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  1. That did it !! Ty so much!! xoxo
  2. I should have said I am on the desktop version.
  3. This winter I put a snow emitter on the roof of my really tall Winter Shalet. I took the house down and cannot find that SPAWN FROM HELL from the SNOW Emitter. Even tried Ctrl + Alt + T. Still nothing. Snow just keeps falling and falling all over my Summer Condo! HELP!
  4. First time poster, over 10 year resident on SL HELP!!! I opened an old folder and BAM! The folder that it was in (over 24k of new Mesh) disappeared. I cleaned out my cache, deleted chat history then restarted the game. And I made sure it was not in the trash. STILL NOTHING Anyone ever heard of this? And is it possible to get back inventory that maybe a virus zapped when I added the file to my av? HELP! Lisa Erin on Second Life
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