peeves : 1. Is it to much to ask that you put some thing in your About on your profile? 2. No picks, You dont want to at the very least give the place you frequent often free advertising by posting a pick on your profile? ( YES Please GO READ MY PROFILE ) 3. No AO. Never trust a person who has been in SL longer than a year and as not invested in at least a cheap AO. 4. Disproportionate Body parts that in RL would constitute a serious health issue, or just stupidly insane body part sizes, boobs, butts, cocks, muscles. 5. When in conversation with some one all they
  9. The Republic of Kenya had JUST fought for and gained its independence from British rule, Jomo Kenyatta had been chosen as the president of the country, in 1969 he ran for election unopposed and was elected for a second term. 1974 he ran for a third term and was elected again, he died in August of 1978. I was Twelve when he died.
  10. OMG this gave me the giggle fits, I guess it means I am "Old" in SL.
  11. Ever look at the MAP and wonder What is at this region with the HUGE underwater square? Maybe the owner just decided to make it lower than the rest of the land? WELL your close, sorta. Being a Mermaid I explore a lot of underwater in SL this happens to be one of the many places, it is so easy to over look. What you will find there is a HUGE labyrinth created by the Abnor, Mythic, Crazy and Silent Mole. You will first want to find the ship wreck with the temple ruin entrance. Purchase the Ball of twine just before you enter, it will be very helpful. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baltic
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